Yamaha vs. Honda Inverter Generator (Detailed Review)

Yamaha and Honda inverter generators are common in homes, RVs, campsites and more.

The reason is because they deliver stable clean power to the users. It should be interesting to learn more about what they can do.

Well, we put head-to-head two inverter generators to see who makes the best one for the money.

The two models we will focus on include the Yamaha EF3000iS and the Honda EU3000iS generators.

What to Consider

Rated Power Output

When it comes to the power output, you will have to look at the kind of load you have before making up your mind.

Take the time to compute the different appliances that will be connected to the generator. Total up the total wattage of the appliances to find the size of the generator.

If you have a total electrical load of 2000 watts, then you cannot use a 1000-watt output generator. This is because such a load would be an overload on the generator. We recommend that for such a load, get a 3000watts generator.

Different inverter generators would have different rated power output levels. From the example above, you would now know how to proceed to end up with the right generator.

Another thing under the power to consider would be the running power. A generator can be rated to have an output of 3000 watts. However, it would have a running output power of 2800 watts. Always make sure to take note of such.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a common thing that many would consider when buying a gas generator. It will determine how long you can run the generator before refueling.

Most manufacturers are now implementing new technology to help keep the fuel use as low as possible. The aim is to ensure that you always end up with more runtime on a single tank of fuel.

Look at what the manufacturer claims to be the best runtime you can get from a generator. It is from such a figure you would know if it will be a perfect generator for you.

The amount of load at any time will also determine the fuel use. If you keep the generator running on full load, then it would not achieve the maximum runtime as stated by the manufacturer.

Area of Application

The generators can be used in the home as a backup to provide power to the house or even at a campsite.

So, depending on the area of applications, you are likely to get some models being more recommended than others.

When using the generator in a home, you need a model that gives you clean and stable power. You might be running it on delicate appliances such as fridges, freezers, and more. So, you need to get yourself the best inverter generator to always provide clean power.

Noise Level

We all know that generators can be noisy. What people do not know is that some generators do not produce a lot of noise while in operation.

If you are going to enjoy the quiet operation, look at the generator specifications. It will have the expected noise level that the generator would produce.

For the quiet generators, they will produce a noise level of 50 to 70 dBA. This is the same amount of noise that would allow you to have a normal conversation with ease.

Starting Mechanism

The starting mechanism for most generators has always been pulling the cord. However, that has changed a lot over the years. Models now come with an electric starting mechanism.

The electric starting mechanism will make your work easier when you have to get the generator up and running. Even the cold starts are easier.

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Even when a model comes with an electric start mechanism, it will still have a manual backup method. This is crucial to start the generator in case the electric start fails.

Maintenance Needs

The maintenance will largely vary with the model. Some of them would want more maintenance than others do.

To learn more about the maintenance needs, look at the reviews of the generator. People will always share their experiences so that you can learn from them. The idea is to help understand what you are getting before spending your money.

It is therefore important that you get yourself a model with less maintenance needs. No one wants to keep working on a generator when it is supposed to be supplying the power to the home or RV.


The portability is all about how easy it would be to move the generator when the need arises.

Manufacturers are now adding wheels to even the smaller generators. The aim is to help the users move the generators around with ease.

Some will even have parking brakes to keep the generator from moving when parked. These are some of the things to look at when considering portability.

Also, the weight will play an important role in portability. A lighter generator would definitely be easier to move around.

EPA and CARB Compliance

Since everyone is interested in getting a fuel-efficient generator, then you would go for a model that is EPA and CARB compliant. This means that the engine is also made to be emission compliant.

You would not feel guilty when using such a generator as you know it would deliver on good power while at the same time remaining clean for the environment.

Let’s Compare

Yamaha EF3000iS Inverter Generator


Yamaha EF3000iS, 2800 running Watts/3000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter


The Yamaha EF3000iS is built with performance in mind for those who want to experience the best inverter generator. With the many positive reviews about the generator, it gets you thinking about what more you can get with it.

That is what we want to look at. You can expect it to be one of the best generators coming from Yamaha. Let us get into the review already.

Low Emissions Engine

Anyone who wants a generator would be looking at its overall power output. Even for a low emissions engine, this model can generate an output of 3000Watts starting power and 2800 watts running power.

With such kind of power output, it is easy to power several appliances with so much ease. Many who have used it agree that it helps them to use the generator as a backup or main source of power.

Still on the engine, we find that it easily meets the EPA and CARB emission regulations. It just goes on to show that the engine will live up to your needs for a top performance engine.

Less Maintenance Needs

The independent gasoline petcock is a feature that makes the maintenance of the generator a lot easier.

This feature will reduce the need for carburetor cleaning and repairs on overall. Cleaning of the carburetor can be common when you are using stale gas in the carb.

Not having to deal with maintenance needs all the time means that you can spend more time using the generator than working on it.

Quiet Operation

The noise level is always a top consideration when looking for a generator. This one is designed to run as quietly as possible.

The unit comes with sound absorbing materials as part of making it quieter. These materials are placed at key locations so that they cannot resonate the sound.

The unit also has a newly designed muffler that will keep the noise production to a minimum of around 60dBA.

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Smart Throttle

As part of making more advanced in terms of technology, it comes with a smart throttle.

The smart throttle is all about improving the fuel efficiency while at the same time reduces the noise that the generator makes.

The throttle will sense the load and then increase or reduce the rpm as required. As such, you will always have an efficient generator.

Oil Watch Warning System

The last thing you need is to do costly repairs to the engine when it runs low on oil. That is why this unit is equipped with the oil watch warning system.

The customer would now have peace of mind as monitoring your oil level just got easier.

Built-In wheels

Having the wheels makes it easier for transportation. When you have to get it to a specific area, it is easier to do so rather than carrying it and probably hurting your back.

It also has a parking brake to keep the generator from rolling away incase placed on a slope.

Honda EU3000iS Inverter Generator

The Honda EU3000iS is a nice comparison to the Yamaha generator above. There is no doubt you would want to put two top brands head-to-head to see who is better.

This Honda Inverter generator is built with multiple applications in mind. It might be why it is so popular. Below are more features that make it an ideal inverter generator for many people.

Excellent Power Delivery

Having a running output of 2800watts, it stands out as a good inverter generator you need to handle different appliances in homes or motorhomes.

Yes, this generator can be great for an RV too.

Because of its stable power delivery, the unit can still be used for different appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwave, and more.

Super Quiet

Being a quiet inverter generator must be its major selling point.

This Honda generator can operate at 50 to 57 dBA. Your neighbors will like the fact that you have such a quiet operating generator.

For its noise level, we find it is less than what you get with a normal conversation. For this reason, the same generator is ideal for camping, and other applications that require a quiet operation.

Fuel Efficient

The manufacturer understands that people want to save more on the fuel use when using a generator. With that in mind, it is good to know that this generator can run up to 20 hours on a single tank.

The lowest runtime is 7 hours and the maximum is 20 hours. The runtime will depend on the load on the generator.

With such runtimes, many will find it being a great inverter generator for overnight power supply.


Starting a generator for a long time has been dreaded. That should not be an issue with this one as it comes with an electric starting option.

Even in the cold, it is easier to have the generator up and running.

There is also the easy recoil starting option too. This option will mostly be used as a backup when the electric starting fails.

Inverter Technology

The Honda engineers did a good job perfecting the inverter technology that comes with this inverter generator.

This is because the inverter is able to deliver stable and cleaner power all the time. Many want this type of precision when they want to use the generator to power some delicate appliances that need stable power.

Oil Alert Protection

To protect your engine from damage, the generator comes with a low oil alert and protection.

It will shut off the engine when low oil is detected.

You will now know when it is time to add more oil to the engine to have it running well.

Circuit Protection

Circuit protection is another important feature that comes with the generator. This feature will protect the generator from overloads.

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With overload protection, the generator can last longer despite how often you get to use it.


You will have an easy time using the generator knowing that it comes with a 3-year residential and commercial warranty.

When other brands would give commercial warranty of only a few months, you will be covered top to bottom for three years with Honda.


Are Yamaha generators quiet?

Yes. Yamaha packs its generators with various materials at specific locations to keep the noise as low as possible. It is why you would get more people going for such generators knowing they can be quiet while in operation.

What can an inverter generator of 3000 watts run?

Such a generator would have 2800 watts as the running power output. For such power, you can power your fridge, microwave, RV air conditioner, power tools, and more depending on the power rating of the appliances.

What should you consider when buying a generator?

Buying a generator should not be hard. Look at features such as noise level, build quality, maintenance needs, warranty period, ease of starting, durability, fuel use, and more.

How long can a generator run?

The generator runtime will vary a lot from one model to another. With more fuel efficient technologies coming up, generators can now run up to 20 hours on a single fuel tank.

The runtime will also depend on the load applied to the generator. When a model has too much load on it, then the runtime would be a lot lesser.

Is a Honda generator worth the money?

Yes. Honda is known for making some of the best generators around the world. Their generators are well made, reliable, durable, and quiet. These are all features that anyone who wants a generator wishes for right now.

Considering Honda has service centers around the world, it is so easy to get the parts that you need to service your generator if it comes to that.

Are generators lightweight?

It will depend on the rated output power of the generator. For a generator with more rated power, then you can expect it to be a bit heavier because of the larger engine.

Still, they can be lightweight sometimes depending on the power output you expect.

Even for the heavy models, they now mostly have wheels to aid with portability.


The two models are not the cheapest generators to buy, but they are worth every penny that you spend on them. If you have to save some money, then go for the Yamaha EF3000iS model. If a budget is not an issue, then opt for the Honda EU3000iS model for the full experience.

We find the Honda EU3000iS being the better option between the two. This is because it is quieter, more fuel efficient, and has an advanced inverter technology. With its more protection of the engine and generator overload, it remains our favorite choice.