DEWALT D55146 Vs. Makita MAC2400 Vs. Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor

Tired of battling with devices that can’t exactly bear the heap? Tired of paying fifty bucks or more for each new power instrument, just to have it wear out inside seven days?

A little to fair sized air compressor unit might be exactly what you need. You don’t have to keep yourself to those manual instruments from the stone ages. Disregard electrical tools that aren’t sufficiently able to confront the requests you place on them.

Rather, step into the universe of pneumatic devices, where everything is quicker and progressively clear.

DEWALT D55146 vs. Makita MAC2400 vs. Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor Review

1. DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 225-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

DEWALT D55146 4-1/2-Gallon 225-PSI Hand Carry Compressor with Wheels

What You Will Get With This Product?

Being best air blower for encircling nailer-this unit is a business obligation 4.5-gallon oil free blower delivering 5.0 SCFM at 90 PSI. The tank can assemble 200 PSI and the amazing motor empowers recuperation in only 22 seconds.


The D55146 furnishes clients with 80% more usable air than the business driving 150 PSI blower and gives clients reliable execution to stay aware of their requesting place of work needs. It is perfect for different applications including trim carpentry, redesigning, deck building, light confining and material. This blower was worked in view of the end client. The unit includes a vigorous lift handle and durable extending handle encouraging versatility around the working environment.

Moreover, the D55146 incorporates inventive vertical stand include that enables the blower to be shipped and put away in a vertical position, occupying significantly less room than if put away in an even position.


Designed with another high-weight siphon and achievement motor innovation, the D55146 conveys high flood execution and has a quick recuperation. The completely secured move pen and metal support board shield the blower from unforgiving place of work conditions.

This is the place the DEWALT D55146 exceeds expectations. DEWALT has stuffed the gadget with front line motor and siphon innovation that they named as “DEWALT Licensed HIGH-Effectiveness MOTOR AND HIGH-Weight Siphon”. It will amplify your profitability with additional presentation and expanded strength.

Motor Output

The motor with 1.8 drives (HP) draws 15 amps with Moderate Blow Glass Wire to protect power flood or short out. You are permitted to utilize 50 feet (not more than that) extension line to arrive at remote territories.

Uplifting news for oil-antagonistic air blower clients is that the siphon on this gadget is without oil that frees the need to discontinuous check and change of oil. In this way, there is no way of oil spilling and making your place of work grimy with some blackish oil drop.

Noise Output

In case you’re searching for something to that effect is ground-breaking, calm (78 decibels) and that will be without oil and support free, you should investigate DEWALT D55146. Encircling woodworker groups consistently keep this unit in their rundown because of its faultless execution when running surrounding nailers.

You may truly discover something that you like, particularly on the off chance that you need something that will fit underneath the truck, be portable, and have some nice quality wheels on it to move around. This unit comes at spending cost.


  • Two gauges display tank pressure and output pressure
  • Metal console panel gives extra protection
  • There’s the emergency pull on the side for extra safety
  • The motor, pump, and other parts are fully covered with heavy roll cage
  • Storage has been made easy and convenient
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  • The wheels are air-filled and not solid
  • A little bit heavy

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: What comes with the compressor?

A: It only comes with the compressor alone.

Q: Can you use a HVLPwith this?

A: This unit delivers 5.0 SCFM at 90 PSI with a maximum tank pressure of 200 PSI, so I think you should consult professional first.

Q: Is this compressor weather resistant?

A: This unit doesn’t prefer to be in the cold.

What Take on This Product:

The DEWALT D55146 yields air at 5.0 standard feet per cubic moment (SCFM) @ 90 PSI with a maximum PSI of 200. It is intended to withstand brutal work site and ready to satisfy the need of different eager for air pneumatic instruments. It is exceptionally supported by surrounding woodworkers.

At the initial stage, the tank is filled inside 1 moment and 23 seconds and recuperates in just 22 seconds when the initial tank charge is finished. The motor restarts when pneumatic stress comes to at around 155 PSI.

To the extent commotion level is concerned, the DEWALT D55146 works at 78 decibels which is less strong than your blender machine. When you plug in and stand directly by it, you can work inside a house with this without being excessively boisterous. You can in any case talk about without yelling. In the event that commotion is your real concern you can check California Air Instruments 10020 – the ultra-calm blower at just 70 decibels.

2. Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP* Big Bore Air Compressor

Makita 2.5 Hp Air Compressor

What You Will Get With This Product?

The Makita Macintosh 2400 is the revolutionary multipurpose air blower with 50 % obligation cycle and best compact air blower for construction. This is a 130 PSI, 3.2 gallon, 120-volt electric hand-convey blower. This Makita MAC2400 Survey incorporates each detail with the intention to support you.

Motor Output

The 2.5 Torque motor turns at low 1720 RPM this implies less commotion and simple startup. The unit has been structured with huge bore chamber making it skilled to breathe in and pack enormous volume of air at one stroke. Including 4.8 CFM at 40PSI and 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI, this is the correct level for employments in constructions, trim woodworkers, deck developers and remodelers. The Makita

MAC2400 is worked to deal with the most requesting nailing and stapling applications, for example, sheathing and decking. It is adaptable enough to deal with the requirements of a huge trim craftsman team or remodeler.

Power Output

Your air blower is a genuine workhorse apparatus. All contractual workers require modern evaluation blower for intense place of work execution. Along these lines, get one that produces mechanical execution with expanded solidness, less commotion and quicker recuperation.

Motor and siphon are the essential parts of an air blower. Makita furnishes with world class motor and siphon to guarantee longer enduring and improved execution during work. The unit incorporates a 2.5 Torque 4-Shaft brushless motor having low 1720 RPM and significantly low amperage draw (just 12.3 amps).


The more extensive a chamber, the greater is the drag. The cylinder’s adventure through and through is named as STROKE. You have heard a few times 4-stroke motor this is on the grounds that the motor has 4 chambers with 4 cylinders. At the point when 4 cylinders complete one development start to finish, they complete 4 strokes one after another.

Modest and purchaser evaluation air blowers are normally structured with universal limited siphon as you find in Fig 1. Tight bore siphon breathes in less measure of air when packing air into the tank. To fill a 2-gallon tank, a restricted bore chamber needs to siphon just about multiple times more than Makita’s enormous bore siphon.

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Makita MAC2400 is 20 inches in length, 18 inches wide and 18.8 inches high. The well-adjusted dimension gives expanded versatility while conveying. Makita MAC2400 has a ton of exceptional things that would be incorporated with an oil-filled professional evaluation very good quality air blower. MAC2400 produces the air important to help up to three confining nailers or two materials nailer at the same time.

Additionally, the imaginative structure of the unit furnishes professional contractual workers with expanded solidness and flexibility.


  • Light enough to be moved around by a single user
  • Incorporated with cast iron cylinders
  • Very low maintenance machine
  • Good tank capacity
  • Incorporated with in-built roll cage caters


  • Quiet louder than expected
  • It’s rather heavy if compared to other units out there

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: How will this compressor handle airing up truck tiresto 80 pounds?

A: If you’re planning to use this compressor to fill up air on tractor-trailer rigs, then this may not be the right unit for you.

Q: What brand and weight air compressor oilshould you use?

A: It came with its own oil, and there is enough for 2 changes?

Q: Can you use it for 110 PSIRV tires?

A: Yes you can, it won’t be a problem.

What Take on This Product:

Makita MAC2400 incorporates extra-huge siphon to guarantee most extreme execution at your place of work. This unique planned siphon can pack max gaseous tension up to 130 PSI in a 4.2-gallon Stack Tank. Thus, your blower gets quicker recuperation and increment efficiency. Makita MAC2400 works at 79dB of sound level. This isn’t the calmest blower yet at the same time much lower than a blender machine.

You can proceed with conversations without the need to stop the gadget. The Makita MAC2400 is a strong, durable and compact air blower. This best compact air blower is 77 lbs. Craftsmen who moves little purchase this blower. It might appear to be awkward and substantial. Tune in, the weight originates from its metal construction and quality part guarantees durable.

3. Makita MAC5200 3.0 HP Big Bore Air Compressor

3.0 Hp Air Compressor

What You Will Get With This Product?

Makita MAC5200 is a flexible, incredible air blower exceptionally compact in configuration settling on it first decision when portability is the primary need. Craftsmen do keep this blower in their top rundown since they need to move with air blower at place of work. To tell you, for enormous car workshop where sanding and painting is the principle work, this blower probably won’t be for you. You ought to go for a blower with huge tank.

Power Output

MAKITA MAC5200 accompanied with mechanical power, expanded toughness and wheel kit is an extraordinary addition to your carports and workshops. Worked for professionals for example car fix or huge woodworker teams, the blower yields 6.5 CFM at 90 or 6.9 CFM at 40PSI and incorporates an air blower weight change to control on/off the motor naturally.

The unit is controlled by a 3.0 (running) strength motor drawing 13.8 amps of current and pivoting at 3420RPM. It produces 90dBA of commotion which is lower than numerous gadgets in its group.

Built and Construction

With regards to body orbital sander, circle processor, and huge shower firearm, the gadget can satisfy your need for little applications.

MAKITA MAC5200 is profiled with 3.0 HP 4-shaft induction motor which is amazing enough to replenish the air tank as speedy as could be allowed. Makita has made the motor ground-breaking as well as planned with quality segments to guarantee longest life expectancy.

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  • Very solid, compact, and durable
  • Comes with two ¼ inch air hoses that can run two pneumatic tools simultaneously
  • Wheel kit and folded handle with integrated rubber grip give excellent portability
  • The entire unit is incorporated with big tank and a steel built console panel
  • Oil-lubricated pump generates less heat and withstands wear significantly


  • Quiet heavy than its size
  • A little bit louder

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: What is its recovery time?

A: It is 22 seconds at room temperature of 68 degree Fahrenheit.

Q: Is it available at 220V?

A: This unit is only available at 110V.

Q: Is this unit weather-resistant?

A: It has powder coated baked on paint, so not really.

What Take on This Product:

The MAKITA MAC5200 is likewise designed with Makita’s bleeding edge wide bore chamber cylinder siphon which refills a 5.2-gallon air tank just in a little ways from 0 to 140 PSI. Oil-lube highlight opposes mileage and guarantees greatest execution at your extreme place of work. 

What is the Difference between DEWALT D55146 vs. Makita MAC2400 vs. Makita MAC5200?

Tank Capacity

Compared to Makita MAC2400 and Makita MAC5200, the DEWALT D55146 is planned with Substantial 4.5 Gallon Wiener type tank that manufactures 200 PSI max weight. That is the reason the item has the ability to control some rock solid devices for example impact wrench, surrounding tool, sander, and so on.

Its vertical stand-up highlight gives simple access to the channel valve at the back. Along these lines, you can let any air dampness inside the tank out or simply let it run dry. Our authorities prescribe purging the tank after each use to maintain a strategic distance from rust.


Unlike DEWALT D55146 and Makita MAC5200, the Makita MAC2400 has a 3.2-gallon twin-stacked air tank, which, joined with 2.5 strength motor and imaginative siphon, convey high SCFM and continue 130 PSI. This person is intended to be versatile and utilized by enormous craftsman groups. The volume of air the tank holds can’t run persistent utilize overwhelming apparatuses like sanders, bite the dust processors utilized in car fix. In the event that you need a unit for the carports and workshop, this isn’t intended for you.


Compared to DEWALT D55146 and Makita MAC2400, the MAKITA MAC5200 is transportable, mounted on a rough steel outline with a foldable handle having hostile to slip elastic grasp and enormous 8″ pneumatic tires for simple transportation.

Having 6.5 CFM at 90 and 6.9 CFM at 40PSI, this model is perfect for a wide range of carpentry applications permitting two people run 2 material nailers and 2 finishing nailers at the same time; you can sink a full magazine of nails without buffering.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are planning a noteworthy home renovation, handle carpentry and different undertakings every day, or simply need something little and easy to drop in the storage compartment of your vehicle, we expectation you’ve discovered what you were searching for here.

In any event, we trust that you’ve discovered the information you have to purchase the best air compressor for your needs.

Please leave a comment down below if you found this review helpful. Cheers!