Husqvarna 440e 16-Inch vs. 450 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

If you are in the market for a midrange chainsaw, then the 440e and 450 gas chainsaws from Husqvarna can be a nice consideration.

We will look at their features in detail to help you get the right chainsaw for your needs.

These two are known for offering the best value for money.

This is considering that they are often better than other units in their class. However, how do they compare against each other?

Let us check them out below.

What to Consider

The Chainsaw Control

Anyone who gets a new chainsaw would want to see what kind of control they can get over the tool. A good chainsaw should be designed to offer the best control so that you never have to worry about using it.

Some models are designed to be easy to use so that even newbies can have an easier time working on their projects better than before.

The Power

The amount of power will determine where best to use the chainsaw. The models that have more power are often reserved for heavy duty applications. So, look at what kind of power you can get with the unit to see if it will be good for you.

For someone who might only use the chainsaw a few times a year, then there is no point of having a powerful unit.

Noise Level

Being a chainsaw, we expect it to make noise. However, our focus is how much noise does the unit make? Always go for a model that has a low noise level when being operated. This will leave you with a comfortable time using the chainsaw for hours to come.


Just as you would want the noise level to be low, the same applies to vibrations too. Having too much vibrations can often lead to fatigue when you have so much work to handle. Look at what the manufacturer has done to reduce the chainsaw vibrations.

Let’s Compare

Husqvarna 440e 16-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Those who might be in the market for a powerful chainsaw would consider getting this unit for various applications. It might be the reason many keep rating it highly as a top chainsaw to use right now. Here are more features of the chainsaw.

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The Control

This chainsaw stands out for having the ergonomic handles that many want in a chainsaw. Such handles will give you a maximum control of the machine so that you can handle as many applications as possible.

Since it also weighs 9.78 pounds only, it means that the chainsaw is easy to use. There might be other models that are heavier, which often makes them hard to control.

The Engine Technology

Husqvarna is known for making some of the best engines that offer more power while at the same time use less fuel. That is what you get with this unit. You will find that it is not necessary to keep refueling the chainsaw as fuel usage is quite impressive.

Starting the Chainsaw is Easy

You might have noticed that most Husqvarna units come with the Smart Start technology. This allows for you to quickly start the chain saw each time you want to use it. It will not matter whether you are using it in bad weather conditions as it will always start.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

Less Operation Noise

Many people are often surprised by just how quiet it is for a chainsaw. With such a low noise of operation, it is going to be an ideal chainsaw to use for long sessions. You could still wear earplugs for further protection if that is something you want.

Low Vibrations

For a chainsaw, it is easy to expect that it would have vibrations when operating. Such vibrations can be uncomfortable for most people. It is good to know that these vibrations are minimized when using the 440e unit. You can now run it for hours without feeling fatigued from the machine vibrations.

Husqvarna 450 18-inch Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher II Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 450 model is considered a decent midrange chainsaw to buy right now. It is why you will find it common with most professionals. They understand that it is a chainsaw that can help them achieve their needs. Here are a few features that make it stand out from competitor models.

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Good Power

The unit comes with a 50.2cc engine. The engine’s maximum power is 3.2HP. Such horsepower is good for those who need to handle the tough cutting applications.

For such a powerful chainsaw, we also expect the speed to be good. Having a maximum speed of 9,000RPM makes it good for leaving the user with smooth edges after making a cut.

Larger Guide Bar

At 18-inches, the guide bar is good for various large cutting applications. Considering that this can be adjusted to accommodate the 20-inch guide bar, you should find it being a good choice for you. Well, you can still retrofit it with a 13-inch guide bar depending on your needs for a chainsaw.


Anyone who goes for a Husqvarna chainsaw hopes to find a comfortable unit that is still user-friendly. You will notice that everything on this chainsaw is easily adjustable to fit your needs. One of them is the tensioner. This allows you to make better cuts.

Considering that the vibrations are also kept at a minimum, many people can use it for hours without too much fatigue.

Having the large and comfortable handles gives the users a better control over the machine. You can now make more cuts with so much ease.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher II Gas Chainsaw


You can never go wrong with this unit because it is safe to use. The guide bar and the chain are both designed in a way that provides the user with maximum safety. There is also the kickback protection with the chainsaw. Even newbies can now use the same chainsaw without worrying about its usability too much.

Fuel Consumption

The 450 unit is known for consuming a lot less fuel than other models. This is thanks to the various engine technologies that Husqvarna has implemented over the years.

It also comes with a fuel level indicator that helps you know the level and refill whenever it is necessary. This is crucial if you plan using the chainsaw for long sessions.


What is the E-series good for?

The E-series chainsaws from Husqvarna are for those who have to handle light to medium-duty applications. This can be tree pruning, firewood cutting, and yard cleanups. Being simple to operate makes it good for various applications.

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What makes the Husqvarna 450 unit good?

The 450 chainsaw is good in terms of power output. We also find it being good in terms of speed. The high speed of operation will leave you with smooth edges. The guide bar is also adjustable for more usability.

Why should you choose the Husqvarna 440e model?

You should choose the 440e model because it is within the affordable range. It also offers superior vibration isolation at the handles to keep comfortable for anyone who needs to use a chainsaw for long.


From the comparison above, it is easy to see that the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw will be the better option between the two. As much as it’s the most expensive, it still lives up to the price. It is why more people would be willing to spend more to buy the unit.

The 440e unit is not disappointing either. It still stands out as a top choice for many who might want an easy to use chainsaw. They will also like it for being comfortable in the hand and easy to control.