Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Review

Power tools have come a long way in the last few years. Nowadays, cordless tools give corded ones a run for their money in terms of affordability and performance. The Hitachi WH10DFL2 Impact Driver is one good example of this. It can help you with your deck building, automotive repairs, and other home projects with ease and comfort.

In many impact driver comparative test results that we have read, this tool comes in the middle of the selection with regard to speed and power. With its reasonable price, it is no wonder user experiences for this impact driver has generally been very positive.

Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)



  • Features 955 in. lbs. of max  torque
  • Delivers speeds of 0-2,700 RPM
  • With an impart rate of 0-3,200
  • Powered by lithium ion battery technology
  • Comes with a ¼-inch hex chuck for quick bit changes
  • Has a built-in LED light
  • Covered by Hitachi’s Lifetime Lithium Ion Tool Warranty


  • Loud noise upon operation
  • Has less power than most 12V drivers

Our Opinion

Power and Speed

Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)This tool has a powerful torque of 955 in. lbs. which lets you easily handle tough applications such as tightening small bolts, driving lags and bolts as well as sinking deck screws. You can drive a ¼ x 1.5-inch long hex bolt smoothly into a 2×8 pine plank. With its speed of up to 2,700 rotations per minute, you can drive as much as 30 of these bolts in just under five minutes.

What is even better is that we felt no kickbacks on the wrist and hand when we performed this test. This is very good news for those working for long periods. This tool saves you time and lets you work longer for increased performance.

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Ergonomically Designed

Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)This impact driver is ergonomically designed with its compact, extremely lightweight size and great handling features. It weighs just less than 3 pounds and measures 5.9 inches. In addition, with the slim batteries, the weight is evenly distributed which adds to its ease of use.

The handle sits comfortably in the hand and can be used by women or those with small hands. The trigger and direction controls are conveniently located on the drill where they can be operated without changing your grip on the handle. That is easy maneuverability especially for working in tight spaces.

The WH10DFL2 is protected by the green rubber that is wrapped around it, keeping it safe from everyday damage and abuse. This rubber also serves well as a shock absorber from all the impacts delivered during regular use. The black parts are not rubberized but are covered with a textured plastic surface that also feels good on your hands.

The built-in LED light is turned on at the first squeeze of the trigger even before the bit starts spinning. You can actually see your work area before you begin the driving process. This is a really convenient feature that you will find useful when working at night or in poorly lit or confined spaces.

The Battery and Other Additional Features

Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)This impact driver uses battery technology that provides you with fade-free power and longer run time than NiCad batteries. You can use the impact driver to screw up to 47 hex bolts in one single charge. The quick charger that comes with this tool can charge the battery in under 45 minutes which is the average time for most 12V power tools.

The ¼-inch quick release hex chuck that the WH10DFL2 is equipped with lets you load and unload bits easily, quickly, and effortlessly. You can replace bits using just one hand. This feature makes it convenient to work in cramped spaces where not much movement is allowed.

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Hitachi Lifetime Warranty

Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)Most brands give out three or five-year warranties for the tools they sell. Well, not Hitachi. The company is very confident about its quality that it could afford to give you a lifetime warranty. Moreover, you also get two years warranty for the lithium ion battery.

However, the same conditions apply to this coverage as those of other brands. Any damage inflicted upon the unit due to the user’s negligence will void this feature. In addition, repairs on the unit should only be done by recognized personnel.

Comparison with Hitachi WH18DGL

The Hitachi WH18DGL delivers 1,280 in. lbs. of maximum torque as compared to the 955 of the WH10DFL2, which means the former is more powerful and can handle tougher tasks. However, when we talk about speed, the former’s 2,400 RPM pales in comparison to the latter’s 2,700. Other than power and speed, these impact drivers share basically the same excellent features like the use of lithium ion batteries and a built-in LED light among many others.

The WH18DGL is an 18V impact driver while the other is 12V which forms part of the reason for the difference in power and torque. As far as affordability is concerned, and if it is one of your major considerations, then the WH10DFL2 is a good option as long as you don’t mind the inferior power. However, if you’re on the lookout for a reliable tool that’s strictly for home use, then either of two will prove to be very efficient and reliable.

Hitachi WH10DFL2 12-Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty)


There have been complaints of the WH10DFL2’s slightly loud noise level when being used. We measured it to be 107.9 decibels, the average noise level among 12V impact drivers. The reason this is even being discussed is that we hardly can find any fault with this impact driver. Some may look at its power as lower than its counterparts, but it is sufficient enough for most home projects. Unless you’re looking for a workhouse tool, this model is more than sufficient for your day to day needs.

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This impact driver delivers speed and power inside a compact body. These essential features allow for a wide range of fastening and driving applications. It is designed with the user’s comfort in mind while you tackle that selection of projects you’ve been intending to complete.