Makita XRU09PT1 vs. WORX WG191 Cordless String Trimmer

Who doesn’t want to have a groomed landscape all the time? You might think that to be able to do this; you need to hire a professional to groom your yard.

But one of the secrets of having a well-kept garden is getting the perfect string trimmer. It is a must-have tool at home if you have a yard that needs regular upkeep.

String trimmers are versatile tools that you can use to clean areas where your lawnmower cannot reach or even rototill your yard. Hence, if you want a polished garden that you can proudly show visitors any time, then this handy equipment will be your best friend.

What to Consider

Before investing in a string trimmer, you need to determine how large your yard is and what garden cleaning works do you need. Aside from this, it would help if you also considered the following factors when choosing the best trimmer for your home.

Weight and Balance

With string trimmers, you will be working with your hands when cleaning a yard. Thus, it is wise to choose a string trimmer that is easy to handle and carry. Make sure that you can quickly bring the tool to work around the garden area even if you add attachments.

What good will the tool be if you cannot carry it in the first place? Accessories you can put with your trimmer are the following:

  • Edger
  • Blower
  • Pole saw
  • Hedge trimmer
  • Mower
  • Tiller

Additionally, you might want to choose a top-mount motor tool for the right balance. Finally, get a trimmer with an adjustable handle to easily modify its length depending on the height of the user.

Noise and Vibration

Gas-power trimmers create a lot of noise and vibrations that can hurt your ears and hands. If you want something that is quieter and has fewer vibrations, then go for a corded electric or cordless battery-operated ones. It will not only make you feel more comfortable but can also make your neighbors feel better without the annoying sound.

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Moreover, it would be better to look for a trimmer that has an anti-vibration technology. Most recent models already have this feature, but it is still best to ask and check.

Safety Features

Check if the tool you are getting has the shield over the strings to protect you from flying debris, rocks, weeds, or mulches. Some devices have an extending cutting guard limiting your trim range, hence preventing your other plants and flowers from accidental trimmings.

You might also want to look for a tool wherein you can quickly replace its string. Better yet, look for a model that has a free pre-wound string refill for your convenience.

Let’s Compare

Makita and Worx are two of the trusted brands when you talk about power tools. Let’s look at each of their cordless string trimmer they offer and find out which one will work best for you.

Makita XRU09 Brushless Cordless String Trimmer Kit

Makita XRU09PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer Kit with 4 Batteries (5.0Ah), Teal

The Makita XRU09 18V brushless string trimmer is one of the latest and best alternative tools for gas-powered models. It is much more convenient to use with zero-emission and lower noise. On top of these features, it has an energy-saving battery that can last 50% longer than other cells.

High Power and Torque

This tool from Makita has a BL brushless motor that delivers high power and an increased level of torque. It has two-speed options with a low of 5,000 RPM and a maximum high of 6,500 RPM that will enable you to match the speed to the application you need.

The XRU09 also has a variable speed trigger to give you more powerful control. It is equipped with a bump and feed trimmer, including a 0.080-inch Twisted quiet line.


Extended Running Time

With this kit comes a pair of 5-amp hour batteries, which is equivalent to 180-watt hours of power. It will last for about two hours of runtime under load. So if you have five to ten acres of a yard at home, this cordless trimmer will not let you down. If you have a larger piece of land, you might want to get an extra pair for extended tool use.

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Further, the XRU09 comes with a dual-port charger. Thus, you can fully charge both batteries at the same time in about 45 minutes.

Makita XRU09PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer Kit with 4 Batteries (5.0Ah), Teal


It accepts industry-standard spindles M10 x 1.25 LH for added convenience. The rubber over-mold handle provides for a tighter grip. All the controls are strategically located on top of the tool.

This way, you can quickly access these controls with your thumb, whether you are right or left-handed.  This feature allows you to work continuously, even when changing speed and power.

WORX WG191 56V 13-Inch Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

WORX WG191 56V 13" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger with Quick 90 Min Battery Charger

If you are looking for a cordless grass trimmer that delivers consistent, precise lines and efficient results, then the Worx WG191 is your perfect choice. Its thicker and more durable line can handle even the toughest jobs without the smelly exhaust of a gas motor.


This tool is ideal both for trimming and edging. It has a set of detachable, in-line wheels that will enable you to switch between professional trimming and precise edging comfortably. The trimmer head swivels from 0 to 90 degrees that provide any angle needed for trimming and edging.

WORX WG191 56V 13" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger with Quick 90 Min Battery Charger

Variable Speed

The WG191 has a 0.080-inch professional-grade trimmer line. It is more durable and lasts longer than other conventional lines. On the other hand, the variable speed throttle gives an extended runtime and enough power to trim a variety of grass conditions quickly.

WORX WG191 56V 13" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger with Quick 90 Min Battery Charger

Command Feed System

This tool’s Command Feed System enables instant trimmer line advancement, saving you from bumping and waiting for the line to advance before cutting. You can electronically control when to feed more lines with a single push of a button. It can save you a lot of downtimes when edging.


To guide you in choosing the right cordless string trimmer, here are some answers to the questions you might still have in mind.

Should I get a straight or curved shaft trimmer?

The answer depends on what you need and what features you can afford to let go of. Straight trimmers are more potent with less vibration. It can be used in a variety of applications and the best one to use for cleaning hard to reach areas in your garden. The downside of this trimmer is that it is more expensive than curved trimmers.

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Meanwhile, a curved trimmer is more lightweight and more comfortable to maneuver. However, it is only ideal for use in small yards, and taller users might have a difficult time reaching down when using this tool.

How do I edge using a curved shaft trimmer?

Edging with a curved trimmer is easy if you know the right way of doing it. Just follow the simple guides below for you to enjoy using a curved shaft trimmer to edge your yard.

  • Clear your lawn’s edges from big rocks or branches to avoid accidents when edging.
  • Ensure that your trimmer has enough power to do the job.
  • Keep a safe angle during edging by aligning the trimmer with the edge of the lawn.
  • Hold the trimmer on your hands or shoulder, depending on your height and the size of the tool.
  • Turn off your trimmer when taking a break to let the engine disengage from the trimmer line.

How often should I edge my lawn?

If you are going to edge your yard once a year, then the best time to do it is by the end of June. It is to avoid the growing season in April and May. This way, your edging can last longer from July to December when the grass grows less.

But if you plan to commit on edging two times each year, you can do it in early June and late August. Doing so will give you a yard with crisp edges all year round.


Whatever you choose between Makita and Worx string trimmer tools, you are guaranteed that you will have one of the best equipment to keep your yard clean and spotless. Remember that your tool choice must be dependent on your needs and that of your garden.