DEWALT DCF610S2 Vs. DCF815S2 Vs. Milwaukee 2401-22

So, you need that impact driver that can drive those large HEX, Torx or Philips head screws home comfortably without breaking the bank? The truth is the market has nearly as many impact drivers as cordless drills right now and choosing a perfect one can be a very daunting task.

Milwaukee is the other bestseller brand for impact drivers and these three 12V impact drivers are at the top of the impact driver war in the market now. Our field editors experienced first hand how each brand performs on-site before developing this review.

Now, if you don`t want to do much reading, this is what our team concluded. high torque is the primary determinant of the value of an impact driver. The tough built and sleek design also play an important role in performance. This is why DEWALT DCF815S2 emerged as the top pick from the three for both professional workers and DIYers.

This driver has a compact design and a durable four-pole brushless motor. It is a primary impact driver for professional projects including concrete and metal works. It delivers the highest torque of any 12V impact driver with a high speed of 3400 IPM which can complete any tough project in no time.

Milwaukee 2401-22 Impact driver came in as our second-best Impact driver for tough commercial projects but the best for standard DIY and other homeowner needs.  If all you want is an Impact driver that will serve you on your once a week tasks around the house, DEWALT DCF610S2 will serve the purpose without breaking your bank.



DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Screwdriver Kit

This is a master of torque despite being a 12V impact driver rated at 950inch-lbs. It is built for professional heavy-duty use with a very small head measuring just 5.5 inches front to back for maneuvering tight spots. It also features an extra narrow head to give access to tight spots at 90 degrees. It is designed for quick fix applications in fastening and unfastening lug nuts, bolts, and screws.

The most impressive aspect of this impact driver is the compact built with a serrated handle that maintains your grip even if you get sweaty in long hours of working. It is a lightweight impact driver weighing just 2lbs but powerful enough to drive 3/8-inch screws through metal, wood, and concrete with little effort.

It is also powerful running speeds of 3400RPMs which allows you to work faster and leave a clean finish. It is fitted with the DEWALT four-pole brushless motor with a fore-drive focus that removes all vibration at the handle increasing the torque on the bit. Its ¼ inch keyless chuck accepts all regular 1/4inch hex bits and can still adjust to 1-inch bits.

This impact driver has a powerful LED work light with 20-second delay after releasing the trigger to keep your workspace brightened. You also get a belt clip on the driver for carrying the driver comfortably when moving as you work. We also liked the fact that this impact driver can still accept 1-inch head bits.

What you get with this impact driver

  • A large storage bag
  • 2 1.1 AH batteries
  • A 12V Dewalt quick charger
  • 3-year warranty cover
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  • A high speed (3400rpm) and torque (950in-lbs)
  • It is very light. (2.2 lbs.) reduces fatigue in overhead use
  • Premium quality material
  • It has little vibration at the handle
  • It has a bright work light


  • The external casing is plastic
  • The package batteries have a short life

Top FAQs

Q: Does This impact driver have variable speeds?

A:  No. The variable speed trigger, however, allows you to adjust and control the torque gradually with your finger.

Q: Is this a brushed or brushless motor impact driver?

A:  The impact driver uses an all-metallic brushless motor.

Q: What is the torque rating on this impact driver?

A:  950 in-lbs.

Our take on DEWALT DCF815S2

This Driver has the speed and torque needed to drive and unfasten any pesky screws and nuts on any site or garage. It is light and friendly enough to be handled by professionals and DIYers which is why we highly recommend it for experienced homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, professional construction and metal workers. Its high torque can, however, become a destructive factor on standard and delicate home projects if the user is not experienced with an impact driver.

2. Milwaukee 2410-22 Impact Driver

DEWALT DCF815S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Impact Driver Kit

Milwaukee manufactures Impact drivers with premium metallic casing and an all metallic motor that makes their tools nearly indestructible making this a one-time purchase. This is a light slim impact driver that can maneuver narrow spaces without causing fatigue when lifted overhead. It is primarily built to handle tough tasks and withstand harsh conditions whether you need it for your home projects or commercial-grade projects.

Apart from the tough build, this impact driver also delivers a strong punch rated at 150 in-lbs. at a high speed of 0-500rpm. It can handle fastening and unfastening on almost any surface on-site including metal and woodwork. Its tough external casing and compact build also make it a great compliment at a construction site. This impact driver is covered by a 5-year warranty which explains the manufacturer`s confidence in its tough built.

The batteries are also small and don’t increase the weight or interfere with the balance of the driver. The M12 batteries are one of the most powerful 12V batteries in the market lasting over 3 hours of continuous driving on one charge. The package also includes a quick charger allowing you to work more and spend less time on recharging.

What you get with this Impact driver

  • 2 Philips ¼ inch insert bits
  • 1 HEX ¼ inch insert bit
  • 2 Milwaukee 1.5AH 12V batteries
  • 1 Milwaukee 12V charger
  • 1 storage bag
  • 5-year warranty cover


  • The impact driver is light and very compact
  • Tough external casing to protect the motor
  • the package includes both a hex and a Philips bit
  • The batteries have a long runtime
  • Friendly design for one-handed operation


  • It has a single-speed (500rpm) which is slow on hard surfaces
  • The head measures 7 inches and may get stuck in tight spaces

Top FAQs

Q: Can this driver remove lug nuts from vehicles?

A:  Absolutely! It has a 150in-lb of torque able to handle lug nuts

Q: Does the impact driver have variable speed settings?

A:  Yes. This impact driver has dual speed settings of 0-400 and 0-500rpm.

Q: Does this driver support reverse driving?

A:  Absolutely. It has a forward and reverse modes as well as the center which puts the motor off keeping it from running when stored.

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Q: Can this driver be used to drill?

A:  Yes. Its holes are however limited in size and you need to invest in a spade bit.

Our take on the Milwaukee 2410-22 Impact driver

Compared to Dewalt DCF815S2, this impact driver has a weaker punch but considering its premium features and enhanced motor power, this is the best impact driver for the money. It’s built makes it the best impact driver you can trust to withstand the abuse of construction site as well as any commercial job site. It is also worth the money for a homeowner, build to handle any tough tasks your small drill cannot manage and tough enough to last a lifetime in your toolbox.

It came second as an option for commercial focus impact drivers but it remains our top pick for homeowners. Its batteries are also powerful able to hold enough juice for a whole day`s work. It can be handled comfortably by amateurs and still meets the torque needs of delicate projects.


Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/4 in. Hex Screwdriver Kit

This is one of the earlier DEWALT impact drivers which still comes up as an attractive package for both professionals and homeowners. It also weighs a mere 2lbs and measures just 5.5 inches front to back which is why it can come in handy as the tight spot driver that goes into the closed spaces retaining a straight driver entry to protect both the screw and the surface.

Like all Dewalt drivers, this impact driver is built using tough steel and plastic material for durability. It has a durable metallic motor also four-pole like all Dewalt models to last longer and work faster. It also features 15+1 chuck points allowing you to set accurate torque for each task.

It is a versatile impact driver able to perform both standard and some heavy-duty tasks thanks to its variable speeds up to 1050RPMs. It has a 1/4 inch all metallic chuck that can hold even 1-inch bits. It also has a bright work light to brighten up your workspace. Its slim grip makes it easy to operate and change bits with one arm making your work easier.

What you get with this Impact driver

  • 2 1.1AH Dewalt lithium-ion batteries
  • 1 Dewalt quick charger
  • 1 Dewalt Contractor`s bag
  • 3-year warranty cover


  • The slim anti-slip grip makes one-hand operation easy
  • Powerful work light
  • It has Variable speeds
  • It accepts bits up to 1-inch bits
  • Premium parts with a pure metallic chuck


  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • The batteries have a rather short life

Top FAQs

Q: Can this impact driver hold round bits?

No. This is a ¼ inch hex bit impact driver. It can hold up to 1-inch hex bits with the shaft for gripping bits.

Q: Does the package include a backup battery?

Absolutely. The package includes 2 1.1AH batteries

Q: What is the torque rating on this impact driver?


Our take on Dewalt CDF610S2 Impact driver

We highly recommend this impact driver for homeowners and DIYers that handle standard tasks from time to time. It’s tough built ensures the durability and value for your money. It is also very light with a friendly sure grip that keeps you in control of the bit with little effort. It is has a stable 100in-lb torque which can handle regular fastening and unfastening tasks at home. For professional applications, this impact driver will work best on lighter tasks which is why you may need a higher torque option for tougher screws and lug nuts.

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Head to head comparison


Dewalt DCF815S2 was unbeaten at speed and torque. It has the greatest punch of the three 12 Volt impact drivers running 3400rpms. It can drive up to 50 screws under 5 minutes into hard yellow pine and concrete compared to Milwaukee 2410-22 which only drove 30 when used by an experienced DIYer. Milwaukee 2410-22, however, came in as the friendliest package for homeowners especially ladies because of its gentle functionality with minimal vibration at the handle. Dewalt DCF610S2 was accepted as the second-best impact driver for both homeowners and DIY experts. It can also drive 30 screws in the same period making it the best 12V impact driver for a budget purchase.

Design and handling

Dewalt impact drivers have the smallest heads which makes them the best tools for tight spaces compared to Milwaukee 2410-22 which has a 7-inch head. All the drills were accepted as perfectly designed by experts although the Dewalt impact drivers have more vibration at the handle compared to Milwaukee. Milwaukee handles are also very narrow complemented by the small batteries which improve balance and make one-hand operation easier.


These are 12V drills which means they are well served by 1.1AH-2AH batteries. Milwaukee 2410-22 Impact driver had the longest runtime thanks to their 1.5AH batteries which are one of the most optimized Li-On batteries in the market. The DEWALT batteries are 1.1AH and both had to be recharged after 3 to 4 hours of continued use. The quick charger, however, refills both batteries within 30 minutes and with the backup, you have enough juice to work the whole day.

Final Note

The best Impact driver can only be confirmed on site which is why mere descriptions are not enough to give you one that will perform on your site. You have to consider the tool, the user and the project being handled which is why we considered the interests of all Impact driver user groups in solving this impact driver war. With this review, you have the fine details you need when buying the right 12V impact driver from a trusted manufacturer; with just enough punch to complete your tasks. This is a professional guide for both professionals and first-time buyers to help you narrow down to an impact driver that will meet your day to day fastening and unfastening needs providing service worth the investment.