JET J-41002 Vs Grizzly Industrial H6070 Belt Disc Sander

Combination belt and disc sanders offer woodworkers and metalworkers versatile tools in shaping and finishing their projects since they combine two tools in one. Apart from the multi-functionality of these types of sanders, they are also ideal for woodworking hobbyists who may not have the biggest workshops around because of their compactness.

Today we’re reviewing two American-branded disc and belt bench sanders in the Jet-J41002 and the Grizzly Industrial H6070-1. Both companies are headquartered in the US with Jet originating from Tacoma, Washington, and Grizzly from Tenessee.

These brands manufacture bigger sanders for more professional shops but the compact sanders on review for today are perfect for home workshops and woodworkers who will use them moderately.

Let’s take a lot at what these sanders can do and how they measure up against each other.

Quick Summary

In this review, we’ve found bigger doesn’t mean better. The Grizzly Industrial H6070-1 ably finishes and contours projects like its counterpart at Jet while keeping its physical footprint small.

You can remove the platen and roller guard from the belt sander on the Grizzly and have it work contours and corners as the Jet can.

JET J-41002 Vs. Grizzly Industrial H6070-1: Which to Choose?

JET J-41002

JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc SanderSanding Efficiency

The Jet J-41002 chews through metal and wooden projects on the strength of its 3/4 horsepower 6.2 Amp motor. The combo disc and belt sander speeds up to 3,560 rpm on the abrasive disc side and 3,100 sfpm on the abrasive belt. Both the belt and the disc remove burrs and polish up wooden projects and will finish metal ones like knives just fine.

Since you can angle the belt, it does the job of a jigsaw, a coping saw, and a file all in one. It allows users to clear off material and finish products at angles for better corner jobs and curves.

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JET J-41002 2"x42

Form Factor and User-Friendliness

At just a length of 21 inches, a width of 23 inches, and a height of 20 inches, the Jet J-41002 is one compact workhorse encased in tough cast iron. Since it weighs around 60 lbs, you’ll need to set aside an area for it in your workshop and screw its feet onto a table to lock it into place.

User-friendliness wise, you have manual tracking adjustment you can use to re-center the belt it tracks too hard to one side. It’s just difficult to change the sanding disc and the sanding belts because you will have to remove the belt and disc tables to get those done.

Dust Collection

Dust collection is fairly standard as the two vents will catch a sizeable amount of the dust. You will still need to use a mask and a vacuum set to protect yourself and clean everything up.

What We Like:

  • Powerful 3/4 HP single phase motor allows faster sanding of metal and wooden projects.
  • Miter gauge can turn from 0 to 45 degrees to the left and right and can be locked in place for more flexible sanding positions.
  • Users can remove platen to allow work on bigger projects.

What We Don’t Like

  • No easy belt change system in place; users have to remove the table to change the belt.
  • No belt adjustment system to keep the belt from tracking away from the center.
  • Some parts like the platen and the dust collection guard feel flimsy.

Grizzly Industrial H6070-1

Grizzly Industrial H6070-1" x 30Sanding Efficiency

The single-phase 1/3 horsepower motor powers both the disc and the belt sander for those prepping, deburring, and finishing jobs. Users can expect the disc to go on a max speed of 3,450 rpm while the belt speed notches up to 3150 fpm. The removable platen and roller guard leaves users with the option of performing contouring work with the belt itself.

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Form Factor and User-Friendliness

Despite holding a lot of power in its compact form factor, the Grizzly Industrial H6070-1 only weighs around 20 lbs. This allows users greater mobility in placing the tool wherever they might need it in the shop.

The body of the Grizzly H6070-1 is encased in the standard aluminum casing. Unfortunately, some of its other parts are made of plastic and these items can easily break. Users will need to fabricate parts on their own like the belt or disc tables if they get broken.

Much like the other bench sanders in the market, this does not have an easy belt or disc removal system. You’ll have to remove the tables before your replace worn out discs and belts.

Dust Collection

There is nothing exceptional with the dust collection on this unit. The two dust ports, a 1-3/4 inch and a 1 13/16 inch means you’ll have to buy two different kinds of adapters to attach a shop vac to it.

What We Like:

  • 1/3 horsepower direct motor for better belt tension and lesser belt misalignments.
  • Universal positioning lock levers to keep the belt in place while performing jobs.
  • Users can use safety toggle switch with a key for better safety management even when the machine is idle.

What We Don’t Like

  • The belt keeps tracking to the right and this might affect the look and feel of the projects.
  • The disc table may tilt but no locking mechanism like a Dovetail or a T slot means the table will go right down. Belt sander moves down from the position and it has no T-slot to catch it as well.

Jet-J41002 vs Grizzly Industrial H6070-1: Which is Better?

If we’re going to look at their motors performance-wise the Jet model outpaces the Grizzly one by around 100 to 200 RPMs on the disc sanding speed. Once a woodworker deburrs a project on either of these discs, he will hardly notice the differences since both will churn out work of almost the same quality.

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What attracted us to the Grizzly Industrial H6070-1 compared to the JET J41002 is it soundly accomplishes what the bigger and bulkier sander does without ratcheting up the size.

Since both sanders cannot take the beating at the more professional woodworking or metal shops, we’ve reviewed both products with home woodworkers in mind. And we can say, the Grizzly’s smaller form factor and lighter weight makes it more suitable for that environment than the JET J41002.

Grizzly Industrial H6070-1 is sitting at a price point that is less than 60% of the JET’s SRP. Since it performs as well as the JET, it’s no contest that’ll we’ll choose to order a Grizzly of the H6070-1 any day.

Final Thoughts

Disc and belt combo sanders offer good value for their price points by allowing users to perform a lot of finishing and contouring work.

However, the market is currently saturated by several generations of power tools, the latest ones offering better innovations than those before them.

Users should also be aware of the products they are looking at happen to be the recipient of design efficiencies from previous iterations. The good news is companies like Jet and Grizzly are constantly innovating to give their loyal users smaller but more efficient tools. Don’t just settle for what’s big, go for something more convenient to use with just as much performance and durability.