Echo CS 590 vs. Husqvarna 460 Gas Chainsaw

A chainsaw is a portable mechanical cutting tool that has a rotating chain with a set of teeth running along a guide bar. Sawyers typically use it for pruning, limbing, and felling of trees.

Chainsaws are also used for ice sculptures. For homeowners, this device is handy for harvesting firewood.

The man-powered saws were replaced by chainsaws, from small-sized ones to the large-sized lumberjacks. There are varieties of chainsaws like the corded electric, cordless battery-operated, and the gas-operated ones.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. We will talk about gas chainsaws and how it can help you do your jobs quicker in this article.

What to Consider

There are many types of saws on the market now. But, chainsaws have become a vital tool for professionals and DIY family members. For professional workers, these powerful device helps them to clear lands, trim trees, cut large timbers, and do landscapes.

On the other hand, homeowners find this machine very convenient in cutting firewood and trimming trees in the garden. But what should you look for in a functional and efficient chainsaw?


Getting a chainsaw that you can easily carry and use conveniently. You don’t want to have a chainsaw that is too heavy that you cannot even lift, nor too light that may not have enough power for the job that you need to accomplish.

Remember that the specified weight of a chainsaw is only for the powerhead. Hence, you must add more pounds for the guide bar, chain, and fuel

Guide Bars

Choosing the appropriate bar length is vital. The guide bar provides sawyers guidance for the cutting chain. You must have the correct guide bar size for various jobs. It is prudent to use a guide bar that is a little bit longer than the diameter of the log you will work on.

Also, for light jobs, chainsaw bar measuring 14 inches or shorter will be enough. However, leave the heavyweight 20-inch bars to professional loggers.

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Safety and Extra Features

Looking for a chainsaw with a low kickback chain minimizes risks. It will also be better to get a tool that has a wraparound handle and a front guard for better grip and balance. An anti-vibration handle is ideal for those who will be using a chainsaw over an extended period to lessen hand and arm fatigue.

Moreover, you might want to look for a unit with a chain catcher to avoid accidents in case the chain unexpectedly breaks. All of these features and more may not be that important for some people but can make your job a lot more convenient.

Let’s Compare

For 50 years, since founded in 1950, ECHO Incorporated has been one of the leaders in the manufacture of high-performance outdoor power tools. The company caters to both the commercial market and homeowners, with its commitment to innovative technology and quality.

ECHO, being a global brand, is the largest subsidiary of Japan’s Yamabiko Corporation. Meanwhile, Husqvarna Group has consistently worked on innovations since 1689. One of Husqvarna’s most popular products is the vibration-free chainsaw. Their innovative products get the loyalty of customers around the world.

Echo CS-590 20AA Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-590-20AA 20 in. 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

Who can miss the massive engine, high performance, and functionality of Echo CS-590 that it can handle various bars of different sizes? This 20-inch gas-powered machine is considered by many as one of the best chainsaws for homeowners.

Versatile and Functional

This chainsaw can accommodate bars and chains from 16 inches up to a maximum of 27 inches. It makes this tool ideal to be used for a variety of tasks, from the simplest to heavier and more complicated ones. So if you need a tool for pruning and limbing, or for more complicated jobs like cutting lumbers, then this chainsaw will be perfect.

Safety Features

The CS-590 has a dual post chain brake that provides quick protection from kickbacks. On the other hand, the spark arrestor muffler prevents any hot spark from leaving the muffler. These simple features can make you worry less when it comes to safety.


Echo CS-590-20AA 20 in. 59.8 cc Gas Chainsaw

Easy Start-up and Use

You can quickly start this power chainsaw with its digital ignition. It has a decompression device to reduce cylinder compression when starting. One can also notice the smooth acceleration of this machine once you start using it.

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Additionally, the heavy-duty spring anti-vibration system makes it more comfortable to handle. You can also easily maintain and clean this Echo chainsaw due to its tool-less access to the air filter.

Finally, you will never have to worry about running out of gas with the see-through fuel tank for quick fuel level checks. Plus, this product comes with a five-year consumer warranty.

Husqvarna 460 Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 460 is a rugged and professional-grade tool that most homeowners with vast lands, farms, or ranches, will find very useful. It has enough power to finish any heavy-duty works with its engine that can reach a top speed of 9000 RPM.

Smart Start System

Husqvarna’s Smart Start System, which is a decompression device, air purge, and start-choke control, makes starting the chainsaw a comfortable experience. The air purge bulb of this tool is an innovation that you will never find in other products.

Low Vibration System

Husky 460 vibration dampening system helps lessen fatigue and pressure on the hands of users. It prevents the occurrence of “white finger” on users by providing a comfortable grip even during prolonged use of the chainsaw.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Lightweight and Easy Handling

this chainsaw is more lightweight compared to its competitors weighing less than 13 pounds without the cutting gear. With just 14.4 fluid-ounces see-through tank capacity, you can be sure that you can carry and use this tool even for long periods.


The questions and answers below may guide you even more when choosing the right chainsaw for you.

How do I start a chainsaw?

Before starting a chainsaw, you must observe safety precautions first by wearing safety gear like gloves, hearing protection, and goggles. You should begin with the chainsaw on level ground and not in mid-air.

Make sure that there is nothing near the guide bar or chain when starting the tool. Engage the chain brake, turn the device on, and open up the choke.

You can press the fuel primer a few times or until you see fuel in the bulb. Pull the starting cord in a smooth and quick motion, but not too hard and not too fast. Next, close the choke and let the device idle for about 30 seconds to prevent the chainsaw from stalling out.

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Pull back on the chain brake handle to disengage the chain and ensure that it will spin after starting. Finally, lift the saw using your two hands and pull the throttle to begin sawing.

What are the things I should remember to use a chainsaw safely?

Here are some safety tips you need to remember when using a chainsaw:

  • Don’t forget to power down or de-throttle the chainsaw once done with cutting.
  • Use a tip guard when using a saw to prevent kickback.
  • Avoid cutting with the blade tip also to avoid kickback.
  • Never run while carrying a chainsaw.
  • Ensure that you are cutting below the height of your shoulders. It can protect your face in case of a kickback.

Why does my chainsaw engine die when in full throttle?

If your chainsaw engine unexpectedly dies at full throttle, you can check the carburetor, fuel and air filter, fuel lines, and muffler. Make sure that the carburetor is not clogged with old fuel that has been sitting for some time.

The fuel and air filters should also be free from dirt and debris. You can also check the mufflers to ensure that no carbon deposits are clogging it. And finally, ensure that fuel lines have no blockage, fuel leak, or small crack where air can travel in.


Even though Husqavana has a shorter warranty than the Echo, it has a more lightweight feature that users will find very convenient.

Based on our review of these two quality products, it is clear that you will surely get a dependable, functional, and versatile chainsaw with either of these brands.