Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Review

If you want a lightweight yet powerful impact driver to aid you in your projects, the Bosch 25618B may be one of your best choices. This tool is a reasonable grab with occasional discounts available from some retailers. This product is commonly marketed as a bare tool, but you can choose to buy it with an insert tray or an L-BOXX, Bosch’s own stackable storage system.

Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver



  • Crafted with Compact Impactor Design
  • Comes with a built-in LED light
  • Installed with a quick change chuck
  • Developed with Electronic Cell Protection
  • Reaches a maximum of 2,800 RPM and 3,200 BPM
  • Capable of 1,500 in. lbs. of max torque
  • Powered by lithium ion technology
  • Covered by 30-day money back guarantee and one-year warranty


  • Batteries and charger sold separately

Our Opinion

Lightweight yet Powerful

The Bosch 25618B is a tool that’s designed to be handled with ease. It has specially made comfortable grip that allows you to feel less strain while handling the drill for hours. The grip is also slim and covered with non-slip housing, meaning it’ll be easy to maneuver and control this tool as you work.

Don’t mistake its weight of 2.98 lbs. for a lack of power. It was crafted with the Compact Impactor Design, making it compact enough to be used in tight spaces with zero hassle. This improvement allows for high speed and strength rates without needing a bulky frame.

It has 1,500 in. lbs. of torque, a maximum of 2,800 RPM, and over 3,200 BPM. Altogether, this is enough power to cover basic fixes and projects. Its variable speed trigger is also useful as an added feature for better control. The trigger allows you to switch between speeds easily and with supreme precision, eliminating residual speed in between.

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You also don’t need to fixate on your less than ideal job conditions. This product comes with a  Durashield housing that protects the tool from getting damaged while you’re working. This impact driver was engineered withstand drops and falls without literally breaking a sweat.

Built for Maximum Convenience

Battery-powered drills are especially easy to work with and considerably more mobile compared to corded variants. There’s no need to worry about overstretching cords or working away from power supplies or in closed off areas. Going cordless means that you enjoy unlimited access to unconventional areas like the roof or as far as in the middle of the forest.

It has several additional features designed to help the lessening of the user’s workload. One of which is the added belt hook that allows effortlessly hooking the tool anywhere when not in use.

It also has a built-in LED light that is currently a staple among newer power drills in the market. There’s simply no logical reason for you to own a tool without one. With it, you don’t have to worry about working in poorly lit areas as the Bosch 25618B, with all its features and functionality, proves that you can use it anywhere, anytime.

This particular impact driver also comes with the Quick Change Chuck feature that allows you to exchange bits easily and in no time. Indeed, this tool is perfect for those who want to save time and energy as it was built to enable you to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about minute work details.

This impact driver is designed to have built-in Electronic Cell Protection. This innovation is necessary for ensuring that your batteries enjoy both longer run time and effective monitoring for possible causes of malfunction, like overheating and overloading.


Separate Batteries and Charger

It may have gained an impressive number of positive reviews, but one downsize remains: it’s a bare tool with no other inclusions for its price. Users, nowadays, prefer freebies and added value, especially when they can’t appreciate just how awesome a tool’s preset features are.

If you don’t have any compatible 18V lithium ion batteries lying around, then you’ll definitely have to buy a couple with a dedicated charger. The added costs of these items may not look good at first glance, but once the 25618B is up and running, you’ll easily get convinced at how much all the expense was well worth it.

Since it runs on lithium ion technology, you don’t need to worry about buying batteries over and over. This specific kind is rechargeable and can hold its juice for more than 12 months when kept in storage. It also has longer run time compared to NiCad and NiMH variants.


Various sellers may have different policies in terms of repairs and returns. Whatever terms you get, make sure to keep the receipt so you’ll have no trouble availing them in the future. Usually, you are given a 30-day money back guarantee in case you find this tool’s performance to be lacking.

After this period, you’re covered with a one-year warranty that protects you against hidden manufacturer defects. This tool protection plan comes with a hotline that’s dedicated to provide added support and answer inquiries.

Comparison with Bosch IDH182-02

The 25618B and IDH182-02 are both quality drills from Bosch’s power tool collection. The former is much cheaper than the latter. The thing is if you get the IDH182-02, the higher price accounts for all the things the 25618B doesn’t come with like batteries and a charger.

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The more expensive model also comes with brushless motor technology that is a trending feature on newer variants. This allows for a cooler motor and a longer battery runtime. While the IDH182-02 has a higher torque capacity of 1,650 in. lbs., it’s also heavier at 3.75 lbs.

In general, the contender offers more which effectively closes the price gap. Whichever of the two you go for, you are guaranteed a high performing impact driver that works quite well within its limits.

Bosch Bare-Tool 25618B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver


The Bosch 25618B is the perfect tool for someone who wants to work with a user-friendly, portable power or hand tool at an affordable price. It has more than sufficient power packed within its manageable weight and size. No matter the workplace, you’ll be able to perform your job efficiently and productively.