Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver Review

There are a lot of power tools available on the market today. Sometimes, getting the right one that you need can be daunting. One of these power tools you might require at home and work is the cordless screwdriver.

It would help if you were cautious in buying this device, or you might end up with something that may be considered as junk.

Cordless screwdrivers are compact and lightweight tools generally used for light-duty works. Using this portable tool makes fastening screwing and unscrewing a lot faster.

What to Consider

Every time you will buy a new tool, always consider the purpose of the device. So before having regrets on a machine that you wished you should not have purchased, consider the following factors before picking up the screwdriver from the store shelf.

Portability and Flexibility

Since cordless screwdrivers run on batteries, you can move freely without any wire getting in your way. Screwdrivers are lightweight; thus, you can easily carry it around and can reach for it anytime you need it.

Additionally, this tool is safe to use since it does not pose a threat of any electrical shock that you may encounter with corded tools.

Power and Speed

The power of cordless screwdrivers depends on their battery voltage. The higher the voltage capacity, the more power the screwdriver gets. Cordless screwdrivers are available with 3V batteries up to 18V.

However, if you are only working on light to medium DIY projects, you will need just enough power to complete your job. However, it is not advisable to get a tool with a voltage power lower than 3.6 since you might have a problem when dealing with bigger screws and more hardened materials.

Moreover, you might want to get a screwdriver with selectable or variable speeds. It will allow you to work on projects with greater control, even when working with tiny screws.

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This tool’s speed is measured revolutions per minute) or RPM. The typical speed range of screwdrivers is from 200 to 600 RPM. For small screws, the lower the speed, the better the tool is.


The longer-lasting battery is an essential feature in a cordless screwdriver. Since your tool works on batteries, running out of power in the middle of a job is not an option. Additionally, you also want a battery that you can quickly charge. You can get a full battery charge for as fast as 15 minutes to as long as three hours.

Lithium-ion batteries are also the right choice since it is more compact, lightweight, and has longer running time compared to other cells. It will also help if you have an extra battery pack as a replacement in case your tool runs out of power.

Let’s Look Closer into Bosch Go 3.6V Smart Cordless Screwdriver Set

Bosch products are known for their cordless technology. With its lithium-ion batteries, Bosch cordless tools offer maximum power while being lightweight. Users will enjoy high-performance tools with the freedom of movement and portability.

The Bosch Go 3.6V Smart cordless screwdriver includes a 33-piece bit set, a USB charging cord and charger, and a carrying case where you can put and keep the tool kit for more comfortable transport and storage. You will enjoy the no trigger feature, wherein you only need to push the tool to operate lightly.

Safe to Use

Aside from its fast-charging battery, one of the best features of this tool is the voltage, temperature, leakage, and battery monitoring capabilities. Apart from knowing when you are running out of juice when working, you will see whether it is safe to use the device in any working environment.

On the other hand, you can quickly recharge the tool using a micro-USB cable. It doesn’t take more than 1.5 hours to get a full recharge on the cell. Moreover, you can use a power bank or a laptop if you happen to forget to bring the charger with you.

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This screwdriver weighs less than ten ounces, making it very portable and lightweight. You will be able to use this tool for an extended period each day without hurting your hand, wrist, and arm. This screwdriver is also very easy to maintain.

All you need is to keep its vents and mini-port free from dirt and debris. It is also essential to prevent any liquid from coming near the tool.


One of the best things about this small, compact, yet powerful tool is that you can use it as an electric or manual screwdriver. There is also a spindle lock on the side of the device to let you switch between tightening, loosening, or manual mode. The USB charger that comes in the kit can be used in a standard 220V plug just like any regular charger.

Further, it has an overheat protection system that will automatically shut down the screwdriver in case of overheating. Finally, its e-clutch enables users to get the correct speeds and will instantly stop the tool when there is pressure put on the screwdriver.


Here are some more questions and answers about cordless screwdrivers to assist you in making the final decision of buying one as an additional device in your toolbox.

How do I drive screws perfectly?

You will think that using a cordless screwdriver is a simple task. However, there is still the possibility that something will go wrong when using this tool. Some of these include stripping or breaking of screws, or splitting of boards. To avoid these unnecessary incidents, here are some tips to guide you when choosing a cordless screwdriver.

  • Always use the right screws. You can look for Torx-head bits that can fit tightly into the head of a screw.
  • Use a magnetic bit-tip holder, especially if you need to change bits several times while performing a task. The use and functionality of this tiny object are worth its price.
  • Ensure that you have the proper setting to avoid snapping or stripping of screws.
  • Never use worn driver bits.
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Can I use my cordless screwdriver as a drill?

An electric screwdriver is capable of doing some simple drilling requirements. However, take note that screwdrivers do not have the full functionality and capabilities of a power drill.

Hence, you must only use a screwdriver for drilling if you are left with no other choice, and you need to finish the job at that very instant. Otherwise, always use the proper tool for each job site to ensure efficiency and avoid the risk of an accident.

How do I replace the battery of my Bosch Go 3.6V Smart cordless screwdriver?

The battery of Bosch Go 3.6V Smart cordless screwdriver is permanently built-in to the tool and not removable. If you need to replace a cell, you might need assistance from a professional repair technician.

It would be best if you charged the tool using a USB cord or charger; hence you cannot use it while charging.


A screwdriver is one of the most common tools you will find either at home or work. This tiny and handy device has many uses and is an essential tool you can have. From doing small DIY projects to large fixtures, cordless screwdrivers will be your perfect partner to finish the job.

Getting a Bosch Go 3.6V Smart cordless screwdriver is the right decision if you need an all-around utility tool at home. Remember, before buying yourself a device, you must know what you need to ensure that you are getting the perfect one for the job.