Difference Between Wood and Concrete Drill Bits

For many people in the business of working with power tools, you might have to drill different surfaces. It is worth mentioning that wood and concrete drill bits will not be the same.

They will vary a lot in terms of design, material used in making them, durability, and many other features. That is what we want to look at in this guide.

So, what is a drill bit? We can define a drill bit as a cutting device for making holes in an object. The object could be made of different materials such as wood, concrete, metal, and much more.

Drill bits will be of different sizes and shapes. Each different drill bit will have different applications.

So, depending on the material and type of hole you need to make, always use the appropriate drill bit.

Basic Features of a Drill Bit

Even for wood and concrete drill bits, they will both have some basic features similar between them. Below are the basic features you can expect to find with drill bits.

  • They are made to have a spiral pattern. This is to determine the rate at which you can remove the chips from the material. Having a faster spiral means the higher the rate and vice versa.
  • The drill bits also have a point angle for making the holes in the various materials. Having a small point angle is suitable for going through the soft surfaces. If you need to make holes in harder surfaces, then you need larger point angles.
  • The length of the drill bit will determine how deep the hole will be when making the cut. So, always choose the right drill bit size depending on the width of the material.
  • We cannot forget to mention the lip angle. This determines the amount of support you need to provide to the drill’s cutting edge.

Concrete Drill Bits

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Concrete drill bits are essential for making holes in a concrete surface. Comparing them to wood drill bits, it is easy to see that concrete drill bits will be built for drilling into hard surfaces. They will be more durable too as compared to the wood drill bits.

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We should point out that they need extra care when using them to drill into concrete surfaces. If you do not take care, you might end up easily damaging the workpiece.

For drilling into concrete walls or any other concrete surfaces, you will find multiple drill bits available. The most common include the core drill bit.

A core drill bit will have an additional guide drill bit inside it. The guide drill bit is for making a mark of where you want to drill and guide the outer core drill up to 0.5 inches into the workpiece.

Once you get at least 0.5 inches into concrete, you should remove the inner guide drill bit and continue drilling with the outer core drill. If you do not remove the guide drill, it might jam into the concrete as you go deeper.

Another common drill for drilling the concrete surfaces is the center and spot drill bit. Its main purpose is to mark a spot you can drill using other drill bits. To identify it, you will notice that it has a very pointy head.

There is also the indexable drill bit as part of concrete drill bits. They can be expensive, but they are necessary for various applications when drilling concrete surfaces. They are designed to have two inserts.

One insert remains in the inside radius while the other on the outer radius hole. For its unique design, it can be suitable for some complex drilling applications you need to achieve.

Wood Drill Bit

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From the name, the purpose of a wood drill bit is to make holes in wooden objects. They are designed in a way that they will not damage the wooden object while making the holes.

We all know that wood can be a sensitive material. How we make holes is important to avoid splitting the wood.

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There are multiple wood drill bits depending on the type of drilling you want to achieve.

When you delve deeper in wood drilling, you will get the different drill bits such as the lip and spur drill bits. These are special drill bits only meant for drilling in wooden objects.

The main feature of the lip and spur drill bit is that it is a spiral bit. This means that holes that you make in any workpiece will have the spiral pattern too.

Another common type of wood drill bit includes the spade drill bit. They are often used for making rough boring on your wooden workpiece.

You will find them being flat in shape. There are two cutters on spade bits that you can use for different cutting applications depending on the application.

The spoon bit is another important and useful wood bit that you can get as part of your tools. The spoon bits as the name suggests looking like a spoon for their shape.

The point angle on the head of spoon bits helps with polishing the hole drilled in your workpiece.

We have just mentioned a few types of wood drill bits available on the market. However, it is possible to get many other drill bits for wooden pieces.

Some include center bits, Forstner bits, augur bits and many more. Always look at the recommended uses of a bit before using it for drilling it in a wooden workpiece.

Main Differences

From the descriptions of the two types of drill bits, below is a summary of the differences between wood and concrete drill bits.

  • The wood drill bits are designed to work mainly for wooden objects. The concrete drill bits are best for concrete surfaces. Some can be used on metal surfaces.
  • You cannot use the wood drill bits on concrete as they can be damaged easily. That is not the same for concrete bits. They can be used on wooden objects; however, you need to apply the correct amount of pressure.
  • Wood drill bits will need less pressure or effort to drill into the wooden objects. The concrete drill bits will need more force to push them through the hard-concrete surfaces.
  • You will find that concrete drill bits are expensive as compared to wood drill bits. This is because they have to be specialized to work better on hard surfaces as compared to wood drill bits.
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Now you know the difference between wooden drill bits and concrete drill bits.

We need to know the difference between the two because they have capabilities that can be used on one surface and what kind of drill bits cannot be used on this surface.

So, depending on the project you have to handle, make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

The last thing you want is to snap the wood drill bits on your concrete workpiece.

In Summary

By now, you have an idea what wood and concrete drill bits are all about. It is worth mentioning that the concrete drill bits can be used on wooden workpieces and not vice versa.

So, depending on the project you have to handle, make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

The last thing you want is to snap the wood drill bits on your concrete workpiece.