If you’re looking for Porter-Cable hammer drill and you don’t know which one to choose, then good for you because we will be sharing you two of the most prominent hammer drill from Porter-Cable. In this article, we will be comparing these two if one is better for your project or vice versa. In addition, we will be giving some deep insights and an honest review to help you decide.

Well, without further ado, let’s move on! 


1. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Hammer Drill, Tool Only (PCC620LB)

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Hammer Drill, Tool Only (PCC620LB)

What You Will Get With This Product?

Located at the core of this highly versatile hammer drill is the 330 UWO motor that comes with an optimal speed of 1600 revolution per minute. It lets the users to deal both small and large operations and makes the power tool a perfect choice for all types of masonry, metal, and wood projects. All thanks to its two-speed gearbox, the user can easily adjust the speed to one that’s needed for the current task. With a weight that only comes with 3.6 lbs. this unit is also very portable and easy to manipulate with. It boasts a n ergonomic design, a LED lighting system, and a convenient belt hook for working in the dark areas as well as 2 magnets for the bit storage. Along with this hammer drill is a package that has a kit bag, a charger, and 2 li-ion batteries.

Just what you’ll expect from Porter-Cable tools, the feature of this unit boasts the combination of white, red, and black colors. Because it only weighs 3.6 lbs. maneuvering with this hammer drill is very easy, and this will be of vital important for those who need to tackle with drilling masonry regularly. The unit’s handle also boasts an ergonomic design and feels really great at hand which also causes no strain at all even after prolonged working sessions. One thing you’ll also like about this unit is its design which is integrated with LED light. All of these features amalgamated show that Porter-Cable deems design as a crucial component of every power tool, and that’s always a big plus.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a hammering action switch that users can turn on or off based on their needs. This Porter-Cable model comes with a measure of 9.4 by 3.5 by 8.5 inches and can give up to 27,200 BPM. This unit may also seem like a mini version of a jackhammer due to its hammering action, but this small power tool can only put holes through concrete, it won’t be able to break those tough concrete apart. Obviously, no one must actually expect it to do a task as big as drilling pavements since this unit is for handy purposes and light pro tasks only.

Now one thing you should know about this tool is that it comes with adjustable speed settings for more control. Knowing how much power you must implement each time you use your power tools is very crucial. When utilizing power tools, it’s not enough that you know how to push buttons and flip switches since you don’t have any idea which clutch setting to utilize and could instead cause bigger issues. With its 23 clutch settings, it will give you plenty of control over how much twisting or torque power your tasks will require.

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Also, the unit comes with 2-speed gearbox that provides you the option between 0 to 400 low-speed setting and 0 to 1600 high-speed setting. Its low-speed setting can be utilized for higher torque tasks. You can also use it as a normal drill or a hammer drill; you just need to flip its switch.

Now when it comes to added features, the unit utilizes two 20 volts li-ion batteries. Cordless power tools are normally much lighter and its 3.7 pounds weight including the batteries proves that. Additionally, its lightweight quality significantly minimizes the strain on the users’ arms as opposed to using heftier power tools. Less strain implies that you can get the job done much faster since you won’t need to take lots of breaks just to rest your arms.


  • Comes with a bag, charger, and two batteries
  • Comes with high-quality metal chuck
  • Ideal for tough applications
  • Well-designed and lightweight
  • Uses 20 volt li-ion battery


  • Some verified users report that it has a wobbly chuck
  • There’s no side handle 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Can you turn of the hammer function?

A: Yes you can easily turn of the hammer function.

Q: Can this be utilized as a regular drill?

A: Of course! This unit can be used as a regular drill; however, it’s quite heavy.

Q: Does it require maintenance?

A: Yes it needs regular use and storage in a dry area when not being used.

Q: Can it charge 220V?

A: Nope. It can only charge 120V.

What Take on This Product:

This unit is pretty impressive hammer drill wince it comes at a very reasonable price and doesn’t have any negative effect on its overall quality and performance. As it comes with a low weight and an ergonomic design, working with this power tool is a joy, no matter how large and complex the projects are. The manufactures from Porter-Cable supplies this unit with many small conveniences such as a belt clip, battery gauge, magnetic bit holder, and LED light, and that’s something you’re going to be proud of upon purchase.

Furthermore, the model’s powerful motor and its ½ inch chuck work effortlessly and beautifully drilling holes in even the toughest materials out there. This unit is versatile enough to be utilized in masonry, steel, and wood, and as such is bound to become quite prominent in the upcoming weeks. Its reasonable price and the convenient accessories are just kind of bonuses.

There are a number to like about this unit. Just like many other Porter-Cable units, this one offers a lot of convenience, some of which might seem not necessary at the first look but which are actually crucial in terms of the overall ease of operation. The fact that this unit is powerful and well-designed comes with a couple of convenient accessories and that it comes with a good warranty offer that makes it definitely worthy to be purchased.

2. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Hammer Drill Kit, Compact (PCC621LB)

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Hammer Drill Kit, Compact (PCC621LB)

What You Will Get With This Product?

Now, as for this unit, while some pro that often use a hammer drill might be satisfied, this is most likely a better pick for homeowners. On the other hand some verified users report they use it as a versatile drill for a number of tasks.

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Also, at 3.6 lbs. it is significantly much lighter compared to a Makita unit or a DEWALT. But it’s a bit longer compared to the two brands. This is not really an issue unless you’re operating in close quarters since it still only measures 8-3/4 inches from back to front.

Aside from that, this unit comes with a LED work light mounted underneath its barrel. It usually activates upon pulling the trigger. And lastly, this unit comes with two 1.3 ah batteries as well as a charger. Although the batteries have a somewhat short operation time when you’re drilling rock, you can swap packs on the charger so you won’t lose time operating.


  • Comes with a double-ended driver bit
  • Motor gives 283MWO for heavy jobsite applications
  • High-performance hammer drill that can deliver 25,500 BPM for drilling speed in masonry
  • 2 speed gearbox with 1,500 MAX RPM for speed of fastening
  • Extensive runtime and compact, lightweight design


  • Mediocre power tool compared to Makita or DEWALT
  • It doesn’t come with a bag 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Will its charger work with all Porter-Cable 20V batteries?

A: Of course it will!

Q: Aside from the batteries, what are the difference between the hammer drill in this kit and the once in PCC620LB?

A: The PCC620LB comes with more power compared to the first.

Q: Is this drill brushless?

A: Yes it is brushless.

Q: Does its charger work with 240V?

A: This unit supports 110V and 120V and would need a step-down transformer for any other voltage. 

What Take on This Product:

This unit comes with a high performing hammer drill that can give 25,500 beats per minute for drilling speed in masonry.  Its motor gives 283 MWO for demanding jobsite applications. This drill also features a 2 speed gearbox with 1,500 MAX RPM for speed of fastening, with a ½ inch chuck for enhanced bit retention. This unit also offers a compact size at 8.75 inches, with a lightweight design at only 3.6 pounds. This kit comes with 20V li-ion batteries for extensive operation time on your projects. 

What is the Difference between PORTER-CABLE pCC620LB vs. PCC621LB?

The Porter-Cable hammer drill is an amalgamation drill with an easy switch function thus you can hammer, drive, and drill with just a single flip. In addition, this is a power tool that comes with reasonable price and will absolutely provide more than what you pay for. Its powerful and lightweight feature is ideal for do-it-yourself  enthusiasts. You’ll also be able to assemble furniture and other essential home improvements and you need a convenient tool that can handle masonry tasks.

The unit also comes with a LED work light as well as battery fuel gauge. The LED work light is particularly beneficial for when you want illumination in poorly-lit work surfaces. This will lessen the strain in the users’ eyes and will keep them from making certain errors while working. Its battery fuel gauge will show how much charger your battery has left, thus you know when to plug in the batteries.

Its magnetic bit holder also comes in convenience for easily changing bits without rummaging the back into your toolbox or wherever you’re storing your bits. On the other hand, its belt clip is very beneficial for when you need to attach your hammer drill to your tool belt.

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As we’ve already mentioned, this unit comes with a 330UWO motor with an optimal speed of 1600 revolution per minute and 27200 BPM. Depending on your necessities, you can use the unit at 2 different rates which are 0 to 400 revolutions per minute and 1600 revolution per minute – this makes the unit more ideal for a number of drilling tasks.

The Porter-Cable PCC621LB drill is rated 283MWO or also known as max watts out. Meaning, it ends up being less power compared to either DEWALT or Makita units, but it is still tough enough to fasten and drill in masonry. Its 2-speed transmission offers an optimal rpm of 1500 with 25,000 beats per minute in its hammer mode. You can also turn off the hammer mode for drilling in fragile materials as well. With its 22 clutch settings, users can set an accurate amount of torque depending on the task at hand. This way, users will less likely strip a screw.

In addition, this unit has a LED work light which is integrated underneath the units’ barrel. It normally activates when the user pulls the trigger. And finally, this unit comes with two 1.3 ah batteries and a charger. Even though the batteries come with a somewhat short operation time while drilling, you can swap packs on the charger so you will not lose significant amount of time operating.

Aside from that, this unit comes with a LED work light mounted underneath its barrel. It usually activates upon pulling the trigger. And lastly, this unit comes with two 1.3 ah batteries as well as a charger. Although the batteries have a somewhat short operation time when you’re drilling rock, you can swap packs on the charger so you won’t lose time operating.


Knowing which hammer drill to pick is very crucial so you won’t end up wasting your hard-earned money. The thing is, it’s actually easy to choose one. Aside from the fact that we’ve already shared you two of the most reliable hammer drill from Porter-Cable, you just need a little bit of discretion to why you’re going to purchase that particular unit instead of the other. Will it be of huge help to your current tasks? Do you have the right budget for it? There’s just a lot of basis but your needs and your budget are your top priorities so you’d end up investing on a worthy product.

If you’ve got any feedback or questions about our topic today, please comment down below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.