Echo CS 400 vs. Echo CS 490 Gas Chainsaw (Updated)

The Echo brand is one of the top choices for anyone who has the hope of buying a new chainsaw. It is for this reason; it would be nice to look at the different chainsaw models that the unit offers. We can see that the most common units are the Echo CS400 and the Echo CS 490 models.

So, how do these models compare against each other? Let us find out in the guide below.

What to Consider

The Weight

The overall weight of a chainsaw is important as it determines how long you can use the machine without feeling too much fatigue. The weight will often be based on the components used to make the chainsaw. For light to medium duty applications, go for a lightweight chainsaw.

Chainsaw Vibrations

The vibrations can be a major issue for those who want to use a chainsaw. Well, it would be nice if you get yourself a unit with less vibrations. Look at what measures the manufacturer has used to minimize the vibrations.

Depending on the manufacturer, some might have more elaborate systems that help to keep the vibrations to a minimum.

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance is important for the smooth running of a chainsaw. It is for this reason you need to find a chainsaw that does not require maintenance all the time. Still, it should be easy to perform the maintenance when the time comes.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is crucial for anyone who has the hopes of ending up with a quality chainsaw. Look at the materials used to make the chainsaw and their rated durability. For most chainsaws, they will have most of the core components made of strong materials to ensure durability.

A good chainsaw should last you for years if the build quality is impressive.

Let’s Compare

Echo CS 400 18” Gas Chainsaw

Chain Saw, Gas, 18 In. Bar, 40.2CC

For years now, the Echo brand has stood out as a reliable and efficient brand when it comes to making chainsaws. Well, the Echo CS 400 is a true testament of this fact. For many people, they find it being a professional chainsaw for the money. Here are some reasons you might want to get the CS 400 today.

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The Design

Looking at the design, we find that it has the performance that matches the looks. It is for this reason, the chainsaw is ideal for tree care operators, ranchers, and farmers. This is because they will find it having a comfortable fit in the hand for long hours of operation.

The Power

As much as it is not the most powerful unit, we find that it comes with a 40.2cc two stroke engine. This type of engine is good for anyone who hopes to run various applications without necessarily straining the chainsaw.

There is also a heavy-duty air filter installed in this unit. With a better airflow, you should end up with a chainsaw that delivers on the best performance while using less fuel.

Automatic Oiler

For a chainsaw, the lubrication is highly important. It is why you would want to get a chainsaw with automatic oiling capabilities such as this one. This ensures that the chainsaw can always run smoothly and help you complete as much work as possible.

Ease of Starting

Anyone who has used a chainsaw before understands that sometimes it can be tough to start a chainsaw. That is not an issue with this one as it comes with an i-30 starting system. Such a system will reduce the starting effort by 30%.

As such, you are likely to find it easier to start and run the chain all the time.

Another important feature that helps with running the engine is the computerized ignition. Its work is to adjust the engine timing so that it can start better and with less vibrations.

The Looks

For many people, they will find this unit to have a solid look and feel. Also, it is well-balanced in the hand so that you can easily wrap around the handle for a better control of the chainsaw. On overall, it should be a great chainsaw to own right now.

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Echo CS 490 Professional Grade Chainsaw

echo cs-490 profressional grade chainsaw

There is no doubt that you would want a professional grade chainsaw for various applications sometimes. Well, the Echo CS 490 professional grade chainsaw can be a nice choice. However, is it better than the CS 400? Let us find out.

The Cutting Capacity

One thing that stands out for a chainsaw is the cutting capacity. One of the benefits of this model should be its larger bar length of 20 inches. You can still opt to use the other bar sizes such as 16” and 18”. As such, you end up with a highly versatile chainsaw that will always work great for you.

The Engine

The engine is also an important factor to keep in mind when looking for a chainsaw. For this one, it comes with a 50.2cc professional grade engine. The two-stroke engine delivers the best power that anyone would want for a chainsaw.

As part of making the engine better, we also find that its fuel consumption is not the highest. It is for this reason you get it being a better option for those who have to work on a project for hours.


As for operation, it is a generally easy chainsaw to operate. The controls are easy to reach and you also feel that it fits comfortably in the hand. You also have the option of using the different handle configurations depending on what works better for you.

The model also comes with an automatic oiler. The aim is to maintain the best lubrication while at the same time reduce oil consumption. This makes the unit better to use for years to come.


We also find this unit being lightweight. This is because it weighs 10.6 pounds. For such a weight, it should be a great unit to use for long hours. Even if the vibrations can be irritating sometimes, we still find that it is lightweight to avoid experiencing more fatigue.

The use of a magnesium crankcase also helps to make the unit lightweight. Other than being lightweight, the same material is still durable.


The chainsaw is not starting. What could be the issue?

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Many things can lead to the engine not starting. Check to see if the engine is flooded, the fuel delivery system is working correctly, or the ignition system is also working correctly.

What does a chain brake do?

The chain brake in a chainsaw is a safety mechanism that stops the chain from rotating once activated. It is easy to engage it by simply pushing the chain brake handle forward.

How often should I change the chainsaw oil?

Always follow the recommended manufacturer timeframe. Make sure that you also top up the oil if it is running low to keep the engine running smoothly.


The two Echo chainsaws above are what you need if you want versatile chainsaws. The manufacturer has made the two also to have the best build quality. The result is that you now have two units that can live up to your needs for quality chainsaws for years ahead.

They are also within the affordable range. This is crucial so that you do not have to worry about spending too much to get professional chainsaws. With the right maintenance, these two models should serve you better for longer.