WORX WG154 Edger 20V vs. WG155 Cordless String Trimmer

A lawn mower can do just enough for your garden. A perfect string trimmer can get into places that your lawnmower cannot reach.

It can also easily trim tall weeds and grass that could choke a mower.

If you also need a tool to manicure fence poles and tree trunks or keep walkway and garden edges spotless, then a cordless string trimmer is the perfect match.

What to Consider

There are some things you need to consider to know which string trimmer to get for your yard. It includes what type you need – do you need a curved or straight one?

Other factors include power source, functionality, power, safety features, to name a few. Let’s find out how these things can influence your decision to get that perfect string trimmer.

Curved or Straight Shaft

You can choose either a straight or curved shaft. For first time users, you might want to try each type at the hardware store or home center to know which feels more comfortable in your hand before buying one. Read on to see the difference between these two types of tools.

Straight Shaft

One can efficiently perform trimming using a straight shaft without the need to bend or kneel to reach areas for cleaning. Hence, taller users will find straight shafts more comfortable to use because this type is usually longer.

Curved Shaft

Curved shafts are bent halfway between the spinning trimmer head and the handle, which smaller and shorter users will prefer. It is easy to hold and maneuver, making trimming works more convenient.

Power Source

There are three types of string trimmer using different power sources. We will discuss each type below:


This type of string trimmers is the most common. However, they can be loud; therefore, users need hearing protection when using it. This tool provides extended use just by adding fuel into the machine

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Corded Electric

It is the cheapest string trimmer, but it is only advisable if you have a long extension cord and outdoor outlet. So if you have a wide area to trim, you might need an alternative string trimmer type.

Cordless Battery-Powered

Cordless trimmers cut the same way as gas-powered models but can start instantly and without the loud noise. It would be wise to have an extra battery for your tool to avoid work disruptions.

Safety and Other Considerations

Using string trimmers involves some risks like accidental skin cuts due to debris. So even with the built-in shield, it is wise to wear protective gears such as boots, long pants, and hearing equipment when using gas-powered units.

Additionally, you can choose between a two-cycle or a four-cycle model. The two-cycle units might cost less, but you have to mix gas and oil in the required proportions. You should also put into considerations the gap between the cutting head and the trimmer shaft.

For the reason that, it is best to get a model with a minimal space with an easy-to-remove cutting head for easy cleaning.

Let’s Compare

Worx is one of the famous brands when it comes to string trimmers. Homeowners and gardeners are enticed by its wide array of product lines of gardening tools and equipment.

The cordless string trimmers from Worx offer reliability and flexibility that can make gardening a lot easier and more enjoyable. Aside from the features the brand provides, customers appreciate the warranty it offers.

WORX WG154 Cordless String Trimmer Edger

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

This 20V Cordless two-in-one trimmer-edger from Worx is an easy-to-use garden tool. Users can save time and effort from mixing gas and oil or pulling a string to get the machine going. Although the handle is non-adjustable, it is ergonomically designed for better control.


Weighing only six pounds, the WG154 is a lightweight trimmer that is very easy to maneuver; thus, preventing hand fatigue. Additionally, you can comfortably guide along with its rubberized wheels, making edging a lot quicker.

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

Adjustable Cutting Width

Users can adjust the cutting width between ten or 12 inches, depending on the requirement of your work. You can trim grasses and get rid of weeds using this single tool. It also has an auto-feed line, saving you from doing the stressful line feeding job yourself.

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This feature allows you to work without the need to stop and change the line. Moreover, you can easily switch between trimmer or edger without the need to use any tool.

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

Powerful Battery for Extended Use

With its LithiumPower technology, the battery does not self-discharge when not in use. This feature provides for more prolonged use. It is useful for workers who need to work on large yards for an extended period.

The 20V lithium battery has enough power to perform trimming and edging tasks. The tool comes with a battery and charger; hence, you don’t need to buy them separately.

WORX WG155 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer and Edger


Another lightweight and the easy-to-use trimmer-edger machine is the Worx WG155. With its adjustable handle, users of any height can comfortably handle the tool with enough control.

With the safety start trigger, you can save energy and time from pulling it to start. Further, it is convenient to use anytime and anywhere without the exhaust smells and cords.

Auto-Feed Trimmer Line

With an auto-feed trimmer line, users will not experience any bump to advance the line. There is also a retractable flower guard to protect ornamental objects in your garden.

Finally, the trimmer line is made from long-lasting DNA-2 copolymer nylon resin. The synthetic design makes it more pliable and does not easily break.

Easy Switch Between Trimmer and Edger

This cordless trimmer can be quickly converted to an in-line edger without the need of any tool. The twin in-line wheel accurately edges around plant beds and sidewalks. Worx WG155 comes with three single-line spools of trimmer line, measuring 0.065 in line diameter.

Fast Charging

The LithiumPower battery of this tool can quickly recharge in about an hour. This battery technology also prevents any damage on the cell, even if the battery is just partially charged. Additionally, the LithiumPower battery is lighter and more compact than other units.


Here are some more helpful tips through questions and answers to guide you in using and choosing the ideal string trimmer for your garden.

What should I do if my Worx trimmer suddenly stopped working?

Breakdown naturally comes along when using a power tool. You can do the following before taking the trimmer for repair or throwing it away.

  • Unhook the battery from the trimmer and charge it to a standard wall outlet. Ensure that the battery is completely inserted into the charging station.
  • Fully charge the battery for at least one hour before putting it back to the tool.
  • Wipe clean the battery and charger. Try replacing the cell or charger if it does not charge.
  • You can also check the following if the trimmer does not run even with a fully charged battery in place:
    • Lock button
    • Head trimmer and its cover
    • Spool
    • Line
  • Let the professionals fix the motor of the trimmer since it has a high-voltage that can cause accidents if not properly handled.
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How can I prevent the cutting line from breaking easily?

A trimmer line can quickly wear and break.  Cutting thick weeds and hard materials can wear down trimmer lines much faster. If you are using a line that has been around for five years or more and often breaks, then replace it. Use a fresh round line, since square and star-shaped lines tend to wear faster.

Why is the cutting line not feeding out?

If this happens, you might have a problem with the trimmer head or nylon line. Immediately stop the engine and unplug the electric trimmer and you can do any of the following:

  • Replace the spool when empty.
  • Clean the ports if clogged with dirt, grass, and debris.
  • Carefully rewind twisted lines. Cut out welded lines before rewinding the remaining usable lines.
  • Use the more durable anti-weld or anti-fuse lines.


Worx string trimmer and edger is an ideal garden and yard tool partner of lawnmowers. Their trimmer product lines are reliable and easy to use. Finally, it comes with a warranty that offers support in case your tool breaks down.