BLACK+DECKER DS321 vs SKIL 7510-01 Belt Sander (Reviews 2020)

If you have some experience working with wood surfaces, you should be aware by now that acquiring a belt sander is very helpful. You see, belt sanders use the motions of fine-grit belts in order to aid shape and evenly polish all types of woodworking tasks. Such tools can shape, round, and remove narrow edges.

With such convenience, for sure, belt sanders can save you a lot of money and time. These tools are not really categorized as necessary tools for many household owners’ tool collection. However, every do-it-yourself enthusiasts, carpenter, and professionals out there should own one.

But it’s not that simple because there are a lot of belt sander models nowadays. You’ll have difficult time choosing so you must at least do some research. But worry not because you don’t need to do the hard work because we did it already for you.

With our extensive research, we come up with the best belt sanders you can get. And we will evaluate these units further in the next sections of the article. So, with that said, let’s dive in!

Quick Summary

First of all, the DS321 by Black and Decker can easily sand flush even in the tightest spots or spaces because it is incorporated with what’s called “front roller feature”.

But aside from this amazing feature which we will be discussing further in the next sections, this unit is also compact and lightweight and offers a 6Amp power that makes it ideal for finishing touches on different wood surfaces. In addition to that, it also comes with a retractable multi-function handle.

The SKIL 7501-01 is particularly engineered for many hobbyists out there in different levels. That’s why it is a great tool for those newbies that are just starting out with their wood working projects. Right off the package, users will also get a vacuum adaptor and a dust collection canister for additional convenience.

But aside from that, the SKIL 7501-01 also features a unique filtration system. Some debris is stored in a clear dust canister which the user can easily see whether it is full or not. This makes working easy because users will know in advanced whether to when to stop or continue working.

Who Should Get This?

For the most part, a belt sander is not totally exclusive to professionals out there. Actually, a belt sander is not even exclusive to those people who happen to have an interest in woodworking. But essentially, bet sanders are highly recommended for many new household owners because they are very versatile and can help with a lot of small home renovations and adjustments.

Also, household owners and hobbyists don’t really have to get anxious about spending their hard-earned money on some high-grade quality belt sanders. The belt sanders we will feature below are enough for your needs without breaking your bank account.

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All in all, get yourself a belt sander if you’re involve in wood working projects because for sure, they will be of great help.

What to Consider?

If you want to make a smart and well-informed buying process, then the following considerations might help you.

Ease of use

The ease of use factor of belt sanders can provide significant difference in how much you like using the tool and how much time you need to spend on your task. Most of the time, it’s a nice idea to acquire a unit that is easy to assemble, or is already assembled in order to immediately discover if there are some defects or not.

Generally, not all units have these kinds of problems, but the sooner you can use it, the sooner you will understand if you acquired a good belt sander or not. All in all, if you do a nice job choosing a unit that has great ease of use, you will most likely be very happy with what you bought.


Most of the time, it’s not quite easy to perceive what makes for good value when it comes to belt sanders.  But keep in mind that value is not all about price range. Value is acquiring a tool that can suffice all your needs while also not spending too much of your hard-earned money. This is the reason why simply opting to some cheaper options won’t really give you fruitful results. The same can be said with overpriced belt sanders.

What you want to do is acquire a belt sander that can meet your needs but can also suffice your current budget. Begin by determining first your needs then consider how much you can spend. For sure, after you’ve done this step, you’ll be able to acquire the best belt sander with the best value for your hard-earned money.

Wood Dust Management

Wood shavings or sometimes just called dust can be a daunting task to clean up. Even though it’s a smart idea to equip yourself with some breathing mask, there are other smart options you can do to significantly minimize the amount of wood shavings.

One good example is getting a belt sander that come with a dust port. Just connect your shop vacuum, turn it on while working on some wood surfaces, and everything will be good to go because there will be no messy dusts or shavings.   It’s always a smart choice to acquire a belt sander that comes with a dust port since it doesn’t only make cleaning up easier but it also helps you staying healthy while working.

BLACK+DECKER DS321 vs. SKIL 7510-01

1. BLACK+DECKER Belt Sander with Dust Bag

BLACK+DECKER Belt Sander with Dust Bag, 7-Amp, 3-Inch by 21-Inch (DS321)Front Roller Function

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The Black and Decker DS321 can effortlessly allow you to sand flush even in the tightest corners or smallest spaces because of its front roller feature. It is a compact and lightweight belt sander that has 6 Amp of power that makes it perfect for finishing touches on wood surfaces. Adding to this tool’s ease of use is its retractable multi-function handle.

Easy and Comfortable to Use

This particular belt sander from Black and Decker provides good essential functionality and is particularly engineered to be comfortable and easy to use for newbies out there who want to start with their own small projects.

As we’ve mentioned above, this unit’s front roller is most likely its edge over other belt sanders out there. Such feature enables you to reach even the tightest spots effortlessly.

Good Power Output

Furthermore, this unit offers enough power considering its price range. Also, it is pretty large compared to similar belt sanders in its class. Aside from that, when it comes to having a nice flush finish, the DS321 is probably one of the best.

What We Like:

  • Its flush body design enables sanding against vertical surfaces
  • Offers optimal functionality because of its low-profile design with extended reach
  • 3-position adjustable handle gives great comfort various orientations
  • Features innovative front roller to reach out the tightest spots effortlessly
  • Great dust collection system

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Its oblong dust port opening doesn’t seem to facilitate linking to a vacuum hose
  • The dust collector bag is held on by tying a string which is a little bit inconvenient

2. SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat Belt Sander with Pressure Control

SKIL 7510-01 Sandcat 6 Amp 3-Inch x 18-Inch Belt Sander with Pressure ControlPerfect for Hobbyists

This particular belt sander is engineered for many hobbyists out there of all experiences. So, for beginners that want to use a belt sander, the SKIL 7510-01 is a good starting tool. Along with the package, you’ll also get a vacuum adaptor and a dust collection canister.

Pressure Control System

This unit comes with a 6 Amp motor and perfect for various kinds of wood. It sports a very innovative pressure-control system and practically get rids of the risk of errors and miscalculations while you sand by simply illuminating an indicator light during the application of the appropriate amount of pressure to the surface you’re working on.

Filtration System

Furthermore, this unit’s filtration system is not very similar to many belt sanders out there, especially in price factor. Some debris is stored in a clear dust canister and can be conveniently get rids of while its micro-filtration technology eliminates most dust particles around you, which ultimately protects you from the danger of breathing dust.

What We Like:

  • Incorporated with clear view dust canister for easy emptying of the canister
  • Features micro-filtration that contains fine dust particles which might be harmful to health
  • Comes with auto track system that keeps the belt centered while working
  • Has a pressure control technology that alerts you when excessive pressure is used
  • Offers 6 Amp of power for different kinds of wood surfaces
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What We Don’t Like 

  • It would be great if it comes with clamps to bench mount
  • Its dust port will work better linked to a vacuum system

Useful Tips or Tricks or Resources or FAQs

Even though belt sanders are easy to use most of the time, you should also learn some tips as form of precautions.

  • Don’t forget to unplug the belt sander if you want to change the belt.
  • Equip yourself with some ear protection because belt sanders can be quite loud.
  • Make sure to clamp your wood pieces all the time to prevent sliding away when you’re polishing it.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the tool before plugging it in to prevent the possibility of propelling the tool on its own.
  • Get a belt sander that comes with good dust control functionalities to minimize mess in your workplace.
  • To protect your eyes from potentially dangerous debris, make sure to always equip yourself with eyewear protection, in particular when doing some work with metal.
  • If you’ve got long hair, make sure to tie it up because the tool might grab your hair and it could be really dangerous!

Closing Words

Among the many different kinds of sanders, belt sanders are famous for being one of the most stable. Moreover, these tools are very versatile and easy to use.

Now, in order to pick the best unit for your needs, you must highly consider first certain factors such as the ease of use, weight, size, speed settings, speed, and of course the motor power.

By considering these aspects as well as the tips we mentioned above, for sure you’ll get the most value out of the tool you’ll choose. Also, rest assured that the belt sanders we mentioned above will give you what you want.

So with that said, we hope that this review can help you with your buying process and make smart decision. For the last words, kindly leave any thoughts or feedback in the comment section below. Thank you!