Champion vs. Honda 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion Power Equipment company is a top choice for those who want something affordable while at the same time delivering the best power output.

A good example is the Champion 2000-Watt generator that is known for being dependable and robust.

To help compare to the Champion 2000-watt model, we have to consider the Honda EU3000iS model. It will be interesting to see how the two can go against each other. We do all that in the guide below.

What to Look For

The Run Time

One thing that stands out when it comes to choosing a generator is the run time.

Different generators will have different number of hours they can run on a full tank of gas.

Some are likely to run for even 20 hours while others 5 hours on a single tank of gas. It all comes down to which model that you pick.

If you are going to pick the best generator, then consider the amount of run time you get based on the load capacity.

Most manufacturers will rate their generators based on 25% load capacity.

If you increase the load, then you end up with less run time. So, get a model with more run time depending on your power needs.

No one wants to wake up at night to refuel a generator. Sometimes you might also be far from a gas station. You always want a model that gives you the best power.

Number and Type of Outlets

A great portable generator will make it easy for you to enjoy the power by having several outlets.

You need to look at the different types of outlets that the generator offers to see if it would be great for you to get.

You will mostly get most generators having more AC outlets than the DC outlets. Having these two on the same generator can make your life easier when using the generator.

Newer generators will also have USB ports. This is where you can easily plug in your mobile devices and tablets to charge them.

You should also consider if the outlets are RV ready or not. When you buy a portable generator, you are likely to use it with the RV.

Even if the model is not RV-ready, it should at least offer the option of using an adapter to connect it to the RV for camp use.


When you decide to get a portable generator, then portability is a crucial feature to always keep in mind.

Before you can buy the generator, look at the size and weight as they largely affect the generator’s portability.

A portable generator will be compact and lightweight. The manufacturer will always point out the generator size and weight in the product description section. Make sure to go through it to learn more.

For a generator that is around 50 lbs., many people will find it being easily portable.

There are some that will have folding handles that help in reducing their footprint. You simply pull out their handles when it is time to carry it.

The Safety

Before you can connect your appliances and electronics to the generator, check to see if it comes with safety features.

Some of the safety features will include having an overload warning alert. This is crucial so that you can easily get yourself a generator that alerts you when there is an overload.

There are models that will shut down when the overload persists to prevent damage to the inverter.

Others will shut down when the oil level becomes too low. This is crucial to prevent the engine from damage due to lack of lubrication.

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Generator Power

A generator will have two levels of power. There is the starting power or peak power and the running power or the rated power.

You need to check out these two levels of power to determine if the generator can handle your power needs.

When choosing the generator, focus more on the rated power. This is the power that the generator can offer when running continuously.

Other than the level of power output, you still need something that offers clean stable power.

The clean stable power means that you can use the generator on sensitive electronics all at any time.

Be careful when using electronics that have heating elements. They tend to draw a lot of power at any given time.

If you have to include them, oversize the generator so that it can handle the heaters in addition to the other electronics.

Ease of Using the Generator

Any person who is in the market for a portable generator would not want something that is hard to use.

The controls of the generator will determine how easy it is to use on overall. Check out what other people are saying about the generator usability before buying. If it is user-friendly, then you should not have a problem getting it.

Still as part of usability, get a model that is easy to start. No one needs a generator that is hard to start.

Even if it uses a recoil starting system, you still want it to start with only a few pulls. It could be one or two pulls.

Let’s Compare

Champion 2000-Watt Portable Generator

If you want to power several appliances and electronics in your home, you can opt for the Champion 2000-watt portable generator. For its size and weight, it is definitely a great choice for those who want something portable.

Well, we do not choose a generator just because it is portable. Here are more interesting features about the generator.

The Power

Each time you decide to get yourself a generator, then the power output is a key consideration.

This model is great in terms of the power output as it delivers 2000 starting watts and 1700 running watts.

Always focus more on the running watts as that is the power that will be available throughout when the generator is running.

This amount of power output is great considering the model has an 80CC engine. Not many models of the same engine size will have such a great power output.

Another thing to like about this engine is its runtime. The manufacturer claims it can run for 9.5 hours when the load is at 25%.

The various outlets on the generator make it easy to connect to the generator. You can easily operate your devices whenever there is no power even at home.

Low Noise Level

Anyone who has used a generator knows that it will always make some noise. What is important is the noise level that comes from the generator.

For this model, it is relatively a quiet generator. Since its noise level is 53 decibels at 23 feet, it is easily a super quiet model.

For this noise level, you will find it also being ideal for camping, back parties, and for your home use.

Clean Stable Power

The generator power is good, but it can still be risky for those who might be looking to use the generator with sensitive electronics.

This is because of a feature called Total Harmonic Distortion or THD. It is high in generators. So, make sure that the generator has lower THD.

For this Champion generator, its THD is less than 3%. This makes it a safe generator for your sensitive electronics. This is because it provides you with clean stable power.

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It will be an ideal generator for TVs, computers, phones, and many more electronics you might need to power.


The generator weighs 48.5 pounds and has compact dimensions.

Such features mentioned above are all about making it a highly portable generator for you to get right now.

Being compact means that it will not take up too much space in the RV when you have to carry it around to different places.

Another thing you will like will be its handle. The design of the handle helps with carrying the generator with ease from one place to another. It is also strong to hold the weight of the generator.

Economy Mode

For those that might find that the 9.5 hours on the regular run is not enough, you have the option of running the generator in economy mode.

This mode will optimize the fuel use of the generator so that it can run a lot longer on a single tank of gas.

The economy mode is recommended when you are using a small load. There is no point of running the generator at a high speed when the load is low.

Honda EU3000iS Portable Inverter Generator

If you want more power, then the Honda EU3000iS is what you buy. It is still one of the quietest portable inverter generators in the market. It is amazing how you can get so much power while keeping the generator super quiet.

Here are more reasons people get the Honda EU3000iS model.

The Power and Run Time

This Honda model comes with a bigger engine at 196cc compared to the 80cc Champion engine above.

With more engine displacement, you are likely to experience the best power output.

Talking of power output, we find it having an impressive starting wattage of 3000W and running wattage of 2800W.

If you have more appliances that you need to run, then this is the generator to get right now.

The best part is that it is parallel ready too. This is where you can connect two similar Honda generators to double the power output.

We always have to look at the noise that the generator makes. This one makes 50dBA which is super quiet for a generator.

It will be easier to run this generator overnight at a campsite without necessarily making everyone uncomfortable with the noise.

Another thing you will like more about the generator is the run time. The generator can run for 20 hours on a single tank of gas. Its fuel capacity is 3.4 gallons. This is more fuel capacity than what you get with some models with similar power output.


Sensitive electronics can be powered by this generator considering it comes with a clean sine wave power output.

This is what you would call clean stable power.

It is clean power since the THD is less than 3%. As such, you will continue enjoying this type of generator even for your sensitive electronics without any worries.

To make the generator even better in terms of usability, it comes with a control panel having 3AC outlets.

There is also 1 DC outlet for easily charging your batteries.

You should note that the generator is not RV ready. To connect it to your RV, you will need a L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor.


Many people enjoy a generator that is easily portable. That is something you will like with this inverter generator.

Since it comes with a closed inverter generator design, carrying it around is not a problem. It is also more aesthetically pleasing than the open frame generator design.

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The dimensions of this generator are 25.9 x 17.6 x 22 inches. This should not take up much space in your RV when you have to carry it around.

As for the weight, it weighs 131 pounds.

For its weight, it might not be the easiest to move around, but it is still considered portable for a generator.

Emissions Approval

If you are interested in getting a generator that does not pollute the environment too much, then this Honda is a great choice.

This is because it is EPA approved and still CARB compliant. You will find it being on sale in all the states including even California, which is known for being strict on its emissions rules.

Other Features

Some of the other useful features include having the built-in fuel gauge. You will know when it is time to refuel the generator so that you can keep enjoying the power.

There is also the low oil shut-off and alert feature. This is a great feature to prevent damage to the inverter generator’s engine. We all know that engines do not work great when the lubrication is low.


Will the Champion 2000-Watt generator work in snowy weather?

Yes. It is possible for this generator to work in different types of weather. Even if it is cold or snowy, the generator is still easy to start and run smoothly.

Can the Champion 2000-Watt generator run on different fuel types?

We recommend that you use only gas. The last thing you want is to end up affecting the performance of the engine or possibly damage it. Using the wrong fuel can sometimes make the generator sound slurred and wobbly.

Can you parallel connect the Honda EU3000iS with the Honda EU2000iS?

No. You need to parallel connect models that are similar. Using different models will not be ideal and can lead to issues when they are outputting the power together.

Can you use the Honda EU3000iS generator to power your washing machine?

Yes. Since the generator comes with 2800 running watts, it can handle different types of washing machines in the market. It will still have enough power to handle more appliances and electronics at the same time.

Is the Honda EU3000iS generator fuel efficient?

Yes. Considering that it can run for 20 hours on a single tank of gas, it is easy to see that it is a fuel-efficient generator. You will not have to keep refueling the generator just to keep it running.


To choose the best between these two models is mostly based on the power needs.

If you want more power output, then the Honda EU3000iS model is the best option. It generates an impressive 2800 running watts against the 1700 running watts of the Champion 2000-watt generator.

As for the best portability, go for the Champion 2000-watt generator. It is lightweight compared to the Honda generator. It is also cheaper for the power that it generates.