Milwaukee 2702-20 M18 Compact Brushless Hammer Drill Driver Review

Looking for speed and power in your hammer drill but don’t want the bulk? The Milwaukee 2702-20 M18 Brushless Hammer Drill Driver offers speed and power blended in one compact and lightweight tool.

This was designed by Milwaukee to fill the gap between their cost-effective brushed drills and drivers and their superior performance Fuel models. As with all Milwaukee tools, we are sure this hammer drill will not disappoint.

This hammer drill is sold as a bare tool, meaning it does not come with a hammer drill and impact driver combination kit. You pay for the drill and get nothing else—no battery, no carrying bag or any other accessories.

If you are a fan of Milwaukee tools and already have a few in your toolbox, this wouldn’t be an issue since you can interchange some of their compatible attachments. However, if this is your first time to purchase from the brand, get ready to shell out additional expense.

In addition, this tool is compatible with the brand’s entire M18 System. Currently, it offers more than 70 cordless lithium ion products. In case you want to purchase this tool now and later get an impact driver from the same line, you have an array of options available. For now, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Milwaukee 2702-20 M18.

Milwaukee M18 18V 1/2-Inch Compact Brushless Hammer Drill Driver (2702-20) (Bare Tool Only - Battery, Charger and Accessories Not Included)



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Delivers 500 in. lbs. of maximum torque
  • Has two-speed options of 450 and 1800 RPM
  • Equipped with a hammer drill feature
  • Ideal for construction work
  • Comes with 18 clutch settings
  • Has a ½-inch all-metal ratcheting chuck


  • Sold as a bare tool
  • No force adjustment

Our Opinion

Excellent Speed and Power

The tool features the Milwaukee Brushless Motor that is designed to give you 50% longer run time than its brushed counterparts. This ensures that you get durability and reliability in face of the toughest driving and drilling tasks.

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These motors use rare-earth magnets that provide a stronger magnetic field that makes the motors more stable, more durable, and more energy-efficient than other models or brands. You can be sure that this hammer drill will deliver the precise power and strength you need.

Aside from this innovative feature, this drill also comes with RedLink Plus Intelligence which allows communication between the tool, battery, and charger for increased performance. It also prevents the tool from overheating in extreme circumstances.

Its peak torque is 500 in. lbs. which more powerful than other comparable units in its category. It lets you drive 3-inch screws in a 4×4 post and go through 4×6 lumber with 1-inch Speedbor max bits. Its two-speed gearbox gives you speed ranges of 0-450 and 0-1,800 rotations per minute. It has a hammer drill mode feature that delivers 0-450 and 0-2,800 blows per minute. These impressive rates allow more than enough efficiency for your light construction jobs.

Ergonomically Designed Features

Along with its high working power and speed, this tool also offers comfortable features because of its ergonomic design. Working overhead or in super tight spaces is a breeze given its 3.9-pound weight which already includes the battery.

Lightweight also means user-friendly. This hammer drill lets you work in difficult angles more effectively and with less strain. You can also afford to say goodbye to operator fatigue which is what you get when using the tool for a much longer period.

Its short length of only 7 3/8 inches complements the advantages of having a brushless motor. Both contribute to this model’s reputation for being impressively small and light. The use of RedLithium batteries also plays a part in this.

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RedLithium Batteries

The RedLithium batteries that the 2702-20 uses are a trademark Milwaukee technology. They were improved to have longer runtime, power, and speed than standard lithium ion batteries, so you are getting more work time and more value for your money.

Another great thing about these batteries is that, since the M18 line of tools all use the same RedLithium variant, this tool will fit right in with the seventy other tools Milwaukee has on their roster. Therefore, while buying this product will not get you anything else but the tool, it is good to know that when you do purchase its batteries that it can be used with a range of options.

Additional Features

This tool has all-metal gear case and a ½-inch metal ratcheting chuck for increased durability. It also comes with a built-in work light that lets you work in dimly lit spaces or during the night.

While these things may seem pretty standard, not all drills come with added illumination features. Those who have been using this kind of tool for years know how understated yet vital they are for completing projects in those hidden nooks and crannies.

In addition, this hammer drill is covered by a limited warranty that spans five years. If you feel any defects or dramatic decline of quality and found that they were due to faulty manufacturing, then you are entitled to free service within the coverage period.

Comparison with Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18

The 2703-22 certainly has more going for it than the 2702-20. One of which is power. It delivers 1,200 in. lbs. of torque as compared to the latter with just 500. It also has more speed at 2,000 RPM vs. 1800. While this tool it is bigger and stronger, so is its price higher. It is your typical yet not so typical workhorse tool

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After looking closely into the 2702-20 M18, it proves to be an excellent and efficient hammer drill driver. It has just enough power and speed to do most of your concrete, masonry, and light constructions work, and with its affordable price, this is quite a steal.

Its compact and lightweight design lets you do more tasks than larger-sized tools for an extended period. It also causes little to no operator fatigue which is commonly associated with heavier and larger models.

This may well be the reason that Milwaukee created the M18 line. Now you have the option to own tool that is both reasonably priced and comes with a very high level of performance. Size matters but not at the expense of power, and you will never have to worry about that again with the 2702-20.