Echo CS 400 vs. Echo CS 352 Gas Chainsaw (Unbiased Review)

The Echo CS 400 and the Echo CS 352 chainsaws are good in terms of the price, performance, build quality, and more.

They are good examples of showing that you do not have to overspend just to get a high-quality chainsaw.

Even if you have a small budget to spend, there are always multiple options for you to consider.

They are not just about being cheap, but also reliable. Coming from Echo, we expect them to live up to the brand’s reputation.

Below, we will discuss more of what you get with the two models in detail to help you pick the right one for your applications.

What to Consider

The Build Quality

The types of materials used in the construction of a chainsaw and the overall craftsmanship should help you pick the right model. The last thing a person needs is a chainsaw that does not work great and falls apart after a few months while in service.

Look at what other people say about the chainsaw’s build quality in reviews to see if it can be a good choice for you or not. Sometimes it is better to spend a little bit more to get the right chainsaw for your needs.

The Maintenance

We also have to consider the maintenance needs of a chainsaw if you have to get the right one. Some units might need more maintenance than others do. For peace of mind, get a unit with less maintenance needs. At least it will give you more time to work on a project without worrying about its maintenance.


The ergonomics of a chainsaw can also determine where best you can use it. A good chainsaw will have better ergonomics in terms of the handle. A good handle will make the chainsaw feel like a comfortable fit for you to enjoy using.

As part of ergonomics, go for a lightweight chainsaw to reduce the amount of fatigue you are likely to experience on overall.


The safety is also important to ensure that you are always protected when using a saw. Depending on a manufacturer, the safety features vary. What is important is for you to understand which type of safety measures you get with a chainsaw to see if they are worth it.

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Let’s Compare

Echo CS 400 Gas Chainsaw

Echo CS-400 18" Gas Chainsaw

This is a common choice for anyone who wants to end up with the best chainsaw that is still within the affordable range. Looking at its features, not many other models can offer the same within the price range. Let us see what you can get with the Echo CS 400 for the money.

Good Power Output

The 40.2cc professional-grade engine is known for its power delivery. Since it is a 2-stroke engine, we find that it is able to deliver an outstanding performance than what you get with some other units.

We also found that it can spin the engine faster than other units in the same price range. The aim of a faster spinning rate should be to leave you with a clean smooth edge all the time.

The Starting System

Another reason why someone would want this chainsaw should be its i-30 starting system. This is because it will make you start the system faster than when using some other types of chainsaws.

Even when you have had problems with cold starts, this chainsaw makes the whole process easier. Just know that every time you need to start the chainsaw, it will start without any issues.

Echo CS-400 18" Gas Chainsaw

The Oiling System

The lubrication of a chainsaw is important to keep it performing correctly. Having an automatic and adjustable oiler should help match your cutting conditions with ease. You can always have the chainsaw working great since it has the right lubrication.

We recommend that you always keep an eye on the oil so that it does not get too low. The last thing you need is to damage the chainsaw by starving it with less oil.

Guide Bars

The guide bars can often determine how far you can cut a workpiece better with a chainsaw. For this one, you get two guide bar lengths. They include 16 inches and 18 inches. With such flexibility, it will allow you to make different types of cuts that you might need for a chainsaw.

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Echo CS 352 Chainsaw

Echo Chain Saw CS352 16in

Do you feel like the CS 400 is still expensive? Well, the Echo CS 352 is another top choice from the same brand. So, you would be getting Echo’s brand reputation, performance, and a lot more. Here are the features that can make you choose the CS 352 chainsaw too for various applications.

Power Output

Just like any other chainsaw, the first thing someone looks at is the power output. The 34cc 2-stroke professional grade engine can help you handle multiple projects around your home.

We must admit that this is not the most powerful chainsaw, so you might want to use it mostly for light to medium-duty applications. If you start to use it for heavy-duty applications, you might notice that it does not perform as expected.

The Bar Lengths

The chainsaw has bar lengths of 14 and 16 inches. Yes, it will be smaller than what you get with the CS 400 unit. This does not mean you cannot use it for other types of cutting applications. The two bar lengths can still make it easier for you to cut the different work pieces with ease at home.

Ease of Maintenance

Looking at the maintenance needs, we find that the tool is easier to handle its maintenance needs better than other units. Getting to the air-filter is a good example. You will not need any tools to open the air-filter cover to make the necessary changes.

The same thing applies to changing the other parts on the chainsaw. Sometimes you might be a newbie or in the field with limited tools. You need to be sure that you can get the chainsaw running smoothly again in a short time. That is possible with this chainsaw.

Anti-Vibration System

When looking at ways of how a chainsaw can be better, we have to consider the anti-vibration system. It is always good if you can get yourself this model as it keeps the vibrations to a minimum.

The chainsaw helps to keep the vibrations low by using the rubber bushings. Rubber is better at keeping the vibrations low compared to the use of coil springs. As a result, we find that the chainsaw should feel comfortable in your hands than other units.

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How safe are Echo chainsaws?

The Echo chainsaws are generally considered safe thanks to the various safety features implemented by the manufacturer. You will always feel safe when using an Echo chainsaw at any time.

Is it hard to perform maintenance on an Echo chainsaw?

No. The manufacturer provides you with a detailed guide in the manual to help you with the process. Some maintenance operations do not even require tools.

I am on a budget; can I get a reliable Echo chainsaw?

Yes. Some of the best options for those on a budget are the Echo CS 400 and the Echo CS 352 models mentioned in this guide.


You can never go wrong with Echo chainsaws. This is because the brand builds them to be good at smooth power delivery, remain reliable for years, affordable, and many other desirable features. You must have noticed that you get all that with the two chainsaws mentioned above.

We must point out that the two chainsaws in this guide are for light to medium-duty applications. If you have professional and heavy-duty applications, you might want to check out other powerful options from the same brand.