Husqvarna 435e II vs. 440e II 16-Inch Gas Chainsaw

The first patented endless chain in 1905 saw was meant to fell giant redwoods, while the first patented portable chainsaw was made in 1918 by James Shands.

However, the supply of chainsaws from Germany halted due to World War II. This event led to the existence of new chainsaw manufacturers in North America to answer to the demand for the tool.

Since then, chainsaws have replaced man-powered saws and come in various sizes and types. This powerful tool is now used by military personnel, firefighters, loggers, ice sculptors, and just about anyone who needs to cut woods at work and home.

What to Consider

A chainsaw is not a simple power tool that everyone can easily use. Professionals undergo proper training to utilize chainsaws safely. Even with protective gear and the tool’s safety features, accidents and injuries can still possibly happen.

Hence, getting the right chainsaw is crucial to ensure that you can efficiently and safely control and use the device.


The chainsaw’s engine size determines a gas chainsaw’s power in cubic centimeters or cubic inches. The higher the volume, the more potent the engine becomes. However, the more power the device has, the heavier it gets.

Hence, you need to balance the engine power that you need to complete your work and the weight you can handle, especially when you are working for long hours every day.

Most chainsaws used by homeowners have an engine power between 24 to 46 cc. This machine can perform small to moderate tree felling, limbing, trimming, and pruning.

One can also use this for cutting light to moderate firewood from 16 inches and below. Professional cutters who frequently perform heavy-duty cutting will need more power than these types.

Guide Bar

The guide bar’s length is an essential factor when choosing a chainsaw. Ideally and for safety, the bar length should be longer by two inches than the wood so that you can cut it in one passing. But, homeowners can still cut large wood pieces using a smaller chainsaw. It just needs to have the proper engine power.

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Remember that the longer the bar length, the more challenging it is to handle the machine. It poses a higher risk of accident and injury since it will be difficult for users to balance and control the chainsaw. Additionally, it can cause hand fatigue if used for an extended period.


The difference when buying a chainsaw as compared to other products is that you need to think about safety all the time. For first time users of this tool, make sure to get a chainsaw with an anti-kickback chain and do not forget the basic rule of wearing the proper protective equipment all the time as follows:

  • Safety pants and boots
  • Protective eyewear
  • Head and hearing protection
  • Gloves

Let’s Compare

Husqvarna, one of the largest and oldest power tool manufacturers in the world, was founded in Sweden. It is also where the name originated from a town in the said country.

Husqvarna has been producing quality chainsaws since 1959 and has been known for the product’s large fuel tanks and fuel-efficiency.

Husqvarna 435e II Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e II Gas Chainsaw

With the Husqvarna 435e II 16-inch gas chainsaw, you can handle projects without any worries since it has the right power and safety features that you need. Aside from the fact that this brand is known for its product’s quality engineering.

Powerful Engine

The 40.99 cc gas engine of Husqvarna 435e II is of high-quality that provides excellent power. You can easily cut through small to medium-sized logs with this 16-inch chainsaw.

Husqvarna quality chainsaw can deliver a power speed of up to 9000 RPM and a power output of 2.2 horsepower to complete your daily works efficiently. It has a fuel capacity of 5.9 fl. oz., with low fuel consumption of 652 g/kWh and reduced emissions.

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design allows users to handle and use the chainsaw with ease while maintaining its power. With Smart Start technology, you will not have a difficult time starting this machine, even if you are a first time user.

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Its chainsaw bar is lighter and requires less maintenance. On top of these features, it has anti-vibration technology for comfort and less hand fatigue.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e II Gas Chainsaw

Safety Features

Husqvarna understands the dangers of a chainsaw kickback; thus, it included inertia activated chain brake to its 435e as a safety feature. When a chainsaw kickback occurs, the blade will slow down instantly even without releasing the trigger.

You can be sure that your hands are protected with the well-designed handguard made of durable plastic that does not easily shatter.

Husqvarna 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 440e II 16-inch gas chainsaw has a large blade to cut small trees and hedges efficiently and quickly. It is a powerful tool that you can easily start and maneuver. This device is a modern chainsaw that you can rely on for your daily wood cutting needs.

Lightweight and Easy to Start

This device, weighing only 19 pounds, is lightweight and portable compared to other chainsaws. The smart Start technology and auto-return switch make it very easy to start every time you need to use it immediately.

Moreover, it is a durable tool with its three-piece crankshaft. Finally, your life becomes more convenient with its simple chain maintenance and replacement, added with easy-to-follow instructions.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Powerful and Fast-Cutting

This chainsaw boasts of a 40.9 cc cylinder displacement at 2.4 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 9000 RPM. It is more than enough to cut logs, limbs, and sturdy brush.

You can depend on its X-Torq engine to be fuel-efficient at 513 g/kWh with low emission levels. Additionally, it has a combined choke-stop control to reduce the risk of flooding the engine.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

LowVib Technology

Husqvarna always has its customers in mind when designing power tools. The LowVib technology of the 440e minimizes the vibration levels for ease and comfort even if you use the chainsaw for long hours.

With the vibration isolation at its handles, you can easily focus on your work without worrying about hand and arm fatigue or strain.


It is not easy to use a chainsaw for the first time. Here are the answers to some of your questions if you are an inexperienced chainsaw user.

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How often should I add oil to my chainsaw?

It is prudent to refill your chain oil each time that you will refill your gas. However, if you are using your tool regularly, it needs oil more often than a chainsaw that is seldom used.

Also, it is recommended to oil in a chainsaw after winter since its chemical composition changes when it freezes and thaws afterward.

What should I do to maintain the performance of my chainsaw correctly?

Here are a few tips on how to properly maintain your chainsaw to keep it on tip-top condition:

  • Regularly inspect and clean the bar.
  • Check the air filter and don’t forget to clean and replace it whenever necessary.
  • Ensure that the throttle lockout, oiler, chain brake, and chain catcher are appropriately working.
  • Don’t forget to read and follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual, especially when using fuel.

How long will my chainsaw last?

The average life expectancy of chainsaws is ten years. But if you properly take care and maintain it regularly, it is possible to last for about 20 years or more, depending on the brand and quality of the tool.


Husqvarna chainsaws have the best reputation for their quality, durability, and efficiency. Whatever model you choose, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

If you are looking for a chainsaw that is both powerful and easy to use, the Husqvarna is the perfect one for you.