DeWalt DCST920B vs DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

The DeWalt brand makes some of the string trimmers you can buy today.

However, the brand has a huge lineup of the string trimmers. As such, many people might not be sure which one would be ideal for them.

For such a reason, we have done a comparison of two popular DeWalt string trimmers to help you identify the right one.

The two models in question are the DeWalt DCST920B and the DeWalt DCST920P1 models.

You will learn more about them below.

What to Consider

The Cutting Speed

This often determines how fast you can work on a project and how clean the cuts can be. Well, you should consider getting yourself a model with variable speed control. This means you never have to worry about the time spent in trimming the lawn.

With variable speed control, you will also tailor the unit to work as you want. Sometimes you would want more power and sometimes you need to extend the battery runtime.

Battery Performance

Anyone who is looking for the best cordless string trimmer will also want to consider the battery performance. Luckily, many companies are now integrating their string trimmers with large capacity batteries. This means you never have to worry about running low on the battery fast.

Check out the battery capacity before making the decision.

Build Quality

You must always consider the kind of build quality you get with a model. This determines how long you can use the model without it being subject to breaking down all the time. Go for reputable brands in the market as they are known to have the best build quality.

Cutting Swath

The cutting swath is important to see just how much you can cover when using the string trimmer. Many models would have around 13 inches of cutting swath. Take the time to evaluate your needs before making up your mind about which cutting swath capacity you need.

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Let’s Compare

DeWalt DCST920B Brushless Trimmer

DEWALT 20V MAX XR String Trimmer, 13-Inch, Tool Only (DCST920B)

The DCS920B brushless trimmer is a top consideration for many. They love it because of the various features that the model can offer. Below, we want to look at the features in detail to help you learn more about the trimmer.

Impressive cutting capacity

Starting with the cutting capacity, we find this one having a 13” cutting swath and takes a 0.08” diameter line. These two combined helps you achieve the best cutting capacity.

Its cutting swath is important for ensuring that you always end up with a faster rate of cutting the grass and trimming different plants around the garden.

The Cutting Speed

The cutting speed also enhances the experience you get with the DCST920B string trimmer. For this one, you have the option of selecting between two speed options.

The unit comes with a variable trigger with hi/lo speed control so that you can choose the right speed for you to use depending on the application. The low speed is for extended runtime while the high speed is for added power.

The speed options include 0 to 4,600 RPM and 0-6,000 RPM. As such, it is easy to pick the one that you feel is good for your application.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR String Trimmer, 13-Inch, Tool Only (DCST920B)

Highly-Efficient Motor

The motor is also another important feature to look at. Considering it is a brushless motor, it will stand out as a top choice for many other users who want an efficient tool. This is because brushless motors are efficient in energy use and do not need much maintenance.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

At 7.3lbs., it is one of the light string trimmers on the market. Who would not want a lightweight tool? That is what you will start enjoying with this string trimmer from the moment you get it. Being lightweight makes it easier to control.

For those who might be using it for commercial use, the ergonomic design helps with using it for long hours without feeling too much strain.

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DeWalt DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

The DeWalt DCST920P1 model is also worth checking out as it has similar features as the DCST920B, but with a few differences to make it stand out. To choose the better option, below are some features of the unit.

Variable Speed Trigger

Everyone loves the versatility that comes with a string trimmer. It is why this one has the variable speed trigger to make it better at handling various cutting applications.

The speed trigger has the option of choosing between the high and low speeds to easily control the power and runtime. Those who want more power will use the high setting and vice versa.

As for the speeds, the tool can run from 0 to 4,600RPM or 0 to 6,000RPM. It all depends on where you want to use it.

The Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity is the same as the DCST920B model. This is because it comes with 13” cutting swath with a 0.080” line. This cutting capacity will help you achieve a wider cutting capacity than some other models in the same category.

Ease of Spooling

Another reason to get this unit should be that it makes spooling easier. This is thanks to the QuickLoad system that spools faster. Also, the same system is good for respooling so that you can get back to working a lot faster.

DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer


The Battery System

The battery system is also worth mentioning as it is one of the best. The unit comes with a 5 Ah battery which is more capacity than what you get with other units. The others might have a smaller capacity, which is not ideal for commercial use.

Still on the battery, this model uses the 20V MAX system. This type of system makes it easier for you to get different batteries working in the same tool. As such, getting a battery replacement should not be hard.


It is always good to know that there are better ergonomics with the unit. This means that you will not have to worry about it straining you when used for long hours.

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This is also complemented with it being lightweight. It weighs around 8.5lbs., which is a nice weight for many who want something lightweight.


Does DeWalt make good String Trimmers?

Yes. Based on the many positive reviews, it is easy to see that DeWalt makes some of the best string trimmers. You will have no problem using the trimmers more often without any issues.

Where can I buy DeWalt replacement batteries?

We recommend that you buy from trusted dealers whether online or in a store close to you.

Is it easy to use DeWalt string trimmers?

Yes. DeWalt makes them to have simple controls and remain lightweight for you to enjoy using the string trimmers.


Working on your lawn needs the right tools and the two mentioned above will give you that experience. We find the DCST920P1 being the better option as it has a few improvements that will make your work easier.

Still, it does include the battery as part of the package unlike the DCST920B, which you will have to buy separately.