SKIL RAS800 vs SKIL RAS900 Router Table

For someone who works on wood projects, then at some point you might have to use a routing table. You will need the routing table to have all the important features that make your job easier and better.

One of the brands that makes such impressive tools should be the SKIL. It is why we look at its top two routing tables namely RAS800 and RAS900 models. These two offer the best portability, build quality, ease of use, and performance.

Quick Summary

If you are a junior woodworker, the best tool to get is the SKIL RAS800 model. It is built to be easy to use and it is still affordable for most entry level users.

The SKIL RAS900 unit, on the other hand, is good for mid-level to professional woodworkers. These are people who might have to deal with multiple projects that need consistent performance. Also, the table is easy for setting up the router.

The Comparison

SKIL RAS800 Router Table


The SKIL RAS800 router table is considered one of the best options to get for those on a budget. For its price, you should get many people interested in buying it. Other than the price, here are some of its great features you will like.

Comes with foldable legs

This router table comes with foldable legs as part of its design. This makes it easier to move it around if you have to change the locations. When the unit folds up, you will notice that it is still lightweight and easily portable.

Comparing it to other router tables, you will like it for its portable. Folding it also makes it compact so that you can load it up into your vehicle.

Has storage containers for accessories

It is good to have storage for the accessories as part of the design. This means that all the things you might need to use with your SKIL router table will be easily available.

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The storage containers also help to keep track of where the various accessories are. The last thing you would want is to end up misplacing some vital tools that come with the router table.

The feather board

If you are going to achieve the bet accuracy while routing, then you need the right feather board too. That is what you get with the RAS800 model. Its feather board will increase the product’s efficiency while making the cuts into your workpieces.

Height gauge

Having the bit height gauge makes the model even more desirable. This should make your work easier when you need to achieve some specific heights with the bits.

On overall, you should find it improves the accuracy of the cuts. There is also a starter pin and a guard that helps with working on the curved edges with ease and better accuracy.

Router mounting

This type of feature is good for helping you change the bits faster and no need for leveling. As such, this feature makes the router easier to use even for those new to using a routing table.

Considering many routers are compatible with this router table, you should find the overall set up process being easier.

What We Like

  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • The table easily folds for portability and storage
  • Mounting of a router does not take long

What We Don’t Like

  • It comes with multiple plastic parts

The Solution: As much as it might have several plastic parts, they are reinforced to deliver on better durability. They can live up to the abuse subjected to them at a job site.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router Table

The RAS900 router table is another top choice for most woodworkers. However, how does it compare to the RAS800 model? Since they come from the same brand, it is interesting to see what the manufacturer has done differently in this model.

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The Design

One of the things people look at is the design of a routing table. Well, for this one, you get that it is built for those people who want an easy to use routing table.

You will notice that setting up a router takes only a few minutes so that you can get down to working. Also, there is an accessory storage to use for keeping all your important router table tools.

You would easily access them whenever you have to work on a project.

Skil RAS900 Router Table


The table is shipped pre-assembled. As such, you will only have to do a few assembly processes and your table will be good for use. The limited MDF top should give it a sturdy feeling so that you can use it for various projects without worrying about its performance.

It also has a router mount with quick release capability. You can now attach or separate a router within seconds.

Since it weighs 32 pounds, it should be relatively easy for portability. You can take it to various sites to handle the different projects.


The unit comes with two feather boards. The aim is to help you have a wider area for holding your workpiece. Also, you will have a better chance at performing accurate routing.

Having the bit height gauge goes a long way to help with improving the accuracy too. You can now perform the routing process without too much guesswork.

On overall, the router mounting is easy and you can also change the bits faster. The best part is that no levelling is necessary.

What We Like

  • Router mounting is easy
  • The bit height gauge improves usability
  • The accessory storage container keeps the tools from getting lost

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not work with all routers

The Solution: As much as it might not work with all routers, we find it working with many routers in the market. You will have to do a bit of homework to see the recommended routers with this routing table.

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Which is Better?

When you look at these two models, they have almost similar features with a few subtle differences. They are both easy to set up. You will find that they can be up and running in just 30 minutes.

Also, they come with feather boards that help with the accuracy of the router. They do feature a bit height gauge to improve on the precision of the whole routing process.

If we have to pick the best between the two, then the SKIL RAS900 model is the better option. This is because it feels sturdier, comes with two feather boards, and generally easy to work with. You will also find the folding design being ideal for portability of the table.

Final Thoughts

These two routing tables are both good value for the money. When looking at the price they retail at and the type of service you get, it is easy to conclude that they are worth the money.

Still, they are good in terms of durability and ease of use. Even newbies who have not used the two before will have an easier time handling the set up and mounting process.