Ridgid R9603 Vs R9602 Cordless Drill and Impact Driver

Ridgid is actually the home depot exclusive brand that many professionals and homeowners flock to for a various reasons.

The Ridgid Company has a credible reputation on their cordless power tools, and you’re certainly not going to be disappointed. Choosing a drill and impact driver set is a daunting task because there are dozens of selections, and certainly the vast majorities are great choices.

For the most part, you should concentrate on a few crucial factors including comfort, reliability, power, and features. Because we know that Ridgid offers all of the mentioned factors in mind, it is a brand to consider for such an instrumental tool.

Now let’s get into the Ridgid Drill and Impact Driver Kit review below and see if the two kits we’ll feature are up to par.

Ridgid Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review Overview

When consumers ask what tools a new homeowner must purchase first, a cordless drill and impact driver set is always in the top five of the list of many.

Not only these power tools are good set imperative for fundamental house repairs, but also going a step further and getting a set that can perform and last is a decent bonus too.

If you had several other brands aside from Ridgid, then you’ll know that a drill is not something you must replace year after year. Whether the actual battery or drill, it is still frustrating to have a short lifespan.

If there’s one power tool you must spend just a bit more on for quality, it should be the two set mentioned below. Ridgid is a brand that stands behind their products, with one of the most perfect warranties and LSA’s in the power tool industry.

Ridgid Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review Features

The Ridgid cordless drill and impact driver kit comes with a carrying case, a charger, two 1.5 Ah 18V batteries, impact driver, and a cordless drill. Both power tools feature Ridgids brushless motor technology for improved operation time as well as extended lifespan.

The cordless comes with 2-speed gear train. The 1st gear or low speed lets for higher torque and power, and the 2nd gear or high speed is perfect for fast driving and drilling.

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The drill also comes with adjustable torque settings. It comes with 22 modes based on the material being used and there’s an extra drill setting for much heavier applications.

Just turn the front of the drill in order to tighten or loosen the chuck for easy bit removal or insertion. The impact driver leads the industry with 2,250 inch per pounds of torque and has up to 3500 IPM.

Inserting and getting rid of bits from the impact driver is done by simply pushing the bit into the coupler until it clicks into place, and removal is finished by just pulling the coupler out slightly until the bit is removed.

The Ridgid Company included a variable speed switch trigger on their cordless drill and impact driver for maximum customization during operation. Light pressure on the trigger can also result in a much lower speed while using more pressure can give the user higher speed.

Both the cordless drill and impact driver feature 3 modes. Reverse mode for convenient removal of the screws for standard performance and a center lock position.

The included LED lighting system gives the user for improved visibility of the workspace. The timeout feature precludes battery rundown. Both of the cordless drill and impact driver come with a belt hook that you can mount on either side of the power tool.

Furthermore, the Ridgid Company includes their hex grip covering for improved grip and ergonomics. In addition, the included bit and storage is always beneficial.

Ridgid R9603 vs. R9602 Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Review

1. Ridgid R9603 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Brushless Drill Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit (2 x 1.5 Amp Hour Batteries, 18V Battery Charger, and Case Included)

Ridgid R9603 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Brushless Drill Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit (2 x 1.5 Amp Hour Batteries, 18V Battery Charger, and Case Included)

This particular brushless driving combo kit from Ridgid is impressive for many professionals or homeowners seeking to pack a little more power into their torque-based tool arsenal.

It comes with a charger, two 1.5 amp hour batteries, along with a brushless drill as well as impact driver. In addition to that, it comes with a case to store these accessories all together. The impact and drill driver come with a certain features included in order to enhance drilling precision and ergonomics.

Among these features are rubber moldings over their handles for enhanced handling even in slippery conditions and the hex tech micro grip. They also come with adjustable motors, LED lighting system for easier night work, tool-free collets for extra quick bit switching. Whether you are just starting your foray into do-it-yourself project or just trying to add a certain new tools just to update your current power tool set, the R9603 is just ideal for any driving application.

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  • Comes with a bright orange case for easy storage
  • Very compact design
  • Incorporated with impressive LED lighting system
  • It is brushless which is very advantageous
  • Comes with brushless drill-driver which feature all-meal gears that boast a powerful 2-speed motor


  • Which you press the trigger, there’s a delay before the motor engages
  • Some users might not like how the light stays on after you’re done with it

2. Ridgid X4 R9602 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit with Soft-Sided Tool Case (2 Tools, 2 Compact Batteries, Charger, and Bag Included)

Ridgid X4 R9602 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit with Soft-Sided Tool Case (2 Tools, 2 Compact Batteries, Charger, and Bag Included)

For professionals and homeowners out there, the Ridgid has powerful tools that can get what you’re looking for.

Now, this Ridgid X4 R9602 has what you need for most light to heavy duty tasks around your household or workplace. For drilling pilot holes through metals, hard words, and soft woods, the R86008 power drill can actually help you a lot.

With the aid of the included top mounted plastic handle, you can easily do it with excellent control. An impact driver is included in this product too. The Ridgid X4 R9602 impact driver pushes fasteners into various materials with up to 1,400 inch per pounds of torque. Keeping them powered are two weights burdening you the entire day.

Keeping those batteries charged is the Ridgid X4 R9602’s job. This also comes with LED fuel gauge that allows you know the battery’s status. Aside from that, it has flexibility to store this all over the jobsite with the aid of its flat bottom and mounting keyhole on its back. Just keep these accessories and tools stored together in the included bag, and you will be able to take this kit from your garage to the workplace and back in safe and sound. In addition, construction jobs, either around the professional site or the home are made easy with Ridgid power tools.


  • Comes with a tool bag
  • Comes with excellent battery
  • Comes with impressive batteries
  • Excellent power output
  • Has a collection of features that can help you get light, medium, and heavy duty tasks completed with ease
  • Incorporated with LED gauge on the side that allows you know whether your batteries are defective or not


  • It is not brushless
  • You might not get a lifetime battery warranty if you purchase from Amazon

Ridgid Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review Performance

A nice cordless drill and impact driver are crucial power tools to have in your collection no matter what your experience level is. We don’t really have any negative to say about Ridgid’s design. One very little improvement should be to include a double charger rather than a single that is included in the kit, though this is not really a significant issue.

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They’ve made 2 impressive tools that perform excellently well. The cordless drill is easy to operate and comes with a wide range of settings for optimizing use. We don’t have any single issue with the cordless drill slowing down through various materials. Normally, cordless drills have a weak point somewhere, but if this one does, we don’t found it just yet.

On the other hand, the impact driver is a breeze to change bits on and has a slightly more compact construction which we like. The comfort and grip of both power tools are impressive, but the impact driver stands out as far as overall ergonomics.

The impact driver seems powerful during use but is still smooth, though not pull-y like some can be. Both of these power tools are used pretty much every day, and they probably don’t let the consumers down. Its brushless motor lets the smaller Hyper Lithium 1.5 Ah batteries loads of power and still has great operation time. All in all, both of these tools serve a huge purpose, and they serve it nicely.

Ridgid Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Kit Review Value

Ridgid’s cordless drill and impact driver currently retails at very reasonable price ranges. This kit comes with not only the cordless drill and impact driver but also two 1.5 Ah batteries, a carry bag, and a charger. Ridgid is an impressive brand for value. Ridgid keeps their prices very reasonable with homeowner brands, while their quality is particularly on par with premium-quality manufacturers. This kit is an impressive value for the quality you get from Ridgid.


Professionals and homeowners alike benefit from Ridgid’s quality that doesn’t really break the bank. The Ridgid concentrates on features like improved torque and brushless motors while keeping the footprint of the power tool not heavy and convenient to use.

We don’t really have real complaints where Ridgid’s cordless drill and impact driver are concerned. This kit is an impressive value for the money and is another certain win for Ridgid’s lineup.

When looking for staple items such as a cordless drill and impact driver, you should look no further than Ridgid’s power tools for the performance and quality you’re seeking for.