So, you have decided to get the maximum torque any power tool can deliver for those pesky bolts and nuts! The impact wrench is your last resort high torque tool whether you are a DIYer, professional or simply a homeowner. Of course, you still need to go for the one that has all the best features.

DEWALT is the manufacturer of the largest range of quality power tools in the market today and these two Impact wrenches are especially famous for their power and user-friendly built.

Buying any of these two Impact wrenches will definitely not be a mistake because you will enjoy all the features needed from an impact wrench on both domestic and commercial projects.

These two Impact wrenches from Dewalt are hard to tell apart by simply looking at the online adverts and the misleading reviews. These tools are built for two different applications with a clear difference in performance which you have to note before paying for any of them.

The experience of a hands-on Tool expert is what you need when you want to choose the best of these two Impact wrenches and that is exactly what this comparison is about.

If you are interested in a quick conclusion, our research concluded that DCF880HM2 is faster although it has less runtime compared to DCF880M2.

DCF880HM2 is also our best recommendation of a garage impact range because DCF880M2 got stuck on the toughest screws and tight lug nuts on tires and woodwork which the former handled without much strain.

DCF880M2 is, however, more power-efficient lasting longer on the same charge compared to DCF880HM2. Its Detent pin anvil also holds the shaft sturdily although changing them is harder. DEWALT DCF880HM2 uses a hog ring anvil which makes changing bits easy and quick but wobbly at high speeds.

Comparing DEWALT DCF880HM2 to DEWALT DCF880M2

1. DEWALT DCF880HM2 Impact Wrench

DEWALT DCF880HM2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Kit with Hog Ring

This is DEWALT`s Improvement from their former longheaded Impact wrench models featuring a small head just 5.7 inches from front to back. Its compact head and mid-grip anti-slip handle leave the user in full control of the wench even when there is poor grip on the nuts which comes in handy when handling chipped nuts. Its greatest advantage is the enormous torque of 1824in-lbs suitable for tightening and loosening operations on metals, wood, and concrete.

It is primarily designed for professional use on heavy-duty tasks but its friendly design and easy operation make it a great addition to your home tool collection. The package includes two 4AH batteries giving you long hours of run time. The kit also includes the DEWALT quick charger that recharges in less than 30 minutes.

Operating this Impact wrench is made easier with the Hog Ring anvil that allows you to load and change bits with ease. It also has 3 LED lights with a 20-second delay when you release the power button giving you a full clear view of your workspace. The main concern with this impact range is that the grip at the Hog ring on the wrench-shaft gets weak at high-speed operation leading to a wobble on the bits. It becomes hard to maintain stability and efficiency if you are not an experienced user.

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  • Hog ring anvil makes it easy to load and exchange bits.
  • It comes with powerful batteries for more runtime
  • The Wrench has an onboard Power gauge
  • A quick charger refills battery in under 30 minutes
  • It has a compact head for easy access to narrow spaces


  • The Hog ring has a poor grip on the bits at high speed
  • The wrench is still heavy and increases fatigue when used overhead for long


Q: What is the Compatible anvil socket for Dewalt DCF880HM2?

A:  This Impact wrench has the DEWALT ½ inch Hog ring anvil which uses a spring retention grip. The Impact wrench can accommodate any ½ inch bit shaft with a sturdy grip. Smaller bit shafts may fit on the anvil but the high torque can easily break them which is why the standard ½ inch minimum should be observed.

Q: What is the Torque rating of DEWALT DCF880HM2?

A:  This is a 20V Impact wrench with a torque rating of 1824 IN-lbs. equal to 150 ft-lbs. This is one of the highest torques of any 20V Impact wrench suitable for handling tough screws, nuts, and bolts without chipping the surface or the screw.

Q: Can this impact wrench use 2AH batteries?

A:  Absolutely! This impact wrench can work with earlier models of Dewalt batteries although the 4AH batteries or higher are the best recommended for smooth operation and more runtime.

Q: What is the difference between a hog ring and a detent pin? Can they be interchanged?

A:  A hog ring is a circular anvil that allows you to insert the socket and simply rotate to lock it. It allows you to insert any shaft ½ inch in size or less. A detent pin anvil, on the other hand, is a fixed size anvil that has a matching pin to hold your shaft in place. It limits you to a matching socket only. DEWALT anvils are interchangeable, you can order any of them if you need a change.

Our take of DEWALT DCF880HM2 Impact Wrench

We highly recommend this impact wrench for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who need quick smooth projects on a large scale. The Wrench has a four-pole mortar for handling heavy-duty tasks with a matching high steady torque for the best results. The Impact wrench also allows you to use different shaft sizes and interchange them quickly with its hog ring anvil which allows you to handle many tasks on the site using the same tool. Its design is also friendly enough for any domestic needs.

2. DEWALT DCF880M2 Impact Wrench

DEWALT DCF880M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench Kit with Detent Pin

Most customers buy this as their garage tool as well as for other home applications. It weighs 3.4lbs with batteries included and it is one of the most compact Impact wrenches in the market. It also measures 5.7 inches front to back for accessing narrow spaces such as inside cabinets, corners, and other closed spaces. Unlike its earlier models, this impact wrench uses a detent pin which holds your wrench shaft more steadily than hog rings preventing wobbling at high speed.

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This Impact wrench is fitted with the Dewalt 3 LED work light which is bright and lights up your working space without shadows. It is rated at 1800 in-lbs. This is a high speed designed for handling tough tasks in both domestic and commercial projects. Its improved motor is also more power-efficient for 30% more runtime on a single charge. It also has an onboard power gauge to help you track the available run time.

This kit includes a quick charger from Dewalt as well as 2 4AH batteries which give you more hours of working and less time charging. It is covered by a 3-year warranty with 90-day free customer support and free 30-day return.


  • It comes with 2 4AH batteries able to run the whole day on a single charge
  • It has a stable shaft grip because of its detent pin tip
  • It is light and compact
  • Its short head makes it easy to access tight spaces
  • It has a powerful LED light for a brighter workspace


  • Detent pins make it hard to load and change sockets
  • It has a strong vibration at the handle which affects accuracy


Q: Is the torque on this Wrench adjustable?

A:  Not really. The torque of an impact range is controlled by the variable speed trigger which gets even better because you get to increase torque only when you have a strong grip on the nuts.

Q: What is the nominal torque for this Impact wrench?

A:  This Impact wrench is rated at 1800in-lbs/ 150ft-lbs.

Q: Is This Impact Wrench brushless?

A:  No! This Dewalt Impact Wrench is brushed.

Q: Can 18V Dewalt batteries be used on this Impact Wrench?

A:  Unfortunately, no. Dewalt XPR 18V batteries are not compatible with this 20V range of tools.

Our Take on DEWALT CFD880M2

We recommend this as the Impact wrench for any project you may have at home. Its high torque and compact design give you full control and comfortable operation even for first-time users. It is designed for use by anyone at home. This Impact wrench retains shaft stability even at high speeds allowing you tighten or loosen lug nuts and bolts with little strain and have a clean finish which is why It can also be used on commercial projects but advisably, as a second Impact wrench.

Direct Comparison Between DEWALT CFD880HM2 AND CFD880M2

Speed and operation

Outwardly, these two impact wrenches seem disturbingly similar but performance on the site is totally different because of the design and speed differences. First, the ultimate determinant of power on an impact wrench is the speed stated as IPM (Impacts per minute). CFD880HM2 has a nominal speed of 2700 IPMs making it the faster of the two. CFD880HM2 is rated as 2300 RPM but is runs slower than the former which is why you will unlock over 100 bolts in under 5 minutes using CFD880HM2. The speed, however, makes the bit a little wobbly because of the wrench`s Hog ring anvil which is why you need an experienced hand to maintain grip. CFD880M2 has a more friendly design with high stability despite its lower torque size. Its full impact is directly focused at the shaft meaning it needs little effort to operate.

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Weight and design

Dewalt uses a powerful four-pole motor on both of these Impact wrenches. The parts are also made of quality metal for durability. Both Impact wrenches weigh 3.4lbs which is heavier than regular impact drivers and cordless drills but lighter than other brands of Impact wrenches. The heads measure 5.7 inches because both impact wrenches are designed for use in tight applications such as car tires, construction applications, and equipment assembly.

Quality and warranty

DEWALT uses powerful metallic motors and strong casing on their tools and these two impact wrenches are no different. CFD880HM2, however, uses hog ring anvil. The spring and clamp teeth at this anvil tend to wear after use on many tough tasks. Both wrenches are covered by a 3-year limited warranty with customer support and given an estimated 7-year lifespan by the manufacturer.

Final note

Dou you want an impact wrench for your garage and other home applications or one for professional tasks such as construction, woodwork and motor repair? We believe that every power tool buyer needs a clear description of the product and expert opinion on performance before paying. DEWALT is a trusted brand which is why these two Impact wrenches have entered the power tool wars in recent years and many people find it hard to make their final decision just based on five-star ratings. After thorough analysis and hands-on testing, we made our recommendations on the two impact wrenches. Before you pay for any of them, you have to match each torque and speed to the difficulty of the projects you intend to handle. This analysis has all the details you need to narrow down to your best wrench drill for both DIY and commercial projects.