PORTER-CABLE PCC608LB 20V MAX Lithium Compact Brushless Drill Review

For many handymen, professional or otherwise, brushless motor drills are the way to go. The brushless kind was proven to give longer runtime. This type is also sturdy and perfect for heavier applications minus too much unnecessary stalling.

That is why many love a quality brushless motor. If you are looking for one, maybe the Porter-Cable PCC608LB Compact Brushless Drill is something you must be made aware of. Let us see if this product will fare significantly well.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, Brushless, Tool Only (PCC608LB)



  • Has compact, convenient size ideal for smaller spaces
  • Brushless motor has plenty of torque compared to brushed models
  • Lightweight; excellent for extended use
  • Excellent quality, sturdy model
  • Backed by 3-year limited warranty


  • Does not have battery gauge so spare ones are necessary

Our Opinion

Complete Kit with Added Accessories

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, Brushless, Tool Only (PCC608LB)The unit comes with two 20V lithium ion batteries plus a battery charger and belt clip. The charger has a compact size and includes a LED light indicator for the charging status of the battery. The belt clip meanwhile can be fastened to whichever side of the device that the user prefers.

The device comes with variable speed triggers plus 1 LED light. The light, of course, is always a welcome sight since it makes working in cramped spaces and dimly-lit rooms more tolerable.

The light is located from beneath the chuck area to the base of the handle, where the level meter of the battery can be found. Because of the placement, the light, therefore, produces better illumination since users won’t have to deal with lots of shadows when finishing tasks in rooms with poor lighting conditions.

Well-Balanced and Great for Beginners

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, Brushless, Tool Only (PCC608LB)It is also nice to know that the product is quite lightweight and balanced. The compactness and lighter weight of the drill makes it easy to use on overhead tasks or for extended usage. This model is actually more compact compared to previous units from the company.

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This is a nice entry-level or beginner brushless drill with a quality, sturdy feel. Gripping the device feels alright due to the addition of a rubber overmold. The rubber covers segments of the device where the hands grasp the handle, making it more comfortable to use for both bare and gloved hands

The forward and reverse lever meanwhile are located in similar spots that majority of drills come with. Users only need to make use of just one flick of a finger, and the direction can be shifted.

Another advantage of this unit is that the new motor advancement not only provided it with sufficient speed and operating time, it also allowed the product to have a more compact, convenient size.

Powerful and Versatile

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, Brushless, Tool Only (PCC608LB)It has been said that this unit trumped older models from the brand when it comes to speed and power. At low-speed settings, the drill delivered great results driving augers into heavier material without stalling. However, you do need to keep both of your hands on the drill to manage it.

Also, the chuck is capable of accommodating bits up to a half-inch. It is also ratcheting so it can create a dependable hold for the bits. Furthermore, the unit has a drill/drive mode collar where users can change from drilling to driving screws without even modifying the settings of its torque.

The power of this product is more than enough to tackle a nice range of drilling and screwing duties. It puts out 1400 inch lbs. of torque, so it’s quite recommended for the majority of fastener applications. One great thing about this unit is the 1/4-inch hex chuck, which makes for easy loading.

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The insertion of a bit is made easier in this one since you won’t need to give much effort. All you need to do is put in the bit, and it will lock in position. If the bits require replacement, the bits can be released by just yanking the rear of the chuck.

Comparison with Porter-Cable PCL120DDC-2

The PCL120DDC-2 and the PCC608LB have a vast structural difference—the latter comes with brushless motors and has a higher RPM compared to the former at 1400 max.

The brushless motor which this model comes with has plenty of advantages compared to traditional drills. Brushless models often mean an increase in the unit’s lifespan. This type of motor makes for low-friction operations. Thus it produces minimal heat, leading to longer-lasting drills.

Brushless motors are also kinder on the batteries so users can take in lots of battery life while at work. You can have a 50 percent boost in operating time for each battery with minimal downtime to boot.

Because of the enhanced power transfer and electrical efficiency, users can get to work with better power and expect the drill to deliver topnotch performance with every task.

The compact size of the PCC608LB also means it generates power and a lighter unit, thanks to the power transfer’s higher efficiency.

Both models are hard workers however if you want speed and a higher runtime on your unit, you have to go for the PCC608LB.

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, Brushless, Tool Only (PCC608LB)


Choosing a good compact drill in this sea of products can be a chore at this time. However, if you did your research well, you can make better choices.

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For example, you now have an idea that brushless models perform better compared to traditional ones. Knowing which kind is best narrows down your search, and this search gets smaller until it leads you to that dream product.

Now if you want something brushless, you should check out how hard the Porter-Cable PCC608LB Compact Brushless Drill operates. This is an enjoyable piece of work—it is compact, lightweight, sturdy and simple to use. The quality is topnotch, and it will make drilling and screwing things inside your home a better experience.

If you’re looking to purchase a new drill, you should check this brushless motor model. This latest offering from the brand took all of the good things that older models came with and turned itself into a viable modern product. You must check out and see for yourself because I highly recommend this one!