Triton TRA001 vs. MOF001 Plunge Router

Woodworkers love to work with powerful tools, one of which is a router. A precision router helps to make dovetailing, mortising, and profiling cuts a lot easier. However, choosing the best one can sometimes be too daunting.

Yet one of the trusted brands is Triton, which has been manufacturing precision power tools for over 40 years. We will see below the specifications of two of its precision plunge routers, the TRA001, and MOF001.

Quick Summary

The Triton TRA001 has been a powerful dual-mode precision plunge router since 2001. Five years after, the MOF001 was produced to offer a more lightweight tool.

Even if the MOF001 is not as powerful as the TRA001, both machines have the perfect speed for all cutter types. So, let us try to find out the differences between these two dependable routers to help you decide which model to choose.

Let’s Compare Triton TRA001 vs. MOF001

Triton products boast of power and precision. From the first work center they produced in 1976 to the super jaws, drills, router tables, routers, and other power tools, Triton has consistently delivered accurate and quality machines. And these reliable tools include the TRA001 and MOF001 plunge routers.

Triton TRA001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

It will be an understatement to say that this router is feature-packed. The Triton TRA001 is a well-built, heavy-duty routing tool.

One of its features that will catch your attention is the rack and pinion plunge dial with micro height adjustment. It enables you to have much more control and constant depth as compared to other free-plunge routers.

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You will find a button at the right handle that can switch the router from the traditional plunge to a fixed base with rack and pinion height adjustment.

It has Quick-Fit Pins located at the bottom that ensures a fast and secure fitting to the mounting plate. Meanwhile, the removable plunger spring will enable you to make quick bit adjustments.

Triton TRA001 3-1/4 HP Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Easy to Use

One of the smartest features of the TRA001 is the automatic spindle lock for single wrench collet removal at a full plunge. This spindle lock ensures safe bit changes. Also, a bit-change can be quickly done through the base with a single wrench and its built-in router lift.

Performance Ready

The TRA001 has one of the most powerful motors you can find in a router. With its 3.25 HP motor that runs from 8,000 to 21,000 RPM, this tool smoothly glides through the hardest wood piece with precision. Dust intake is minimized with the help of the side air vents, thus, giving a constant smooth operation.

Safe to Use

Users are protected from accidental cuts with the fully enclosed guard. Unintentional power-on can be prevented with the safety switch shutter, which locks closed during a bit change.

Finally, the automatic spindle lock engages only during bit changes and when you close the cover of the power switch.

What We Like

  • Powerful 3.25 HP motor that can handle even the toughest workpieces
  • All-in-one router that offers both the fixed and plunge base
  • Variable speed control that can run from 8,000 to 21,000 RPM
  • Exceptional precision and widening control
  • Side air vents that reduce the intake of dust into the motor casing

What We Don’t Like

  • Some parts are made of plastic

If you want a more affordable 3.25 HP-powered router than other brands, the Triton TRA001 won’t let you down. It is the perfect choice for multi-router shops due to the precision and power it delivers.

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Triton MOF001 Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Triton MOF001 2-1/4 HP / 13 Amp Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

With a 2.25 HP motor, the MOF001 is the perfect tool for small to medium woodworks. Weighing only 10.4 pounds, it offers variable speeds between 8,000 and 21,000 RPM.

It is also very convenient to use with the two side handles that provide for a stable grip. Your hands will not get tired so quickly.

Safety Features

You don’t have to worry while working with the guards protecting you from the bit and the cut zone all the time.

Its soft start and variable speed provide excellent control over cuts without damaging the material. Likewise, the dust shields keep your work area clean so that you can see what you’re working on every time.


You can switch between a plunge router and a fixed base one with just a single push of a button. The rack and pinion system provides for precise woodworks when in the plunge mode.

Its Micro Winder allows you to make consistent adjustments down to a depth of 2.32 inches. Cutting small circles, you can use the multi-function fence as a guide during free routing.

Triton MOF001 2-1/4 HP / 13 Amp Dual Mode Precision Plunge Router

Ease of Use

Bit changes become effortless with the help of its built-in router lift. A bit-change can be done quickly through the base with just one wrench.

Quick bit adjustments can be achieved using the removable plunger spring. Switching from hand-held to a table-mounted router tool has never been manageable.

Toughest Performance

The MOF001 boasts of a compact yet powerful 2.25 HP motor with 8,000 to 21,000 RPM variable speed choices. It includes an extended base plate with a fence for routing grooves and other tasks.

Also, it has a 3-stage turret that allows you to read the scales easily when choosing the required depth.

What We Like

  • Depth adjustment handle provides for a quick single wrench bit change
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport from place to another
  • Easy adjustment from hand-held to a table-mounted router
  • Soft start and variable speed making it ideal for all cutter types
  • 1/4′ and ½-inch collets offer a fuller range of bit selections
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What We Don’t Like

  • Some users said that their current dust extraction systems are not compatible with the setup of this router.

The MOF001 is a multiple award-winning plunge router from Triton. It offers the most intuitive and straightforward adjustments making it convenient to use even for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether mounted on a table or used as a hand-held tool, ease of use will always be its best asset.

Triton TRA001 vs. MOF001: Which is Better?

If you are after precision and power, then the TRA001 is the winner. With its 3.25 HP motor, you can be sure to get the toughest jobs done with expected accuracy. It is perfect for bigger jobs and more depth capacity but is not ideal for free routing.

On the other hand, the Triton MOF001 may be a little smaller than the TRA001, but it runs better when it comes to free routing. It is dependable for small and medium-sized woodworks while being mounted above or below a router table.

Also, the MOF001 is lighter than the TRA001, making it easier and more convenient to transport.


Choosing between the TRA001 and MOF001 will depend on what you are looking for in a router. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty or compact plunge router for freehand work, Triton will always have something to offer.