WORX WG160 GT 2.0 vs WG163 GT 3.0 String Trimmer

A trimmer can be a nice option for someone who needs to maintain a clean lawn.

Trimmers come in different forms and designs. The idea is to get one that will be great for your applications.

The last thing you need is a trimmer that cannot handle all your needs.

To help you learn more about the string trimmers, we will review two top Worx Trimmers. The two are the WG160 GT 2.0 and the WG163 GT 3.0 models.

What to Consider

The Ergonomics

The ergonomics determine how comfortable it would be to use the string trimmer. We recommend that you look at the handle design, adjustment options, and more.

Some models will come with a telescoping handle so that you can adjust it depending on your height. You will also get some having more tilt angle so that you can handle even the toughest sloped terrains.

Power Source

Depending on the model, the power source can vary a lot. In most cases, it can be either gas or battery.

If it is a battery powered unit, look at the quality of the battery and the run time. You need a battery that can run for longer without having to deal with recharges all the time.


The overall build quality is important. This is because it will determine how good it can remain reliable over the years. Look at what others say about its quality so that you always end up with a top performance string trimmer.


Just because it is a string trimmer, it does not mean it cannot be used as another device. Right now, many more brands are making string trimmers to also work for edging and mowing.

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Look at what additional functionality you get with a string trimmer before buying. It is good to have a trimmer that easily converts into another device for versatility.

Let’s Compare

Worx WG160 GT 2.0 20V Trimmer/Mini Mower

To keep your lawn edges correctly trimmed, you need the Worx WG160 GT 2.0 model. It is a top choice for many people thanks to the various features that come with the unit. Let us see what are some of its features below.


One of the things that make the unit better should be its versatility. We find that the model comes with 3 in 1 function that will work for most users. These functions include grass trimming, mowing, and edging.

The best part is that you can make the conversion from one function to another with so much ease. Many claim that you can convert from a trimmer to a line edger in seconds without using any tools.

The Cutting Diameter

The model comes with an impressive cutting diameter of 12 inches. This makes it good for covering a large area faster. Not many people would want to spend hours out in the sun trimming the edges of their lawns.

It also has an automatic single line feed that will make the tool usability even better. No more worries about bumps that can hamper a better trimming experience.

Telescopic Adjustments

Depending on the user height, it is good to know that you can adjust the unit’s height with ease. This is because it comes with a quick release lever to allow for the fast height adjustments. If you can work at your desired height, then you will not worry about back pain.

Back pain can be an issue if you have to use the trimmer for long hours working on various lawns.

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Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

We also find this unit to be lightweight at 5.7 pounds. It will not put so much strain on your wrist. This ensures that you can enjoy using it for longer.

The unit also comes with an ergonomic design. This design is essential for helping you handle the trimmer even better.

Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12” Cordless String Trimmer

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, 12in

This is another battery-powered trimmer that you need for your lawn. Coming from Worx just like the WG160 model above, it is interesting to see how the two differ from each other. Below are some of its features.

Trimmer and Edger

It is good to know that this unit can work as both a trimmer or edger. It all depends on how you set it up.

The manufacturer gives you a comprehensive guide on how to set it up. You should have it working great as an edger or trimmer in seconds. No tools are even required to do the conversion. It should now be easy to use even by newbies.

Instant Line Feed

There is also the innovative push button command for feeding the line. This is important for instant line feeding to eliminate the trouble people face while feeding similar lines to other trimmers. Still, you will get free spools for life for the best usability experience.

The Battery

The manufacturer supplies you the unit and two powerful 20V batteries. These lithium batteries help you to cover a lot more ground without having to recharge all the time.

Since it comes with two batteries, one can be recharged as you continue working.

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger, 12in

Head Tilts

The way you can tilt the head of the unit helps you handle different types of terrains. We find that it can tilt up to 90 degrees. So, it should now be easier to trim and edge even the sloped terrain. All those places that seemed hard to reach should now be possible.

The Design

We find that the Worx WG163 model comes with an ergonomic design too. The idea is to help feel comfortable while working with it even for long hours. Still, the unit comes with rubberized wheels. Such wheels are important for achieving straight lines and cleaner cuts.

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The space guard is also adjustable. This will ensure that you do not damage the plants, lawn ornaments, and landscape features.


Are battery powered string trimmers better than the gas-powered ones?

This is often subject to personal preference. There are times when the gas-powered trimmer will be ideal and vice versa. Assess your needs first before choosing which one would be good for you.

Is it easy to use a Worx string trimmer?

Yes. Most of the Worx string trimmers are designed to be great in terms of being easy to use. Also, they come with clear manuals to help you work on a project easily.

Where can I buy a Worx string trimmer?

If you hope to see a lot more variety, we recommend checking out the online stores. You can also check out the company’s local dealers in your area.


The two models reviewed above are both great value for money. You are likely to find yourself handling all the trimming needs you might have for your lawn with so much ease. Also, you will enjoy using such high-quality tools that offer the best durability.

Anyone who is new to string trimmers should consider either models. This is because they are both easy to use and have the best ergonomic features.