Dewalt DCD791D2 vs. DCD777C2 Review

There is a vast selection of power tools on the market for maintenance enthusiasts. The sheer number of choices can scare off beginners to the DIY scene. It is true that choosing the right tool can be a challenge, but you also have the option of relying on veteran brands trusted the world over.

Dewalt, for example, is one of the most renowned brands in the power tool and hand tool industry. Their drill drivers are commended by homeowners and professionals alike. You still need to look through numerous pros, cons, and features to determine what is worth your buck, though. For your reference, here are two Dewalt drill driver models explained in-depth.

DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Brushless Compact Drill Driver Kit

DEWALT DCD791D2 20V MAX XR Li-Ion 0.5" 2.0Ah Brushless Compact Drill/Driver KitThe DCD791D2, to put it simply, is a beast. It is powerful, durable, and lasts longer; however, good features usually mean higher prices. Some sellers offer this drill at a discount, so you just have to keep your eyes open. Your purchase comes with two lithium ion batteries, a charger, a kit box, and a belt hook.

This drill driver model runs on brushless motor technology. Dewalt claims that it has 57% more run time than its brushed counterparts. Brushless tools malfunction less than brushed tools since these do not have brushes that can get damaged or worn out. The DCD791D2 is also guaranteed to run smoothly and efficiently while requiring less maintenance.

Moreover, its lithium ion batteries also have a battery gauge. Battery gauges are very useful if you do not want your work cut short by dead batteries. You can always keep one of your batteries charging while you are using the other. Still, knowing whether you need to scram for your charger is a handy feature.

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The DCD791D2 takes built-in LED lights to a whole new level with its three-mode system. It even has a spotlight mode specifically for you to use in dark workspaces. It is twenty times brighter than its previous model’s lights. Your work is guaranteed to be precise and accurate with these LED lights. Additionally, the lights shut off after 20 minutes of disuse, so your battery life will be conserved.

Furthermore, the DCD791D2 only weighs 3.4 lbs. but packs enormous amounts of power. Dewalt measures its tools’ power capacity using UWO (Unit Watts Out), taking into consideration both the speed and torque. The higher the UWO of a tool is, the faster it can accomplish tasks. The DCD791D2 has 460 UWO, perfect for light and medium-duty maintenance tasks. RPM-wise, it has two variable settings: 0-600 RPM and 0-2,000 RPM.


  • Operates on brushless motor technology
  • LED light with shut-off feature
  • Comes with a battery gauge
  • Belt hook for increased mobility


  • Batteries don’t fit perfectly
  • No magnetic bit holder

DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver

DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill DriverIf you prefer lighter drills with huge amounts of power, consider the DCD777C2. It is a fair bargain. Aside from the drill driver itself, you will also receive two lithium ion batteries, a charger, and a kit bag.

Before deciding on a drill driver, you should make sure that you could handle the tool of your choice. The DCD777C2 is lightweight at 2.6 lbs.; this makes it viable for all hands, no matter the age or gender. Using a lighter tool makes it easier to work long hours. You will not feel much strain even after holding the DCD777C2 for ages.

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Furthermore, the DCD777C2 puts its focus on ergonomics and convenience. It boasts of a comfortable grip that keeps the drill driver steady and well balanced. You can still fully control the drill while you are fastening or drilling – an aspect of the DCD777C2 you will appreciate.

In general, brushless tools are very efficient compared to brushed tools. The DCD777C2 has a brushless motor guaranteed to run 30% longer than Dewalt’s brushed models. In addition to the lengthened lifespan, the tool also runs smoother and consumes less energy from its batteries. Maintenance of this tool is very limited – especially perfect for those new to the DIY scene.

The DCD777C2 is very straightforward when it comes to features. It has a built-in LED light you can use for poorly lit spaces.

Power-wise, the DCD777C2 is recommendable for light to medium-duty tasks. It has 340 UWO, which is sufficient to do household fixes, furniture installation, and most projects. The DCD777C2 also delivers two-speed variations: 0-500 RPM and 0-1,750 RPM.


  • Features brushless motor technology
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ergonomic, well-balanced grips


  • Its case can be improved
  • No magnetic bit holder

Dewalt DCD791D2 vs. DCD777C2 Product Comparison

Dewalt is one of the most trusted power tool brands for simple reasons – reliability and consistency. These drill drivers, individually, are tools you can look into; however, there are some key differences between the two.

First, price-wise, the DCD791D2 is much more expensive than the DCD777C2.

The DCD791D2 has significantly more UWO than the DCD777C2. It has 460 UWO while the DCD777C2 has 300 UWO. Using these figures, the DCD791D2 is guaranteed to perform faster than the DCD777C2. Furthermore, the DCD777C2 also falls short in terms of maximum RPM. It only has a maximum of 1,750 RPM while the DCD791D2 has a maximum of 2,000.

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Both of these drill drivers run on brushless motor technology. However, the DCD791D2 has a newer model, running 57% more than brushed tools; this easily towers over the DCD777C2’s 33%.

Even the LED lights of these two drill drivers have differences. The DCD791D2 LED light has three modes and an automatic shut feature; meanwhile, the DCD777C2 has a 20-second trigger release delay.


Drill drivers are a must have for anyone looking into DIY and maintenance. To pick the right drill driver for you, you need to consider lots of factors.

The DCD777C2 is a good choice for you if you want a long-lasting, reliable tool. It has sufficient power for light to medium tasks. Additionally, it is light, comfortable, and easy to use.

The DCD791D2 is a heavier option, literally and figuratively. It costs more but gives you the power to accomplish heavier tasks. It is convenient, durable, and an overall better option if you are willing to shell out more.