Black & Decker LST201 String Trimmer vs LST300 Weed Whacker

Black + Decker makes interesting string trimmers that homeowners would need to handle their lawns.

It is not just for the home, as their models can also be good for commercial use.

The LST201 and LST300 models are closely related with some subtle differences. Since they cost the same, it can be hard to understand which is better.

However, our review guide should help you learn more and make the right decision about which to buy.

What to Consider

The Battery Performance

Since most of these tools will be battery-powered, look at the battery performance. The last thing you need is a model that requires recharging every few minutes.

Also, get an extra battery if possible. That extra battery means you can keep working as the other one recharges.

Tool Weight

You might be using the tool for hours sometimes. As such, there is a need to consider the tool weight also. Get a lightweight tool that can be good for your arm even if you use it for longer. Anything around 5 pounds should be lightweight for many.

The Speed

The speed is also good to consider as it determines the cleanliness of the cuts. Having a model that delivers on more speed will leave you with cleaner cuts for the edges.

Conversion Time

The chances are you will get these string trimmers also working as edgers. The idea is to make them more versatile as possible. The conversion time is how long it takes to convert it from a trimmer to an edger.

Look at models that will take only seconds with minimal or no tools required.

Let’s Compare

Black + Decker LST201 String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)

You do not have to spend so much to get this type of string trimmer. Because of its affordability, the LST201 model is what gets more people interested in learning more about it. Below are some of its features.

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Automatic Feed Spool

The automatic feed spool (AFS) stands out as a nice option for you to always get for different cutting applications. This system allows you to feed the trimmer line as needed. The best part is that there is no bumping.

We find that the system will make your job a lot easier when working in the field. When the other models might have been challenging, this one stands out as easy to use.

Ease of Conversion

Still on the ease of using, we find that converting from a trimmer to an edger is simple and straightforward.

Yes, the unit can work as either a trimmer or an edger. The conversion does not take long and the manufacturer clearly outlines the steps to follow. You can now enjoy more functionality of the tool in seconds.


The unit is also lightweight for ease of portability and usability. This is because it weighs 4.5 pounds, which makes it a lot easier to move around. The chances of getting fatigued from using it for long hours are slim. There is no doubt you would enjoy handling more cutting applications with such a lightweight unit.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer/Edger Kit, 10-Inch (LST201)


Another thing you will like about the unit should be its battery. It uses the 20V MAX system which is easily compatible with many other Black + Decker products. So, versatility should not be an issue.

Still, it will provide you with enough power to handle multiple tasks before recharging.


The speed of the motor is crucial to determine several usability factors of the string trimmer. We note that the unit is good on overall for various applications because of the 9,000 RPM speed.

With such a speed, it will leave you with smooth edges each time you use it for cutting. It is why you would get more people going for it right now.

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Black + Decker LST300 Weed Whacker

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed whacker, White

For almost the same price as the LST201, you can also buy the LST300 model. Some might not be sure what is the difference between the two. Below we look at the LST300 features to help you learn more.

Highly Versatile

One of the reasons people are going to choose this weed whacker should be its versatility. The manufacturer recommends it for trimming areas with overgrowth even after mowing.

Also, you can use the same for edging along the borders, flower beds, and sidewalks to leave them looking all clean.

All this is possible as it is both a trimmer and an edger at the same time. The conversion from one mode to another takes only a few seconds.

The Transmission

You can have the best power but without a nice transmission, getting that power down can be hard. This one has the POWERDRIVE transmission, which is responsible for delivering more power from the motor to the cutting string.

As a result, you will have the chance of getting the job done faster than before.

Easy to Start and Quiet

You might have used the gas-powered string trimmers before and noticed they can sometimes not be the easiest to start. Luckily, that problem is eliminated when you opt for the battery powered unit such as this one.

It starts faster and also remains quiet when working on a project. There is no need for using ear plugs.

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed whacker, White

Lightweight Design

The lightweight design is also another reason you would go for it. It weighs 5.7 pounds only. For most people, this is within what they want in a string trimmer.

With such a weight, you do not have to worry that it might be too heavy for you to use right now.

The Battery System

The model uses the 20V MAX system, which is the same as the LST201 model above. This type of system allows for one battery to fit various units.

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Since it is a 2-Ah lithium ion battery, it is able to deliver up to 33% more runtime. That is better compared to what you got with the previous battery packs from the same brand.


Which is better between the LST201 and the LST300?

We find the LST300 being a better option for many. This is because it has a better battery pack that delivers more power, its height is easily adjustable to suit your cutting needs, and still, it is ergonomic for the best comfort while using it.

Where can you use string trimmers?

The string trimmers are for trimming the areas with overgrowth even after mowing. If the model is also an edger, it will be good for edging along the sidewalks, borders, and flower beds.

Is it easy to feed the trimmer line in an LST201 model?

Yes. This is because the model comes with the automatic feed spool that makes it easier to feed the line.


Both the Black + Decker LST201 and LST300 models are good in performance. Many also find them worth the money you spend on them. As such, you can go for either model and get a high-quality string trimmer for your lawn.

The best part is that both use the same battery system. It should be easy to get a replacement battery if the need arises.