Black and Decker BDERO100 Vs. BDERO600 Orbital Sander

Discerning woodworkers prefer working with random orbital sanders because unlike your normal orbital sanders, they leave no swirl patterns on the finish of their projects.

Because of their relatively good performance in removing stock than your normal handheld belt sander or orbit sander, random orbit sanders can fetch quite a penny. 

Good thing Black and Decker made the BDERO100 and BDERO600 serve the needs of consumers for cheaper random orbit sanders. In this article, we put these two Black and Decker products head to head and see which of them deserves your investment.

Quick Summary

The BDERO100 is perfect for beginning woodworkers and experts who need a tool at a cost that won’t drain their wallets. It’s the best tool for people who just want a simple and straightforward machine to provide polish to their small home projects.

As for the BDERO600, it’s for users who want a little more power and a little more flexibility than the BDERO100 at just a few more dollars. The BDERO600 offers more power at 1400 orbits per minute so it can take on tougher jobs than its predecessor.

Black and Decker BDERO100 Vs. BDERO600 Random Orbit Sander: Which is Best?

Black and Decker BDERO100

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO100)Easy Sandpaper Change

One of the problems sanders often possess is how difficult it is to change sanding papers on their sanding ped. Some designs force users to screw the sanding paper or the way they fasten the sanding papers are flimsy at best. This means sanding papers may routinely fly off the sanding pad during operation.

Good thing Black and Decker BDERO100‘s Hook and Loop system overcomes these issues through the use of tough velcro on the sanding pads. These velcros serve as part of the system and facilitate easy replacements of sanding papers while maintaining a tight grip during sanding.

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO100)

Power Under the Case

Your fixed-motion orbital sander will abrade the surface of your project in a circular fashion. Although, you’ll initially see a sparkly finish, glints of light will reveal circular scratches on the wood. 

The random movements of this orbital sander prevent these scratches by countering its movements every now and then while balancing the finish on the surface of the project. The BDERO100 its task admirably and you’ll see it after you blow the sand away from your project.

Dust Sealed Switches

Users demand dust collection features from their sanders for safety and cleanliness. Wood dust, after all, can enter the respiratory system and injure the lungs if users aren’t careful. Dust can also enter the machines themselves and affect their operation. 

This is why Black and Decker opted for sealing their switches with covers. This feature prolongs the life of the sander by making sure dust does not enter the opening in the switches.

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO100)

What We Like:

  • Easy, user-friendly operation. Even absolute beginners can begin sanding with the BDERO100.
  • Good value for money since it’s cost-effective without sacrificing performance.
  • Smooth and quiet operation. Users will not have to put through noise pollution with this tool.

What We Don’t Like

  • Weak sanding paper hold. Users may encounter a flying sanding paper.

To avoid the issues of flying sandpaper, try applying a lighter touch during operation. Users should also check the velcro of the hook and loop system if it still grips strongly, otherwise it’s time to buy a new velcro or sanding pad.

Final Thoughts

The reasonably-priced BDERO100 offers home users a random orbital sander they can use for home projects like stripping paint off chairs and tables or smoothing out uneven drywall.

Since it’s also powerful enough to work on finishing fiberglass, advanced users will find use for the BDERO100 for their own projects as well.

Black and Decker BDERO600


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BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO600)


Efficient Sanding

The Black & Decker BDERO600 sports a 2.4 amp motor that drives the sander to rotate around 14,000 orbits per minute. This is enough motion to give surfaces a smooth and glistening finish in less time than if it were done by hand and at an equal time with those of more expensive orbital sanders.

Single Button Convenience

Some orbital sanders require you to squeeze a switch and apply consistent pressure to make the machine work continuously. This can be a hindrance if you want to concentrate on monitoring the quality of the surface you’re sanding.

The BDERO600 uses a padded switch activation system that allows the machine to stay on without you having to consistently depress it. You set it and leave it and you can just focus on your project without worry.


The BDERO600 may be small but it can go to the hard-to-reach places big and blocky sanders cannot. This means you’ll be able to work corners and insides better with this orbital sander.

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO600)

What We Like:

  • Good price to performance ratio on this product makes buyers like they’re coming out on top.
  • Ergonomic and compact design allows flexibility in handling and use of the sander.
  • The powerful motor allows homeowners with a tool that allows them to provide good finishes to their projects while saving time.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users might find the cord of this random orbital sander too short.

The best solution for this would be to use an extension cord to increase the length of the power connection of the orbital sander.

Final Thoughts

The BDERO600 packs quite a punch for a competitively priced sander as it can work on tough sanding jobs for as long as 7 hours without hiccups. Its power isn’t just its best feature as it also combines user-friendly features like its light weight, its paddle switch button at the top, and its hook and loop sandpaper system. It’s a must-buy.

Black and Decker BDERO100 vs BDERO600: Which is Better?

Although the BDERO100 might be the newer product, we’ve found the BDERO600’s power a more compelling reason to buy the older model. Those 200 orbits per minute allow for faster completion of projects and make it easier to reduce wood stock. Woodworkers will have an easier time prepping surfaces or finishing their projects thanks to the better speed.

Final Thoughts

Both of these sanders will give you quality operation without overtaxing your budget. It’s easy to see why Black and Decker consistently remain top-of-mind when it comes to power tools. They provide consumers with 5-star products while saving their consumers money – it’s a competitive advantage other manufacturers should start aiming for.