Utilizing power tools for your construction work or home projects comes with many benefits as opposed to simply utilizing hand tools. Power tools make our lives more convenient, and less complicated, and certainly saves us a significant amount of time. Whatever your reasons for utilizing power tools, we’re aware that they improve productivity by a mile and make working more comfortable and fun.

Because of the many brands of power tools today on the market, how would you actually know which one to pick? It can be quite an intimidating experience to seek for that ideal brand particularly if you’re just starting out. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced power tool user but is not satisfied with the current brand you’re using then Porter-Cable is a fine choice.

Porter-Cable has been in the power tool industry for a very long time now. The company was able to establish a credible reputation and brand. Known to the world, Porter-Cable power tools are one of those prominent companies that have the upper hand in terms of durability, comfort, high performance, and the overall value.

That said; let’s take a look at the Porter-Cable PCCK618L2 vs. PCCK619L2 vs. PCCK602L2 to determine which Porter-Cable drill-impact driver combo kit is best for your needs. 


1. PORTER-CABLE PCCK618L2 20V MAX 2 -Tool Brushless Lithium Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK618L2 20V MAX 2 -Tool Brushless Lithium Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit


What You Will Get With This Product?

This combo kit comprises of a 20V max drill with a 20V max impact driver. Its drill comes with a brushless motor which gives extended operation time. This brushless motor also gives 360 MWO for highly-demanding tasks and applications, with a high performance, 2-speed transmission with revolution per minute of 0 to 400 and 0 to 1700 for speed of fastening.

Moreover, its drill provides a compact size of 8 inches which is 10 percent shorter compared to brush PCC601, and is lightweight enough at just around 3.2 pounds which is 14 percent lighter compared to brushed PCC601.

The kit also comes with 2 professional grade li-ion batteries for optimal performance included. The kit is also backed by an impressive limited warranty offer.


  • Part of the Porter-Cable 20V max system battery works with all Porter-Cable 20V max li-ion products
  • Comes with two reliable power tools which have compact design and ¼ inch hex chuck
  • Incorporated with brushless technology
  • Features 360 unit watts out and 2-speed gear box
  • Can give a higher operation time than brushed models


  • Battery doesn’t last long
  • The impact driver lets the drill bits to wobble

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Do these drills come with lights built-in?

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A: Yes, and they come on both.

Q: Will this tighten lug nuts?

A: Of course but you should rely too much on it when it comes to tightening lug nuts.

Q: Does it come with a built in level for straight drilling?

A: Unfortunately, it does not.

Q: How do the brushless motors perform at low speed tasks?

A: They work flawlessly and no surging at all. The operation is very smooth.

What Take on This Product:

Its impact driver features a brushless motor that gives 50 percent more operation time. This driver delivers 1400 inch per pounds of torque for driving large fasteners with max revolution per minute of 2700 for speed of fastening.

In addition, this tool also gives a compact 5.7 inch and lightweight design 2.9 pounds for ease of use. 


2. PORTER-CABLE PCCK619L2 20V 2-Tool Brushless Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK619L2 20V 2-Tool Brushless Combo Kit

What You Will Get With This Product?

Similar to all other power tools made by Porter-Cable, this combo kit comes with a reliable drill-driver, in particular these power tools has the same ergonomic design. There’s the usual belt clip for convenient carrying and the rubberized, contoured comfort handle that significantly minimizes the user strain.

The unit is complemented by the PCCK647 impact driver, which boasts a very similar design and also feels great at hand. It’s as equally lightweight and includes a rubber grip that significantly minimizes unnecessary vibrations. Similar to the drill, it is incorporated with a built-in LED light and a convenient battery indicator. 


  • Contoured handles on both tools
  • Comes with extra feature which include battery gauge and LED light
  • Impressively efficient tools
  • Impact driver transmission delivers 2,700 max RPM
  • Brushless motor gives 50% more operation time


  • Doesn’t come with any magnetic bit holders
  • No kit bag 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Are the chucks on this unit plastic or metal?

A: The chucks are made out of hard durable plastic.

Q: What’s the difference between this drill and their porter-cable PCCK607LB 20V max ½ inch brushless cordless drill driver?

A: The PCCK6192 is a kit with the PCC607 drill and PCCK647 impact. It’s the same drill as the PCCK607B.

Q: Is charger possible to use on 220V?

A: This model supports 110V/120V and would need a step-down transformer for any other voltage.

Q: Are these batteries compatible with the other Porter-Cable stuff?

A: Yes. 20V Porter-Cable batteries and chargers are interchangeable within 20V Porter-Cable product line.


What Take on This Product:

Operating on a brushless technology, the tool can reach the top speed of 1,800 revolutions per minute and effortlessly drill through all types of materials. There’s also a built-in LED work light, and a battery indicator that tells you how much of the battery juice is left.

These additional features raise the overall convenience of this product and make it even more beneficial.


3. PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit

What You Will Get With This Product?

This combo-kit is an awesome way to add 2 essential power tools to your arsenal without really spending plenty of cash. Its drill-driver is outfitted with some of the best features on the market and is really easy to utilize as well. If you are seeking to get light and powerful tools for highly-demanding DIY projects, then this product is the perfect fit for you.

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One of the best features of this combo kit is that it comes with an impact driver and a power drill. Meaning, you get both high-quality power tools for one low price. To make this combo an even better product, the power tools are made to operate on fast charging and extra long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.


  • LED light for illumination in work areas
  • Compact and pro-grade design
  • Magnetic strips hold bits on top of tool
  • Belt clip can be moved to right or left for ambidextrous use
  • Chuck takes ½ inch drill shanks


  • Driver can be hard to hold onto at high speeds
  • Impact driver is quite loud when in use 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does the charger shut off after charging?

A: No, it could stay on there for a year and still show that the battery is completely charged.

Q: Is the speed adjustable or is it one speed?

A: The speed is variable. The more you pull the trigger the faster it will go.

Q: Do either one of the drills come with a level indicator on them so that one can drill straight level holes?

A: No they don’t. One thing is that they didn’t put on it but a great set to have.


What Take on This Product:

Both the impact driver and power drill in this combo kit are created with variable speeds. Compared to some power tools that simply offer slow and fast speeds, this combo are truly variable. The speed of the drill-driver is controlled by how hard you pull the trigger. If you pull its trigger gently, the power tools will work slowly. When its trigger is pulled hard, the power tools will perform very fast. With such an easy mechanism to change speeds, utilizing these twenty- volt power tools is almost intuitive.

Also, Porter-Cable understands how frustrating to have a low battery capacity, and thus the brand made these tools with a battery fuel gauge. With this feature, users can easily glance at either tool and see exactly how much battery juice is left. If you’ve only got a bit battery left, but still come with plenty of tasks to complete, simply switch the battery out and get stuff done.


What is the Difference between PORTER-CABLE PCCK618L2 vs. PCCK619L2 vs. PCCK602L2?

The PCCK618L2 go together in a set and it only makes sense if you’ve got one, you are likely going to grab the other. In addition, you’ll see that a number of basic features such as chargers, accessories, build quality, and more are identical for the two power tools.

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Each would come with two 20V max li-ion batteries that are rated at 1.5 Ah, or 27 watt hours. In addition, it also comes with an optional belt clip and a battery charger. The included battery charger is quite minimal and compact but still does give and exceptional performance.

When it comes to performance, the impact driver on PCCK619L2 is an excellent pick for all types of fastening operations. Because of its adaptable torque, it comes with no issues with dealing even the more highly-demanding jobs.

Similar to the other power tools from Porter-Cable’s 20V Max range, this drill-driver comes with a recognizable Porter-Cable design and a shape that makes it very easy to work with. The unit is contoured, rubberized handle has the task of minimizing unnecessary vibrations and user fatigue, and it does this job really well. This model also comes with a pretty good balance with the battery attached.

Its brushless 370 MWO engine makes this product a smart drill-driver. The reason is because it can adapt the current RPM to the task at hand and never draws more unnecessary power from the battery compared to what actually it needs. As obvious as it is, this doesn’t only significantly prolong the longevity of the drill, but it also improves the user’s productivity. Its maximum speed stands at 1,800 revolution per minute and lets the user to engage in a vast number of both fastening and drilling operations.

And lastly, the PCCK602L2 comes with an impact driver and a power drill. Meaning, you get both high-quality power tools for one low price. To make this combo an even better product, the power tools are made to operate on fast charging and extra long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.


All the drill-driver combo kits we’ve mentioned above certainly boasts a number of features, and some are unique on their own kits. But the catch is that all three of these combo kits will surely give you a good time when doing your tasks, even if it’s a highly-demanding one.

The PCCK618L2 is ideal for extra heavy tasks, the PCCK619L2 is good for lightweight applications, and the last PCCK602L2 offers plenty of utility. What you want to do now is simply choose the one that will make your job easier, and is within your budget.

If you have any feedback or opinions about our topic today, please feel free to comment down below!