BLACK and DECKER LST300 vs. LSTE525 20V String Trimmer

We all use power tools at work and at home to finish our jobs faster and make our lives a lot easier.

One of these must-have tools is a string trimmer to keep your yards neat and clean.

It allows homeowners to trim grasses in areas that lawnmowers cannot reach.

Nowadays, string trimmers have many features that gardeners and homeowners did not find in older units.

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What to Consider

Choosing a string trimmer involves a lot of factors including sound judgment. You do not pick the first thing you see in the store or the one that looks beautiful and shiny, or even the most expensive one. It takes more than looks and price to determine whether a specific trimmer is the right one for you.

Engine Type

The most important part of a string trimmer is the engine. Without it, the tool will not run. You can choose between a gas-powered, corded electric or cordless electric type.

Gas-powered units are the most potent models, yet tend to be larger. Because of its power and size, these trimmers are ideal for heavy-duty jobs.

Although electric trimmers may be less powerful, this type of tool has many models with different levels of torque and output, which can accomplish simple to heavy-duty works.

The cordless units are the most convenient and portable trimmers. It provides users more mobility but will require you to make frequent battery charging that can disrupt continuous gardening tasks.

Feed System

Primarily, there are two types of feed systems when it comes to string trimmers. These are the traditional one which are called the bump feed and automatic feed.

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Bump Feed

With this method, one has to press down, in a bumping motion, the guard to release the line manually. This method allows you to have more control over how many lines you need to use. But for someone who is not familiar with the tool, doing this can cause damages to the trimmer.


This one is more convenient to use since you do not need to do anything to continue with your trimming job. Although, this type cannot be easily fixed when it breaks down, and it does not give the same level of control as with the manual method.

Size and Weight

It is vital to determine how big and how much the tool weighs to ensure that you can handle and use it properly. You can check the weight and the shaft length to know whether you get the right tool size.

Let’s Compare

Black and Decker tools are known for their creativity and usefulness. For more than a century, the company has provided innovative solutions worldwide. Users of Black and Decker have become loyal to the brand for its quality and reliability.

Black and Decker LST300 String Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed whacker, White

If you are looking for a quality and affordable tool, then the LST300 is your perfect choice. Designed for cleanup and edging, which you can easily switch to in a few seconds by just unlocking, turning, and locking the shaft again.

Lightweight and Quiet

The LST300 is lightweight, weighing only 5.7 pounds. It is a no-hassle cordless trimmer that is perfect for small gardens and lawns. The tool is easy to use without the need to mix fuel and oil. All you need to do is install the guard and handle, and you are all set.

You can also adjust the handle according to your height. Aside from being lightweight, this trimmer is very quiet and makes gardening such a breeze.

Auto-Feed System

There is no need to bump with the tool to advance the line. Thanks to its auto-feed system that allows you to work continuously without stopping to change the trimmer lines.

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BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed whacker, White

20V Battery Provides Solid Runtime

The 2.0 amp-hour 20V battery is compatible with other Black and Decker 20V tools. Hence, if you have other devices from the same brand and with the same voltage, then you can interchangeably use their batteries. It offers a decent running time that is enough to work on a small yard.

Black and Decker LSTE525 Trimmer Edger


BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries

If you want to save from buying two separate tools, then get the LSTE525, which serves as a trimmer and an edger at the same time. It is easy to handle, causing less strain on your body.

Even first time users will find this tool comfortable and very easy to control while providing a full cutting path of 12 inches. It allows you to work in more areas in a shorter time.

Two in One Power Tool

With this tool, you get a trimmer and an edger at the same time. You can easily convert it from trimmer to an edger in a couple of seconds. Hence, you can accomplish more with just a single tool. Additionally, it comes with two batteries allowing you to continue working while the other cell is charging.

Moreover, this tool has a micro-texture soft grip making it comfortable to hold and use. The handle is also adjustable to suit the height of the user.

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 20V MAX Lithium Easy Feed String Trimmer/Edger with 2 Batteries

Easy Feed Line

You can quickly advance the trimmer line with a simple push of a button without any bumping required. This Easy-feed system allows you to work without needing to stop for bumping. Additionally, the PowerDrive Transmission feature delivers plenty of torque for various cutting needs.

Extended Runtime

The two-speed control system allows for more power and extended runtime. It has a 12-inch cutting swath with a line diameter of 0.065 inches. The lithium-ion batteries are more compact and long-lasting of up to 33% compared to other battery cells.


To properly guide you in choosing the appropriate string trimmer, here are the answers to some of the questions you are possibly asking yourself before buying the tool.

How can I maintain my lawn edges spotless?

You can manually cut the edges of your lawn using edging shears to make it look neat. But the more comfortable and faster way is to use a trimmer-edger. You can trim the edges using an electric tool easily without bending down.

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If you don’t want to dig out trenches to create lawn boundaries every year, you can install a permanent lawn garden edging. You can choose the material you wish to use from metal to wood or plastic. It also comes in a variety of designs to complement your garden style.

How do I use a string trimmer for edging?

The best way to do it is to turn the trimmer on its side with the string spinning away from you. Then, place the shaft on your shoulder. This method will provide precise movement of the string lines along the edges.

Further, it also provides for better visibility on the area you are working on while you trim. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses while performing this task.

Is the shoulder-mount approach more effective?

You can hold the trimmer the same way as you would handle a tool when weed-eating. However, this can cause more back and body strain. Using the shoulder-mount approach can considerably reduce any pressure and pain on your back.


You can never go wrong whether you decide to go for Black and Decker LST300 or LSTE525 since both provide power, ease of use, and decent battery runtime.

Further, if you have other Black and Decker 20V tools, you will not have to worry about running out of power since their batteries are compatible and can be used interchangeably.