DEWALT DW7350 Vs WEN 6588T Vs POWERTEC UT1002 Planer Stand

Every workshop needs a benchtop planer to deliver the finest lumber finish, but this is only possible if you have the right stand for it. Getting the best thickness planer stand means you can work comfortably at an appropriate height and enjoy free mobility.

The other advantage of a planer stand is that it can also be used as a storage unit for your gear. You, however, need to ensure that the construction is sturdy enough for all these benefits to last.

Investing is a planer stand is an extra cost that may seem unnecessary, which is why some people go for a DIY stand. We, however, recommend a professionally built stand because it is customized specifically for your tool. The other advantage of these planer stands is their robust cast iron construction that makes them a one-off purchase with lifetime service.

The most popular thickness planers in the market are made by Dewalt and WEN, which is why their customized planer stands are very common. The other advantage is that they are universal, so you can use them to carry other tools around the workshop without extra costs. We have also included Powertec UT1002 in this review because it is a universal stand that will serve you if you are on a tight budget.

Here is a look at each of the planer stands

1. Dewalt DW7350 Planer stand with mobile base

As the name suggests, this thickness planer stand has a mobile base fitted with durable casters that make your thickness planer a portable unit. This planer stand is customized to fit all Dewalt benchtop thickness planers as well as other models with a matching base.

It is equipped with a thick fiberboard top to carry the weight. It has a predrilled top with holes for installing your thickness planer. The fiberboard is also easy to drill new holes if your planer base does not match.

The planer stand has a sturdy steel frame that can hold the heaviest thickness planer you may have. Its base is 24 inches by 22 inches, which is enough to keep it steady when carrying a load and still takes up little space in your workshop. It has a shelf for storing any gear you may need on-site. It stands 30-inches high so you can work comfortably in a standing position.

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It gives you full mobility around your workshop, thanks to its mobile base. The base has four casters that can be engaged easily using a foot pedal whenever you need to move. You can also disengage the wheels to keep them out of the way and use the plain base for more stability. The wheels are also removable, which saves on space if you don’t need to move around.


  • Durable heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Predrilled top for ease of installation
  • Retractable base with wheels for mobility
  • Onboard shelf for storage
  • The base is removable for storage convenience


  • The fiber top is not durable
  • The shelf is rather small.

Top FAQs

Q: How high is this stand?

A: 30 Inches

Q: Can I use it for a drill press?

A: Sure. Just drill new holes to accommodate the small base

Q: Can It carry tools by other manufacturers?

A: Yes. You may have to make adjustments for different measurements. 

2. WEN 6588T Multipurpose Planer Stand 

WEN 6588T Multi-Purpose Planer Stand with Storage Shelf and Rolling Base

Wen is famous for universal and affordable tools, so this stand can carry nearly any benchtop power tool in the market. It is built for the 6550 and 6552 wen thickness planers. Its top is, however, large measuring 23.8 by 20.3 inches and meshed with big holes that allow you to mount any tool, including drill presses and miter saws. It has a capacity of 220lbs, which accommodates most common power tools.

It has a swivel base with casters that make it easy to move around the workshop. The casters can also be launched easily using the foot pedal on the base. Its wheels retract straight into the frame, so it doesn’t take up more space or affect stability while you are working. The base frame is made of heavy-duty steel designed to last, which makes it a one-time purchase.

This Thickness planer stand also has an onboard shelf with a capacity of 55lbs, which can carry more gear you may need on-site. Its shelf is open and also removable for convenience. Its height is also universally convenient at 30 inches making it suitable for any user. Moreover, it has a two-year warranty from WEN.


  • It has a durable solid cast-Iron frame
  • The table is metallic to withstand more weight
  • Large open shelf for extra storage
  • Retractable casters for mobility and space convenience
  • Meshed top accommodates any tool size


  • The metallic top is hard to drill if you need new holes. 
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Top FAQs

Q: Is it suitable for a heavily vibrating tool?

A: Sure. Its base is broad and stable

Q: Can I remove the shelf?

A: Yes

Q: Is it easy to assemble?

A: Yes. You only need to lock screws at the top, shelf and base. They are numbered and easy to join.

Q: What is the weight of this stand?

A: 46lbs

3. Powertec UT1002 Universal Tool Stand

Many people go for this the tool table because of its simplicity, but it is powerful enough to carry essential power tools. It has a sturdy steel frame and a broad base with a pyramid shape that gives it more capacity. It is also one of the most affordable tool stands in the market. It also has a wooden top, which is replaceable and easy to drill, allowing you to mount tools with varying base sizes.

It is universal; you can buy it for any tool. The top is also predrilled, making it easy to mount your tools. It doesn`t come with casters, but you can still buy them independently if you need to move it around. Its frame is durable cast iron with a powder coating for water resistance. It also has a large storage shelf that can carry your gear on site.

The base of this tool stand is padded with non-slip rubber, which makes it stable and also soft on your floor. Its top measure 24×14 inches able to carry the base of any benchtop tool. Its base is over 30 inches in size, which takes up more space than other tool stands, although it allows it to withstand tool vibration.


  • It has a pyramid shape with more stability
  • Predrilled wooden top for mounting convenience
  • It is light and easy to assemble
  • A durable weatherproof metallic frame
  • Padded base to prevent gorging the floor


  • The pyramid base affects free movement around the table
  • It doesn`t have wheels.

Top FAQs

Q: What is the capacity of this stand?

A: It can carry up to 500lbs

Q: Can I install universal shop casters?

A: Yes

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: Height: 32, base: 39×27, Shelf: 27×18, Top: 25×14

Q: Can it carry a drill press?

A: Yes

Direct Comparison


The weight a planer stand can carry largely depends on the thickness of the frame and the size of the base. Dewalt D7350 has a capacity of over 300lbs because of its sturdy steel frame. Powertec can also handle large loads, although it needs strengthening on the frame. Wen6588T has a capacity of 220lbs, which is also sufficient for most power tools.

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Powertec UT1002 is stable because of its pyramid shape and wide base over 30 inches. It is better at holding vibrating tools compared to Dewalt and WEN. Dewalt has the thickest frame, which also makes it more stable than WEN 6588T, which has a small base of just 23 by 20 inches.


Both Dewalt D7350 and WEN 6588T have casters that make it easy to move tools around the site. The casters are also collapsible, so they don’t affect the stability of your stand. Powertec UT1002 doesn’t have a mobile base, so you have to invest in your own caster installed base.


Dewalt is made of heavy gauge steel, which makes it the most durable frame in this review. Its top is, however, made of cardboard, which may be a problem if you work in a wet environment.

WEN6588T is also made of sturdy steel, although not as strong as Dewalt. The WEN top is, however, metallic, which makes it as durable as the rest of the stand. Powertec has the lightest frame in this review.

Final Note

It is hard to operate a tool without a strong stand to work with, so we reviewed the best stands in the market. After buying a reliable benchtop planer, miter saw, or any other bench tool, it is important to get a stand that matches up to it. These are highly rated stands by customers and professionals. They are designed to last, giving you value for your money.