Black and Decker LSTE525 vs. LSTE523 String Trimmer

Gardeners and homeowners find the electric string trimmers much simpler to start and use than the gas-powered trimmers.

Aside from running cleaner and quieter, it offers more portability and versatility.

Corded trimmers provide continuous power without the additional battery weight, and it requires an extension cord if you have a full yard.

Further, modern cordless string trimmers are available in a variety of voltages that can handle simple to large jobs.

What to Consider

Investing in a power tool is not that simple. Since you will be spending some cash, it is wise to know what you are getting. Below are essential factors you might want to take into consideration before purchasing a string trimmer:

Size and Type of Yard

It is essential that your string trimmer matches your yard. The larger the garden area, the more powerful the trimmer you will need. If your yard measures half-acre or less, cordless trimmers from 20 to 80 volts will be the best choice.

While for garden areas larger than half an acre to one acre, you might consider getting trimmers with 40 volts up to 80 volts. However, if you have a yard that is more than an acre, it might be wise to use a gas-powered trimmer for optimum efficiency and power.

Speed Control

It is prudent to choose a tool with variable speed controls for a more versatile tool that you can use in different cutting conditions. A trimmer with varying speeds will allow users to cut thick weeds with the high power option or save on battery life with the lower power selection.

Straight or Curved Shaft

If you have decks and benches in your yard, you might be better off with a straight shaft trimmer. It can easily reach under any obstacles in its way. On the other hand, a curved shaft trimmer is perfect for tight areas.

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It is easy to control; hence, it will be more comfortable to use. You might want to get a trimmer with an adjustable handle that you can modify according to your height.

Let’s Compare

Founded in 1910, the Black and Decker brand has become a household name. It is known for its quality tools worldwide. Building its good reputation from a simple machine shop in Baltimore, the Black and Decker company is now one of the leading power tool manufacturers.

Let’s look at the two string trimmers the company offers, and find out if one is better than the other.

Black and Decker LSTE525 Trimmer Edger


BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries


This 20V Max Lithium Easy Feed trimmer kit comes with two 1.5 Ah batteries. This feature allows you to work on larger yards continuously. It is the perfect tool for trimming overgrowth after mowing your yard. It also has the Power Drive Transmission that lets you increase torque for more cutting power.

Two in One Power Tool

The Black and Decker LSTE525 is both a trimmer and an edger in one tool. If you want a multi-functional garden tool, then this one’s for you. You can quickly get more garden jobs done with this fantastic tool. Users can quickly convert the trimmer to a wheeled edger in a few seconds to edge sidewalks and flower beds.

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries

Easy Feed Line

If you want to advance your line without bumping, the LSTE is the right choice. With a single push of a button, you can quickly advance the trimmer line without having to stop trimming. It also helps that it has a micro-texture soft grip making it comfortable to hold. ​

Extended Runtime

This string trimmer has a two-speed control. You can choose between additional power or more running time. A fully charged cell can let you work on a small to the medium-sized yard.

Having an extra battery cell available makes the tool ideal even for larger-sized gardens. The lithium-ion batteries will provide up to 33% percent more runtime compared to other cells.

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Black and Decker LSTE523 String Trimmer Edger

BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 20V MAX POWERCOMMAND String Trimmer/ Edger with 3.0Ah Battery

The Black and Decker LSTE525 comes with one 3.0Ah battery. Even if you are getting only one battery cell, it provides almost twice as much runtime as smaller batteries.

Thus, it can give your much-needed power to finish your gardening requirements. It is also compatible with other Black and Decker 20V Max outdoor and power tools.

EasyFeed System

The EasyFeed system allows users to advance the line with just the push of a button. You can determine when you want more wires to come out without the need for bumping. The tool has a single string that makes it easier to control. Therefore, the LSTE523 tends to be quieter and does less damage to your fence when trimming.

Easily Converts from Trimmer to Edger

This tool is perfect for trimming areas and edging sidewalks, along borders and flower beds. By just pushing a single switch and rotating the trimmer head 180 degrees, you can easily convert it to a wheeled edger from a standard trimmer.

Ergonomic Design

It has a micro-texture soft grip that provides users and avoids hand and arm fatigue while using the tool. The tool has a fully adjustable handle that can fit almost any person, whatever the height. It is easy to use and lightweight for a more comfortable performance. Further, the tool is also easy to assemble.


Getting a power tool needs a lot of consideration. You might find the following questions and answers helpful in choosing the perfect string trimmer for you.

How does an auto-feed trimmer work?

The string, also known as the line, is made of monofilament nylon. It spins at a high-speed level to cut and trim grass and weeds in your garden area. The string wears out in time after continuous use. Hence, string trimmers have a feed system to reload the line in place of the worn-out ones effortlessly.

Automatic feed string trimmers are the popular models for their user-friendliness and hassle-free features. It is perfect for beginners and inexperienced to trim lawns.

What is the proper way of replacing line trimmer?

Below are the guides and tips on how to replace trimmer lines appropriately.

  • Take out the empty spool from the trimmer.
  • Wind the end of the line into the reel. Ensure that the string is tightly wound in the direction of the arrow.
  • Leave an extra length at the other end of the line.
  • Put back the spool in the trimmer.
  • Then you can feed the other end of the wire into the cutting head’s hole and put the cap on to the reel. Never forget to cover the spool since it protects the string from debris that can cause jamming.
  • If you are not familiar with line trimmer replacements, you can get pre-wound reels to save time and effort. However, it costs more.
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Should I get a trimmer or an edger?

Both tools are essential if you have a garden at home. Yet, if you want to save from spending on two separate machines, it will be prudent to get a trimmer with an edging capability. This tool offers almost the same efficiency and functionality as when you get these two devices separately.


String trimmers are versatile tools that can cut grass and weeds in any part of your garden. You can use it in a flat yard and even in other awkward and hard to reach locations. Additionally, it is an ideal tool lawn edging.

Whatever you choose between the LSTE525 and LSTE523, you can be sure that you are getting a quality tool from Black and Decker. Don’t forget to get the proper attachments to allow your trimmer to do other jobs like landscaping, hedge trimming, or sweeper.