Bosch JS260 vs Bosch JS365 120V Top Handle Jigsaw

Your final product is just as good as the tools used to work on it. It is why you would want the best jigsaw if you are hoping to handle the tough woodwork projects. If you are in the market for a jigsaw, then Bosch is one brand to consider checking out right now.

Bosch makes hundreds of power tools that all stand out as the best. It is why the jigsaws will also be good. For this review guide, we focus on the Bosch JS260 and the Bosch JS365 models. They are some of the best money can buy from such a top brand.

Quick Summary

The Bosch JS260 model is good for those who might be new to a jigsaw kit. Many find it being easy to use and control its operation. You can easily make the different cuts you need with this jigsaw kit.

As for the Bosch JS365, it is for those who want slightly more power and can cut different types of materials other than wood. It also feels comfortable and light in the hand to control the jigsaw better.

The Comparison

Bosch JS260 Jigsaw Kit

Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw,Blue,6.0 Amp

The Bosch JS260 is made to be the best tool a handyman can get. It is why we have to look at its features to understand what more the unit can do for you.

Powerful motor with variable speed control

The unit is loved for being a powerful jigsaw. This is because it comes with a sturdy 6-amp motor. This type of motor can live up to the tough applications you might need to handle.

The motor also delivers a nice speed for ensuring you end up with smooth edges. Its speed goes up to 3,100 strokes per minute. For its price, we find it being good enough to work on your projects.

To make it even better, this model has a variable speed control. There is a dial that you use for controlling the speed of the unit. Its accelerator trigger also makes it easy to have a nice control over the model.

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Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw,Blue,6.0 Amp

Ease of use

Anyone who is getting a power tool needs one that will be easy to use. That is what you get with this model. This is because it features a toolless blade change system.

It is now easier for you to switch out the blades whenever you want. Even if you are new to using a jigsaw, you can always find it easy to make the blade change.

Having the multidirectional blade clamp also gives it a superior grip. As such, you end up securing the T-Shank blades better into their positions.


Another thing you will like about this model should be its precision. Its plunging mechanism and the low vibration design go a long way to help in improving the accuracy of the unit.

Also, the low vibration should make the user enjoy a smooth operation when handling the jigsaw. Even when you have to work on a project for hours, the low amount of vibrations makes it an ideal unit.

Dust blower

Having a dust blower is an important feature you would want for a jigsaw. This feature ensures that the cut line remains visible and free of dust all the time. This should improve the accuracy too.

What We Like

  • It is paired with a powerful motor
  • The speed of the jigsaw can be varied
  • It is highly versatile for smooth and aggressive cuts

What We Don’t Like

  • The quick release mechanism is made of plastic which can impact its durability

Even if the mechanism is made of plastic, Bosch reinforces this plastic for longevity. You can now expect it to last for a long time to come even with regular use.

Bosch JS365 Jigsaw Kit

Bosch 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit JS365

The Bosch JS365 model is a nice alternative to the JS260 model. We find that it comes with an impressive amount of power too. Let us see why someone would want this one below.

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You can never go wrong with the Bosch efficiency. That is how this model is built. The first thing we note is that it comes with a toolless blade change mechanism. This type of system is going to allow for fast insertion of the blade in comparison to other models.

The blade ejection lever is worth mentioning, as it eliminates the need for touching the hot blade if you have to change it. It also has the secure jig saw clamping system to securely hold the blade in position to avoid any accidents.

The power

This is one of the top options because of its power. The unit has a slightly powerful 6.5-amp motor. For such a motor, it should be good for most jigsaw applications.

The motor is also made using the latest technology to keep the need for maintenance to a minimum. As such, it should be a nice tool to get for yourself.

Bosch 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit JS365


The model is also good in terms of versatility as it comes with four orbital action settings. This means that you can change the blade strokes depending on the applications. As such, the unit can be used for smooth to aggressive cuts.

Because of such versatility, the unit will be good for cutting wood, steel, and aluminum. It should be a nice choice for many to consider getting.

Variable speed

This jigsaw also has a variable speed option. Such an option makes it possible for you to tailor the unit to cut the different materials at different speeds. Some materials can benefit from using a low speed when cutting others need a higher speed to cut better. It is good to know such options are available.

Dust control

You can never go wrong with this unit when it comes to dust control. It has a dust blower that remains on all the time. This will always keep the cut line clear for the best accuracy.

What We Like

  • It offers the best dust control
  • It is highly efficient
  • The unit has a variable speed option
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What We Don’t Like

  • Shoe angle adjustment is not easy for most people

For angled cuts, we would recommend that you use a wrench to achieve such cuts. It will get easier with time as you get used to using the model.

Which is Better?

These two models are both good in terms of power. They use powerful motors with a slight power difference between them. However, it is not much power to discredit one over the other. Also, their blade-change mechanisms make it easier to switch the blades whenever you want.

That being said, we will settle for the Bosch JS260 model. Even if the JS365 unit is more expensive, we find that it is not worth the additional expense. The JS260 model is still powerful, versatile, easy to use, and will keep the cut line clear of any dust.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best jigsaw, these two models are some of the best options for the money. They are affordable and they also have the best features most professionals would want in a jigsaw kit. If you had trouble finding one for yourself, now you know where to look for a top performance jigsaw.