Are you looking to get the best Porter-Cable Impact Driver? Well, fortunately your search ends now because we want to share you our top two brushless cordless impact driver that will make your decision more solid and wise. In this article, we will review PCCK647LB vs. PCCK640LB.

Which is better? Which has more affordable price? There are just so many questions that you’ll probably be asking along the way. Well, just read on and you’ll be able to decide which to choose! 


1. PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Impact Driver

What You Will Get With This Product?

This 3.2 pounds unit from Porter-Cable can give 1,400 in-lbs. of optimal torque and up to 2700 RPM. This is absolutely a power tool that is engineered for demanding applications. The company sports that this unit comes with 20 percent more power and 20 percent enhanced bit retention.

Since it is compact and lightweight with dimensions of 3.7” x 11.4” x 9.5”, this is the ideal tool for overhead applications. Tight spots have never been easy to implement a task. Normally, lighter units operate the risk of not having that much power. That’s why, when a demanding task is trapped within an enclosed, cramped space, users are left with no other choice but to pry that spot open to give way for more powerful impact drivers.

Moreover, this certain unit comes with two 20 volts max li-ion 1.5 ah batteries. These are part of the Porter-Cable’s 20 volt max battery system, which means that they can be utilized with other units under the brand’s 20V line. Whether you’re a patron of the company or just starting your arsenal, this knowledge would prove to be pretty helpful. Normally, accessories could cost as much as the unit itself. It’s a good to know that, with this unit, your buy will provide you more versatility.

In addition, this unit also features a brushless motor that gives 50 percent more operation time. This is due to the fact that brushless motors don’t have commutators and brushes, making the armature and magnets communicate directly with the windings. This direct communication lets the power tool to adjust accordingly to how much power it much generate depending on the type of surface you’re utilizing it on.

The physical contact of the brushes and spinning commutator cause more energy loss whenever the power tool is in use. That’s the reason why power tools that rely on brushless motors are usually more energy efficient. If you’re on the market for a new unit, then these features must be held in the highest priority. Also, the ½ inch chuck of this unit is easy enough to utilize. You simply need to pull or push on the bit to remove it or put it. The unit can also hold bits of different lengths but due to the power it gives, you must be cautious when utilizing shorter bits.

Also, this unit is integrated with LED work light so you can have extra illumination whenever you’re working in poorly-lit surfaces. It’s very helpful. Not all spaces come with plenty of light even in broad daylight. So save yourself the trouble of handling an extra flashlight and purchase this unit instead.

This model also comes with a battery gauge on the base, thus you know when your battery power is getting drain. This feature is not totally available in other models or brands, thus you better resort for one that has this feature. If you have many batteries at hand, you’ll be able to verify the remaining juice of each rather than just popping everything back on your charger. This will significantly aid you to avoid any unwanted overcharging or overloading that most users tend to commit.

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  • Uses a ¼ inch chuck size
  • Comes with a weight of 3.2 pounds
  • Boasts 3,100 IPM and comes with a brushless motor
  • Delivers 1,400 inch per pounds of torque
  • Can give up to 2700 revolution per minute


  • Can get a bit warm when used continuously
  • Not really ideal for short bits 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does this unit come with a belt clip and does it come with a place on it to hold an extra bit?

A: Yes of course, this unit comes with a bit clip and belt clip.

Q: Is the charger universal?

A: It works with all other porter cable 20V li-ion batteries.

Q: Can the charger be linked to 220V?

A: This unit supports 110V/120V.

What Take on This Product:

This product comes with adjustable paces. The paces give a 900 RPM. Using with a single hand is easy. The tool is also perfect to use on both wood and steel. The Porter-Cable also utilizes a 20V max li-ion battery. The battery can deliver the device a more operation time compared to its prominent counterparts.

In addition, this unit is perfect for serious do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and contractors on a budget. You can also use this power tool for much heavier applications around the home and then get some. The batteries come with a high-energy capacity, and its brushless motor aids improve its operation time. This lightweight and compact power tool will surely drill effectively through even metal given that you have the right bits. It can also loosen tight bolts and nuts quickly and easily without much effort on the user’s part.

2. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit, 1/4-Inch, Tool Only (PCCK640LB)

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver Kit, 1/4-Inch, Tool Only (PCCK640LB)

What You Will Get With This Product?

This unit is a very high-performing impact driver that comes with high torque motor. Its 20 volts li-ion batteries give plenty of power and a long operating time, thus it is easy to finish any tasks. The unit also comes with an easy load chuck as well as LED work light, so there’s nothing that will get in the way of getting your project done. IT’s even very compact and comes with fuel gauges display for extra convenience. Its silver, black, and red colors and design also make it a handsome little power tool.

Furthermore, this power tool is very lightweight at onl6 3.2 lbs. it’s very compact and comes with an ergonomic design which makes the unit very easy and comfortable to utilize for long durations of time without causing any strain. In addition, its compact design also makes it very handy to use in those tight spots that can otherwise be impossible to reach.

On the other hand, its high-torque doesn’t compromise on speed or power in any way. The kit comes with everything required to complete tasks that are big or small. This unit from Porter-Cable can be utilized to complete an assembly of projects from installing drywall to building a deck. Whatever the task is, this is the power tool that will surely get the job done. This unit is also capable of deliver an impressive and powerful 1,495 inches per pounds of torque, and that’s plenty for its compact size.


And lastly, this unit’s high-performance transmission makes for very quick and efficient driving. It also gives optimal efficiency for any fastening application and will certainly not disappoint its users.


  • LED work light gives extra light in dark work areas
  • Battery fuel gauge displays charge remaining in the battery
  • Easy load chuck lets users to insert bit with one hand
  • Compact unit that can easily fit in tight spaces and minimizes strain
  • High-performance transmission for quick fastening application


  • The manual says if you use the variable speed, less than full on, it could potentially damage the drill
  • Lack of extra storage in the kit box

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does it come with a case? And if so, is it soft or hard?

A: It does come with a hard case. The case is not really bulky.

Q: Will this unit have enough power to change tires?

A: The unit comes with a lot of torque but it’s quite hard to imagine that it would be able to remove lug nuts.

Q: Does this come with a belt clip?

A: Yep it does and you can put it on or leave it off.

What Take on This Product:

This unit is an ideal pick and can be utilized in various ways and tasks. If utilized for long periods of time, the unit might get overheat which is something that you don’t want to happen. Its magnetic bit holder also doesn’t hold the drill bits very well. There’s just no sense in having this extra feature if it doesn’t operate.

Otherwise, this unit is very powerful while being compact which makes it very easy to fit into any kind of toolbox. This is important because many bags and toolboxes nowadays can be quite too small to fit all your necessary tools, or if you go with a much bigger bag, it is hassle to have to haul a large toolbox around. It is good to have a power tool that isn’t really heavy to hold and is ergonomically well-designed.

This is a crucial feature if you’ve got huge projects to complete and don’t want your arms and hands to be strained for days. You’ll also like that the unit will be able to fit in very tight spots so you can get into places that would otherwise be impossible to penetrate. In addition, the unit also illuminates dark places so that you don’t need to juggle a flashlight or try to put up some kind of lamp so that you can see certain things. The advantages of this tool is that it outweigh the cons on which make it a good pick all in all.

There are really no issues with this unit, and it comes with various impressive features. In fact, some verified reviews from Amazon mentioned that the unit tend to overheat at particular times, but otherwise, the tool is a great purchase and worthy of your hard-earned money. This unit is a must-have tool for your toolbox. It’s powerful, compact, lightweight, and will surely get the task done. In addition, it comes with a lot of great little features including a quick-load chuck that makes it easy to change bits with just one hand, and a LED light that lights up any tasks.

Overall, it’s a great investment that will make a lot of jobs easier. In addition, it is also manufactured by Porter-Cable which is a brand with over a century of experience in manufacturing performance-driven and high-quality tools. Additionally, they come with a leading manufacturer of pro-grade corded and cordless tools. The brand also offers accessories and equipment, which is one of the reasons why they are known for innovation and great quality power tools. 

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What Is the Difference between PORTER-CABLE PCCK647LB vs. PCCK640LB?

The tool comes with an excellent power. The parts of the Porter-Cable max system work really well with all the products from the producer. Thus, you’ll not have a hard time trying to get spare components for the machine.

This is in the case of breakdown, which doesn’t really happen. This is a light impact driver compared to its previous versions. That’s why you’ll need a comfortable time working in tight spots. Another scorecard of the Porter-Cable company is that it comes with another certain accessories. This accessories aid you in fastening your demanding applications, and it also comes with a gloves and extra battery.

The unit also features a cold-forged internal block and no-slip grip to also aid minimize strain over long periods of time. It even comes with bumpers on both sides to aid minimize unnecessary wear and tear on the unit’s exterior. Also, it comes with a ¼ inch hex quick-change chuck and 2-bit storage feature. This makes it very convenient to easily and quickly change as well as store drill bits. In addition, it also comes with a handy integrated belt hook that keeps it ready and reachable if needed.

Moreover, this unit delivers the most power for a long period of time, thus no matter what the task, it will get it done from finish to start. Its high-torque motor and variable speed transmission is very effective and can handle many fastening applications. There’s even a battery gauge integrated into the unit for easy performance manageability.

Although its size is very compact, it surely doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver good outputs. In fact, it comes in a small package-measuring about 6.2 inches in light and 3.2 lbs. in weight, but it’s small for a reason. Its compactness and size make it possible to get any task done even in the tightest spots out there. Additionally, its LED light makes it easy to see in even the darkest nook and cranny without any need for a flashlight.


It’s hard to choose a brushless cordless impact driver today especially that the competition is super high. But just keep in mind to highly consider why you’re going to buy an impact driver in the first place. And obviously, you don’t want forget your budget.

These two questions alone will determine if you’ll be able to get the right tool for you or not. Well, you don’t really need to worry because Porter-Cable is one of the prominent brands out there, and you’ll surely vouch for their credibility upon purchase.

Anyways, if you have any feedback or thoughts about our topic today, please leave a comment down below.