Milwaukee 2629-20 Vs. 2429-20 Vs. DEWALT DCS370B Band Saw

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Do you need a light cordless band saw to maneuver through narrow spaces? The main things professionals look for in a quality saw are tough construction, a premium blade guiding system, and the best motor. The top contestants in the market for the best premium features on a compact cordless band saw are the Milwaukee M18 series and the Dewalt XR 20V series.

Dewalt reigns supreme in terms of many features, top of which is the blade guiding technology that aligns the blade perfectly to the line of cut. It delivers a bump-free finish that doesn`t require modification or smoothening after cutting. Milwaukee has also revolutionized band saw construction with their Jobsite armor technology providing band saws that can withstand harsh working conditions .

Milwaukee band saws came top as the best band saws for the money delivering longer service per charge. Their price is also friendlier, especially for DIYers and shop owners who need extra-durable band saws on a budget. Dewalt DCS370B has been around for some time now and still came up as the best value cordless band saw from Dewalt. It is suitable for cutting standard-sized metal pieces in a busy workshop delivering a smooth cut.

Let’s Compare The Difference

1. Milwaukee 2629-20 M18 18V Cordless Band Saw

Milwaukee 2629-20 Bare-Tool M18 18V Cordless Band Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)


This band saw is simply built to cut any material, including metal, bone, plastic, and ceramic. It is 18-inches long from side to side and can also be fitted through the tightest spots. Its wide application means it encounters lots of debris, which is why its debris collection prevents dust or water from going past the edge of the frame. It is easy to clean and change the blades since you don’t need any tools. It is also compatible with all 18V Milwaukee batteries making it economical if you have other Milwaukee power tools.


This bandsaw uses the Milwaukee 18V Redlink Li-ion batteries, which last longer on a single charge than most standard 18V batteries. Its 18V motor delivers high speeds for cutting up to 480 SFPM. It is suitable for quick single-pass cutting on 3-Inch copper and iron material as well as wood, giving a smooth finish with no bumps. The motor is also fitted with a quick heat dispersion cooling system that ensures your band saw remains cool when used in long projects.


Milwaukee 2629 is built to be used around any destructive elements, including dust and water. It has a combination of a rugged but light construction weighing just 10lbs. Its drive system and motor are tightly covered by tough metal and plastic to prevent premature damage. Moreover, its motor is built into the frame preventing extra bulkiness when working. Its entire frame is also slim and balanced for maneuverability. Its battery is fitted behind the main handle giving you a clear view of the cut area.

The band saw runs using a metallic gear drive system that delivers faster cuts and is also more durable than the traditional chain drive system. It also features an easily adjustable shoe that allows you to adjust your cuts without affecting your control. It is also covered by rubber around the circumference, which acts as a shock breaker from falls and knocks.

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Milwaukee has a 35-3/8-Inch 18TPI blade specifically designed for this band saw to deliver rapid, smooth cuts on any material. It runs at a single high speed of 480FPM meant to complete each cut in one pass for a smooth finish. Its high-speed run allows you to cut up to 3-1/4 inches deep through metal, meaning you can cut 2-Inch SCH 40 pipes in just a few seconds. The blade can also be installed or ejected without using tools.


  • High speed for accurate single-pass cuts
  • Durable, rugged construction
  • The motor and battery balance into the frame to reduce fatigue
  • Universal M18 battery compatibility
  • Compact and lightweight for overhead cutting


  • It has no variable speed settings
  • Large 5-AH batteries offset the balance.

Top FAQs 

Q: How long will a 3-AH battery last on this band saw?

A: That depends on how continuously you use it. A 3-Ah battery can make up to 150 cuts on one charge.

Q: Is the motor brushless?

A: No

Q: Can I replace the chain drive?

A: No. It uses a gear drive system.

Q: Does it have a clutch?

A: Yes

Q: Does it come with a carrying case?

A: No. The carrying case can be bought separately.

2. Milwaukee 2429-20 M12 12V Cordless Band Saw

Milwaukee 2429-20 Cordless Sub Compact Band Saw


If you are looking for a small, simple band saw that could fit into corners and crevices, then this band saw will do. It has lots of attractive features, but the main attraction for contractors is its boosted 1-5/8 inch cutting capacity. It cuts larger pieces compared to any 12V band saw in the market while retaining the power and durability of an 18V band saw.

It weighs only 6lbs coming with a super-slim frame that measures just 11-Inches from side to side. It is the best one-handed operation band saw to buy on a tight budget because it retains the power to cut a wide range of material.


This is a small band saw built with a 12V motor with variable speeds. It uses Milwaukee`s Redlink lithium battery technology that offers more runtime to dive up to 150 cuts per charge on each battery. Its batteries also fit inconveniently at the back to maintain tool balance and cut view.

Its variable-speed motor cuts up to a depth of 1-5/8 inches running at variable speeds of 0-280FPM. It also combines a gear drive system that is more durable and maintenance-free compared to the chain drive technology.


This band saw is primarily meant for one-handed operation thanks to a balanced handle and a slim frame. It can be used to cut through narrow spaces because it weighs only 6lbs, and the frame is 11 by 6 inches only.

The rubberized handle makes it easy to grip and cut overhead.

It allows quick and easy blade replacement with no need for tools. For blade safety, this band saw has a blade guard meant to elongate the blade life. It is also fitted with a battery life indicator that allows you to track your runtime.

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This band saw is small and uses a 27-inch blade that runs on a gear drive system. It has a cutting depth of 1-5/8 inches allowing you to cut through small and standard sized workpieces. It runs variable speeds of 0-280 FPM, allowing you to set a matching speed for every type of material you need to cut at the job site.


  • It is light and compact for fitting into tight spaces
  • The balanced frame even with the battery
  • It allows tool-less blade replacement
  • It has an adjustable shoe
  • Onboard battery tracking


  • Its motor unit is too bulky
  • It can only handle small workpieces.

Top FAQs

Q: Does it have a variable speed trigger? 

A: Yes.

Q: Does it have a blade light?

A: Yes

Q: Does it come with a blade?

A: Yes

3. Dewalt DCS370B 18V Cordless Band Saw

DEWALT DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)


The first feature you will notice with this band saw is the smart balance between the motor and the battery. The battery fits on one end of the frame with the motor balancing off on the other side, maintaining equal weight. It is also easy to control thanks to a centered main handle and an auxiliary handle. Its main deal-breaker, however, is the 570FPM cut speed that eats through a 2-Inch SCH pipe in one pass with a clean cut.


It is a tool-only package that comes with a huge hidden advantage. It is compatible with all Dewalt XR batteries, including earlier models, as well as the latest 20V batteries. This band saw has a powerful 10-Amp motor, which is usually used in 5×5 capacity band saws, although it is a 2.5×2.5 band saw. It is also fitted with overload protection to protect the motor.


This is a general use band saw built for a wide range of applications, which is why Dewalt uses the same hard external material as the one used in their benchtop models. The tough body with rubber cover is designed to withstand hard falls. It also features a fence that protects the blade from damage, especially if you are cutting too close to the wall.

Both handles are rubber-padded to improve your grip and maintain comfort in prolonged projects. Its adjustable shoe also goes out of the way and allows you to replace the blade with no tools. It has a brushed motor with externally accessible brushes that are easy to replace.


Dewalt uses its customized 32-7/8-inch blade on this band saw designed to cut its class of workpieces rapidly. The uniform speed of 570FPM allows the band saw to cut rapidly through copper, corrugated iron, conduit, bones, and even plastic. It has a cutting depth of 2.5 inches, meaning it can handle any workpiece 2-Inches or less.


  • It is balanced with the batteries added
  • It is light, weighs only 10lbs
  • No tools required for blade replacement
  • Adjustable shoe size for working convenience
  • A high-speed operation for smooth cuts with a single pass


  • The brushless motor needs regular maintenance
  • The motor housing is rather bulky.

Top FAQs

Q: What is the blade size for this band saw?

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A: 32-7/8 inches

Q: Is the drive belt replaceable?

A: Sure

Q: Is it compatible with Dewalt 20V batteries?

A: Yes

Direct Comparison

Motor Power

These are cordless band saws that rely on a limited DC power, which is why every ounce of motor power is important. The motor power of a band saw is in the voltage, which is why the 18V models are the best band saws for prolonged heavy-duty cutting.

Milwaukee 2629, with its 3-Inch cut depth, gives the best value for its powerful motor as it allows you to cut through larger pieces. Dewalt has a cut depth of 2.5 inches, you lose 1/2 -inch on capacity but gain a better cut quality compared to Milwaukee. Milwaukee 2429, on the other hand, is a small 12V band saw suitable for cutting 1-1.5-inch workpieces.


These are all-purpose cordless band saws that can be bought by anyone that needs a smooth, accurate cut. Milwaukee 2629 can handle more material than the other two band saws in the review because of its variable speeds of 0-380FPM and 18V motor. 2429 is a 12V band saw also suitable for any material but limited to small stock sizes.

DCS370B runs a single speed of 570FPM. The high speed has an advantage when it comes to a clean cut with each pass. It, however, puts too much weight on the blade when cutting dense material.

Variable speed trigger

The variable speed trigger is important on a band saw as it allows you to match blade speed to the material extending blade life. It also gives you a high-quality finish with each cut. This is why the Milwaukee band saws in the guide are better suited for a wide range of materials, especially in a busy workplace compared to Dewalt.

Final Word

Getting a small cordless band saw is essential for any work that needs to take the saw to the project. Small band saws are also friendly in terms of price, making them economical if you don’t intend to cut large pieces. The main issue with small band saws is getting one that can deliver a superior cut quality, which is where this guide comes in handy.

We have reviewed the best band saws you can get for standard and light metal cutting from Milwaukee and Dewalt. You can purchase any of the three that meets your choice and budget to get the most value for your money.