Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II vs. 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

When looking at the Husqvarna 440E and the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaws, you will have the option of choosing a beginner chainsaw or a professional chainsaw.

The 440E can be a good option for beginners who are not yet used to handling a chainsaw.

The 455 Rancher chainsaw is also a good option for beginners, but it is best utilized by professionals. This is thanks to the amount of power it offers to the users.

So, how do they differ from each other? Below is a nice comparison for you to check out and learn more.

What to Consider

Fuel Consumption

Since we are looking at gas powered chainsaws, it is always good to learn more about their fuel consumption. This will help you to find the right chainsaw that offers the best fuel consumption.

For a model that is fuel efficient, you will find that it does not use too much fuel even if you have to work on a project for hours.

Build Quality

Chainsaws are supposed to work under loads for years without easily breaking down. This can only happen if you have the best build quality. Look at what others say about the build quality of a chainsaw. It will help you learn a lot about using it for years ahead. No need to get a unit that needs repairs more often.


It can be good to know that the chainsaw you are about to buy offers the best safety. Check out what the manufacturer claims in terms of safety to see if it is something that you will like. Considering it is a machine used for cutting materials, it is nice to know it has more safety features.

The Price

Depending on the features, a unit is likely to cost different compared to other models. Always look at what you are getting for the price. Do not spend too much one a unit if it cannot live up to your needs.

Let’s Compare

Husqvarna 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 440E chainsaw for years has stood out as a top option for anyone looking for a high-performance mid-range chainsaw. Being a Husqvarna product, it sends out the message that this unit will live up to your needs for a great chainsaw. Here is more that you need to know more about the 440E model.

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Good Safety Properties

It is always good to know that your chainsaw is built to be safe. This one features the inertia-activated braking system. This is good to prevent cases of blade kickbacks.

The blade kickbacks can be scary for anyone who is not used to using a chainsaw. When such is eliminated, then you can have the confidence using this type of chainsaw.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Ease of Maneuverability and Use

Anyone who needs a chainsaw would be happy to end up with a model that is easy to operate. That is what you get with this unit. We find that it is light and easy to maneuver. You can now work on different projects with ease when the unit is lightweight.

Highly Versatile Chainsaw

For someone who is looking to buy a chainsaw, they hope to end up with a unit that delivers on the best versatility. The 440E unit is good for various cutting applications. It might not be the most portable, but its versatility makes it a good purchase for most people.

As part of versatility, we also find that it has the power to match its usability. The 40.8cc engine is good enough for various cutting applications some might have in mind. Even for its speed, it is good for leaving you with clean edges.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Little Maintenance

When you get a chainsaw, one thing that you consider is the maintenance. The good news is that the 440E model does not need too much maintenance to keep it going. All you have to do is perform the regular maintenance as advised by the manufacturer and you should be good.

Another thing is that the unit has an automatic chain oiler. This one delivers a steady supply of oil to the chain and bar to keep it working great for a long time to come.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

If you want to step up from the 440E model, then you have the option of choosing the 455 Rancher. This chainsaw is seen as a top choice for most professionals and even homeowners too. Here are some features that make it a trustworthy workhorse for most people.

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The Power Output

When it comes to using a professional chainsaw, the amount of power it delivers matters a lot to the user. It should give you enough power considering it comes with a beefy 55.5cc motor. This motor offers an impressive power of 3.45HP. There is no doubt this stands out as a nice option for you to get right now.

Having the X-Torq technology for the motor means that it consumes less fuel, but still offers a high performance. This is something that many would want for their chainsaw to have right now.

Since it uses less fuel, we can say it is also good for the environment as it emits less fumes.

Impressive Guide Bar

The 455 Rancher guide bar simply makes the unit even more attractive to many users. By default, the unit comes with a 20-inch guide bar.

However, it is also easy to swap this guide bar with something modest depending on your needs. The minimum guide bar size it can take is 13 inches.

Still, the guide bar is made from a highly durable material, this should be good news for anyone looking for durability. Considering that the chain spins at a high speed of 9,000RPM, it will be nice to have a unit that lives up to your durability needs.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw


When a newbie comes across a chainsaw, it might seem scary at first. However, it is worth noting that the 455 Rancher is one of the easiest models to use.

You will find it being easy to start and use. It is better to start unlike other gas chainsaws you might have used before.

Also, it is known to have a comfortable handlebar. This type of handlebar allows you to comfortably control the chainsaw better than you would with other models in the market.

Low Vibrations

Another good thing about the 455 Rancher model should be its low vibration capability when working. The same might not apply to other chainsaws in the market.

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To make it good in terms of low vibrations when operating it, the unit comes equipped with the LowVib Husqvarna system.


What should you look at when buying a chainsaw?

Consider features such as the safety, power output, the build quality, ease of use, the performance, and reviews from other users.

Who should buy the Husqvarna 440E II chainsaw?

The 440E II chainsaw is for light to medium-duty applications. You can go for it if you will mostly use the chainsaw around your home.

How much fuel does the 455 Rancher chainsaw use?

The 455-rancher chainsaw is designed to consume less fuel in comparison to other models in the market. It will then be good for the environment too, as less fumes are emitted.


The 440E and the 455 Rancher chainsaws are all from a top brand. As we have seen above, they can both deliver on the best usability. It is the reason many would spend their money to get themselves either of the units.

We recommend that you choose the 440E unit if you do not work on heavy duty applications. As for professionals, the 455 Rancher chainsaw has the power and other features to make your work easier.