Husqvarna 129C vs 128CD Curved String Trimmer

You might have used string trimmers with straight shafts before.

Well, it is good to experience something different with the Husqvarna 129C and 128CD models. This is because they both have curved shaft designs.

The curved shaft design is important so that you can experience a better weight balance in the hand for extended use. You should always find it a great choice to use when handling various cutting applications. You will learn more about these models in the guide below.

What to Consider

Weight Distribution

The overall weight distribution is important to any person who hopes to work on a project better or for extended periods. Some models now come with a curved shaft design whose aim is to help distribute the weight better.

Always look for a lightweight unit to make your job easier.

Ease of Feeding the Trimmer Line

Feeding the trimmer line often makes the job easier or hard. Many would wish to get a model that does not have issues with feeding the trimmer line. Some will have additional designs that help make the spooling process easier and faster.

Look at its features to see if this is something the manufacturer also considers as important.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is critical to the performance of the model. This is because you need something durable and robust too. No one wants a unit that starts to disintegrate in a few months after using it on various projects.

Attachment Compatibility  

Not all models might have the option of adding more attachments. However, it would be nice to have such a model.

If the model can work with multiple attachments, then you can end up with a versatile string trimmer. That is what many people want right now when they need to handle more work at different work sites.

Let’s Compare

Husqvarna 129C Curved Handheld Trimmer

Husqvarna 129C 17" Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer,Orange

The Husqvarna 129C model is one of the top choices for many who want something different from what they are used to as string trimmers. We will learn more about its uniqueness below so that you can make up your mind.

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Curved Shaft Design

The curved shaft design is the highlight feature of this handheld string trimmer. This type of design helps the machine to have better weight distribution. This means that you can operate it now for extended periods without necessarily feeling it is too much work.

Still, the curved shaft design is good to help you reach the tough spots you wouldn’t before. As such, it makes the unit more versatile.

Translucent Fuel Tank

Having the translucent fuel tank is important to help you visually monitor the fuel use. You would never be caught unawares that the fuel tank is empty. Most people would use the translucent fuel tank to know when to refuel.

Powerful Engine

As for the engine, it is built with power in mind. It can deliver up to 1.1Hp, which is often enough to handle various trimming applications. It is for this reason; you can find the same unit being used in commercial use too.

The engine also does not need a lot of maintenance. Just ensure that you operate it according to the manufacturer instructions and you would be good.

Easily Remove the Unwanted Air

If you want the engine to run smoothly, then remove the air in the fuel system and carburetor. This is all possible with the use of the Air Purge system. The system is good at ensuring you never have to worry about the unwanted air.

Husqvarna 129C 17" Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer,Orange

Sound and Noise

Looking at the sound and noise, we find that the model produces them within the acceptable limits. The sound is rated at 93 dB(A), which is not bad for most users. Operators can use it for hours without necessarily seeing it as a burden to their hearing.

In case you find the noise being too much, always use ear protection. The last thing you need is to have hearing loss issues.

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Husqvarna 128CD 2 Cycle Curved String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128CD 17" Cutting Path, Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Another closely related curved string trimmer is the 128CD model. This one also stands out as a top choice for many who would want to keep their lawns looking all good and clean. Here are some of the notable features of the trimmer.

Wide Cutting Width

The overall cutting width of 17 inches is important for many people who would want to cover a wider area in a short time. Many models within the same price range would have less cutting width. It is exciting to see that you would get more to handle all your cutting needs.

Curved Shaft Design

The unit also has a curved shaft design. Such a shaft design is crucial to make it easier to experience better weight balance. You will notice that the tool feels better balanced in the hand than when you were using another unit before.

Works with Multiple Attachments

The model stands out as being better at functionality because it can work with multiple attachments. Yes, its head is easily detachable so that you can have other attachments setup.

Some of the common attachments include the edger, the cultivator, the pole saw, and more. It comes down to where you want to use the unit.

Smart Start System

Another thing you will enjoy about this unit will be its Smart Start engine system. This makes the engine and the starter work great together so that starting process becomes easier. For many people, they should find that their machine starts quickly with minimal effort.

Husqvarna 128CD 17" Cutting Path, Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Detachable Shaft

The shaft can easily be removed without any tools. The aim of making the shaft detachable is to make it easier to store or transport the unit. Maybe you do not have enough room to carry the whole unit assembled, all you need is to detach the shaft to make it easier for the whole process.

The Weight

This unit weighs 11.11lbs. This kind of weight is still within the lightweight range for most operators. They would use the unit for extended periods without causing too much fatigue. Some might have wished for a lighter model, but this one will still be good.

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Can you use multiple attachments with the Husqvarna 128CD model?

Yes. The unit allows for using the additional attachments as recommended by the manufacturer to make it more versatile.

What are the benefits of curved shaft designs?

The curved shaft designs make the unit good in terms of having a better weight balance. There is no doubt you would want the trimmer to feel balanced in your hand for extended use.

Is it easy to start the Husqvarna 129C unit?

Yes. The unit comes with the Smart Start feature that makes the whole process easier.


Looking at the two models, one would easily go for the 128CD model for having better value for money. One thing that makes the unit better is that you can use it with additional trimmer attachments. That is not the case with the 129C unit.

Also, the 128CD unit can have its shaft detached for ease of storage and transportation. However, if you want slightly more power, the 129C unit should be your top consideration.