DEWALT DCK290L2 Vs. DCK299M2 Vs. DCK285C2

Established since 1992, the DEWALT Company has come a long way in giving consumers with reliable power tools and accessories. They’ve established their brand and are now one of the most prominent brands of power tools around the world.

Utilizing power tools for your house projects or any constructed-related tasks come with various advantages as opposed to just utilizing manual tools. In addition, power tools make our life more convenient and less complex and certainly save us a huge amount of time as well. But whatever your reasons are, we know that power tools surely improve productivity by a whole lot and make working more comfortable and enjoyable.

With a number of power tool brands in the market today, how would you actually know which one to pick? It can be quite a daunting task to search for that ideal brand particularly if you’re just looking out. On a side note, if you’re an experienced power tool consumer but are not really satisfied with the brand you are currently using then DEWALT has got you covered.

Prominent all over the world, DEWALT power tools and accessories have always had the advantage in terms of durability, comfort, performance, and overall value. Stay tuned and we’ll take an in-depth review of what some certain units from DEWALT can do. And if they will be able to fit with your current needs especially if you’ve got a specific project. 

DEWALT DCK290L2 vs. DCK299M2 vs. DCK285C2

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit (DCK290L2)

DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit (DCK290L2)

What You Will Get With This Product?

DEWALT drills have proven itself as a credible leader in making game-changing and durable developments. The DEWALT DCK290L2 combo kit is not really an exception. In fact, it lends an extra hand to your basic home repair and simple built needs. This well-rounded pair of power tools aims to be of aid regardless if you’re a furniture maker, a steel stud framer, a contractor, or a plumber. We’ll find out below if this is actually worth the investment.


  • Built with ¼ inch hex chuck for fast, one-handed bit changes
  • Delivers 1,400 inch per pounds of max torque
  • Features 22 clutch settings
  • All-metal, 3-speed transmission options
  • Utilizes ½ inch ratcheting chuck for better grip


  • Head on the drill is quite large for use in tight spots
  • Flimsy bit holding mechanism 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is this combo set made in the USA?

A: This combo set is not made in the USA.

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Q: Can the hammer drill’s hammer function be switched off so that it would operate like a conventional drill?

A: There are 3-settings, one for drilling and another for sinking screws, and lastly one for the hammer function.

Q: Are the 20V max batteries interchangeable?

A: Yes! They’re interchangeable. 

What Take on This Product:

Now, before anything else, the DEWLT DCK290L2 kit is an amalgamation of a DCD985 ½ inch hammer drill and a DCF885 ¼ inch impact driver. Both are actually part of DEWALT’s 20 volt max line up. They’re operated by 3.0Ah li-ion batteries and are engineered to withstand daily wear and tear both at work or at home. Included in the kit are a DCD985 hammer drill, a contractor bag, a 360 degree side handle, a 30-minute charger, two 20 volts max 3.0 Ah li-ion batteries, and a DCF885 impact driver.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit, Premium 4.0Ah (DCK299M2)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit, Premium 4.0Ah (DCK299M2)

What You Will Get With This Product?

The DCK299M2 unit comes with the DCB115 battery charger that can easily charge all DDEWALT 12 volt to 20 volt Max li-ion batteries. In addition, it can recharge the batteries in just less than 90 minutes that can significantly decrease your downtime quickly.

This combo kit comprises of the same impact driver and hammer drill as those in the DCK299D1T1. Included in this kit are the DCF887 impact driver and the DCD996 hammer drill.

Now, for most fastening, driving, and drilling applications, this combo kit can do the task with utmost convenience. It comes with smart features that can make the furniture assembly, deck building, and even drilling pilot holes through concrete more convenient and easier.


  • Comes with 2 belt clips, two 4.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a contractor bag
  • Incorporated with built-in LED lights
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Utilizes brushless motors


  • The noise it produces might be uncomfortable for some users
  • Its batteries are quite pricey 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Is the hammer drill an option or is it always in hammer mode?

A: It is a selectable mode.

Q: Where is the LED light on the drill?

A: At the base of the handle in the front.

Q: Is it made in China, Mexico, or USA?

A: This one is made in USA, as printed on the box 

What Take on This Product:

If you’ve got other 60 volts or 120 volts DEWALT cordless units that utilize batteries with the FLEXVOLT technology, then acquiring this combo kit will give you more benefits. Batteries that utilize the FLEXVOLT technology are compatible with other DEWALT 20V max tools and those with higher voltages as well.

If you don’t have high-voltage tools, then the DCK299M2 is your best choice. The two 4.0Ah batteries that come with it will work with other 20V max DEWALT power tools.

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3. DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit (DCK285C2)

DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Driver and Hammer Drill Combo Kit (DCK285C2)

What You Will Get With This Product?

You can acquire this combo kit for a very reasonable price. It can give the power that you desire for masonry applications. Its ½ inch hammer drill comes with 350 unit’s watts out and 2-speed transmissions of 0 to 600 revolutions per minute and 0 to 2,000 revolutions per minute. Its ¼ inch impact driver can also give up to 2,800 revolutions per minute. Both of these powered by 20 volts 1.5 ah li-ion batteries.

Moreover, its charger that is included in the kit are energy-star rated and can be charged 12 volts and 20 volts li-ion DEWLT batteries. With this combo kit, users would also get two belt hooks and a belt tip holder.


  • Comes with excellent warranty offer especially for the batteries
  • Comes with an integrated LED work lights
  • Backed by a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Compact and lightweight tools included
  • Comes in a hard plastic carrying case


  • Its case is not molded, so the tools are not really secured
  • Doesn’t come with any battery fuel gauge 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does it come for 220 volts power input for the charger?

A: Its charger is a regular 110V to 115V outlet with no plug or connection for 220 volts.

Q: Do hammer drills utilize the same bits as regular drills?

A: This unit will accept up to ½ inch bit.

Q: Does it bring the handle (to hold when utilizing hammer drill setting)?

A: There’s no other handle and it is not really required.

What Take on This Product:

Aside from the DCF885 impact driver, this combo kit also comes with two 1.5 Ah 20V max li-ion batteries, a carrying case, a hard plastic storage, two belt hooks, a bit-tip holder, and a 30-minute rapid charger.

In addition, this combo kit also comes with a DCD785 ½ inch hammer drill. It comes with a 14 clutch settings and two transmission speeds 0 to 600 revolutions per minute and 0 to 2000 revolutions per minute. Its ratcheting chuck has carbide inserts to better grip bits and withstand high impact torque. 

What Is The Difference Between DEWALT DCK290L2 vs. DCK299M2 vs. DCK285C2?

The variable-speed trigger of the DEWALT DCK290L2 provides users with accurate control in each gear of the three-speed transmission. Low speed ranges from 0 to 575 revolutions per minute, medium covers 0 to 1350 revolution per minute, and high speed is 0 to 2000 revolutions per minute. There are 22 clutch settings and a hammer drill function. You will also want to hold the side handle when turning on the hammer action since it puts out up to 34,000 blows per minute in its highest gear.

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The singl LED lighting integrated below the chuck turns on when you press the trigger. It also comes with a twenty-second delay to keep your work area illuminated while you’re grabbing the next bit. The motor comes with plenty of torque with no load at 28000 revolutions per minute and is ready to go with 117 feet per pounds or 1400 inch per pounds and up to 3200 impacts per minute. The ¼ inch hex chuck spring loads with one hand, and accepts short one inch long bits if required.

The DFC885 comes with a pleasant to utilize design. It boasts an ergonomic non-slip over-molded handle, and strategically placed rubber bumpers on the unit’s motor housing in order to keep the driver from sliding around when laid down. There are also 3-LED lights on the driver’s chuck collar so it casts less shadow on your work space.

On the other hand, the DCK299M2 operates on DCB204 20V Max XR high capacity li-ion batteries that have 4.0 amp per hour capacity. This combo kit also comes with 2 individual 4.0Ah 20V max batteries compared to the FLEXVOLT battery that the DCK299D1T1 owns.

As for the DEWALT DCK285C2, its power rating is 350 UWO and it is rated for 34,000 maximum beats or impacts per minute. Its hammer setting makes it not impossible to drill through concrete and brick. It also only weighs 3.5 lbs. and only measures 7.95 inches in width.


If you want maximum flexibility—a drill for lighter to medium work and an impact driver for tough jobs, consider the DEWALT DCK290L2 kit. It has an impressive drill with a number of great clutch settings. It is the least powerful drill of the three but it has the most settings to select exactly the force you want.

As for the DCK299M2, it comes with the smallest and lightest weight drill of the three kits. It isn’t as powerful as the hammer drill but it has more torque than the DCD771. It handles small to medium jobs with ease. If weight and size matter, consider this kit.

Finally, there’s the DCK285C2 kit with the 2 powerhouses: the DCD785 hammer drill and the impact driver. The hammer drill is ideal to use on masonry. If you want more power for tougher tasks, try considering this kit. You’ll also get a hard plastic storage case and a bit tip holder, which the other two combo kits do not include.