Makita 4350FCT vs 4351FCT vs. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

Makita vs. Bosch should be an interesting comparison. This is because both companies are known for making high-quality power tools.

Today, we want to focus on their jigsaws. You always have to look at their power, quality, durability, ease of use, and many other important features.

Since these two companies make multiple jigsaws, we will focus more on the Makita 4350FCT, the Makita 4351FCT, and the Bosch JS470E units.

They are all high-quality tools that professionals would want to own.

Quick Summary

Looking at the features, both the Makita 4350FCT and 4351FCT models are good in terms of power and versatility. It is why you will find them with professionals such as woodworkers, remodelers, and general contractors.

The Bosch JS470E unit is the best choice for a professional who needs more power. It also stands out for having low vibrations while using it for hours on a project.

The Comparison

Makita 4350FCT Top Handle Jigsaw


Jigsaw, Orbital/Straight Cut, 800-2800spm

The Makita 4350FCT often gets listed as one of the best jigsaws in the market for various applications. Why is that even the case? We will look at some of the features that make it a highly desirable unit.

The Power Output

Anyone who needs a jigsaw will always consider the kind of power output they get from the unit. That is why this one stands out with its 6.3-amp motor.

Having a powerful motor means that it can be good for cutting all varieties of materials. To make it even better, it also has 3 orbital settings to provide smooth and aggressive cuts for the various materials.


The Speed Versatility

This model has its speed running from 800 to 2,800SPM. This will allow you to match the motor speed depending on the application. There are times you might have to use more speed if you hope to achieve better results.

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Tool-less Blade Change

If you have to change the blade, it is a simple process. You also do not need a tool to complete the process. From the manual, it is a painless and straightforward method.

Quality LED lights

Having the LED lights makes it easier for you to see better thus improving accuracy. This is better in comparison to units that lack LED lights.

Jigsaw, Orbital/Straight Cut, 800-2800spm

What We Like

  • Impressive cutting capacity
  • The blade is easy to change
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and control

What We Don’t Like

  • It feels heavy

The Solution: As much as it might feel heavy, it still has a lot more benefits that outweigh its weight issue for some people. It is also not too heavy to discourage you from getting it.

Makita 4351FCT Barrel Grip Jigsaw

Barrel Grip Jig Saw with L.E.D. Light

The Makita 4351CT is a different model in terms of design from what you get with the 4350FCT above. This one comes with a barrel grip. Let us see below how it differs from the others in this guide.

Less Vibrations

Thanks to its design, the unit has 40% less tool vibration. This is good for those who might have to use the tool for longer.

Still, this design also keeps the noise to the lowest level. As such, it is going to be an ideal tool for you to enjoy the added comfort.


Tool Versatility

Looking at its 6.3-amp motor, we find that the tool is powerful enough to be versatile. You would be able to use it on various materials without worrying that it might struggle.

As part of versatility, the tool also has a variable speed control option. You can vary the speed from 800 to 2,800SPM. As such, it is easier to match the speed of the tool to your application.

Electronic Speed Control

Yes, this unit has the fancy electronic speed control feature. The work of this feature is to maintain the speed of the tool even if it is working under a load.

Dust Blower

It is worth noting that the model also comes with a built-in dust blower. This will keep the cutline visible all the time to improve its overall accuracy.

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Barrel Grip Jig Saw with L.E.D. Light

What We Like

  • It comes with less tool vibration
  • Its variable speed control makes it versatile
  • The electronic speed control helps to maintain its speed

What We Don’t Like

  • The barrel grip makes newbies struggle to control the tool

The Solution: As much as the barrel grip might be hard to use initially, it is relatively easy to get used to it. With more practice, the newbies to such a tool will know how to control it better.

Bosch JS470E Top Handle Jigsaw

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw - 120V Low-Vibration, 7.0-Amp Variable Speed For Smooth Cutting Up To 5-7/8" Inch on Wood, 3/8

The other two models mentioned above are both from Makita. It is nice to see how they compare with a Bosch tool. Let us look at the top features of the Bosch JS470E jigsaw.

The Power and Speed

One thing is for sure, this unit is the most powerful on the list with a motor rating of 7 amps. For such power, going through different materials is not a problem.

We also expect that its speed performance will be good. Yes, it offers variable speed control from 500 to 3,100 SPM. You should easily use it to handle the different needs you might have on overall.


The Blade Change System

Another thing that stands out for this unit should be its blade change system. We find that it does not require any tools. You can easily eject the hot blade and have another one installed in a few minutes.

The Dust Blower

If you have worked on wood, then you know the importance of having a dust blower. Well, this one has a nice dust blower that will keep the cut line clear. You also have the option of turning it on and off based on the demand.

Ergonomic Handle

Unlike other units in the market, its handle is designed to feel solid and comfortable. As such, it will live up to your needs even if you have to use it for long hours.

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Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw - 120V Low-Vibration, 7.0-Amp Variable Speed For Smooth Cutting Up To 5-7/8" Inch on Wood, 3/8

What We Like

  • It offers consistent performance even under load
  • It has a good dust blower
  • The aluminum gearbox is durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Some might not like the hard-plastic case type

The Solution: The hard plastic might not seem as durable, but it is reinforced to offer the best durability. This makes the tool last for years without much of a problem.

Which is Better?

All the three models are designed to have more power and variable speed control. These two features make them all good in terms of versatility. Another thing you will like should be the ease of changing the blades. This makes them easy even for newbies to such tools to use them.

As for which is the best, we will have to settle on the Bosch JS470E unit. We find that it offers more power, it is easy to control, has more speed settings, and can offer a better precision when cutting various materials.

Final Thoughts

When you have to cut different types of materials, you need the best jigsaw for the job. That is what all the three models mentioned above will do for you. What you need to do is find the right one for your needs. Check out their various features to understand their strengths and weaknesses before making up your mind.