Poulan Pro PR28SD Straight Trimmer vs. Craftsman WC205 Weedwacker

The best string trimmers will always make your work easier.

If you are new to such machines, we recommend that you consider models such as the Poulan Pro PR28SD and the Craftsman WC205 models.

These two models are good in terms of engine performance, fuel use, build quality, versatility, and more. You should keep on reading to learn more about the units in the review sections below.

What to Consider

Weight Balance

The weight balance is crucial for such handheld machines. The last thing you need is a model that feels too heavy in the hand. It should always be able to allow you to easily trim the grass without too much fatigue in the hand.

Attachment Capability

The attachment capability is also important to keep in mind. First, look at the features of the unit to see if it allows for attaching different additional tools. It can be edgers, pole saws, and many others.

If the unit allows for such, then you would know that it is good for you to continue using for various applications.

Adjustment Options

The adjustment options also vary from one string trimmer to another. It is best if you can settle for a model that allows you to adjust various components for a perfect fit. This will help you have a comfortable time handling the various trimming needs you might have.

Some of the adjustment options you should look at include the handle position and shaft height.

Ease of Starting

Depending on the model, some might be easy to start while others might be hard. Look for models that will be easy to start and keep you going each time you have to use the string trimmer.

Different models would have different starting methods. Some might be easy while others might be hard. From the product description area, you can learn more about what the manufacturer has done to make it easier.

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Let’s Compare

Poulan Pro PR28SD 2-Cycle Straight Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR28SD, 17 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The Poulan Pro PR28SD is one of the affordable models in the market to buy today. Being affordable does not mean it will not live up to your needs. We get to see that from the various features highlighted below.

SureFire Fuel Delivery System

The SureFire fuel delivery system is crucial for starting the engine faster. This is because it can help with priming the whole engine before you can start it. As such, you only have to choke and pull to start the unit.

Ease of Starting

There is also the spring assisted starter system that will make the whole process of starting the unit easier. You can be a newbie to using the unit and it will be easier to run it than when using other models in the market.

Poulan Pro PR28SD, 17 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Superior Cutting Capability

Looking at the cutting capacity, you get it offering an impressive 17-inch cutting path. This is good for helping you cut more grass at any time. Even if you have to handle the commercial applications, it will still be easy to get it done on time.

Air Purge System

Having the air purge system helps to remove the air in the trimmer’s fuel system and carburetor so that the engine can run more smoothly than before. Other than helping the engine run better, the engine will also start easily.

Highly Versatile

The unit stands out as being highly versatile because it allows for attaching more accessories. The manufacturer claims that it can accept up to 6 attachments to make it more versatile.

The attachments that it accepts allow it to be great for trimming, blowing, hedge trimming, brush cutting, tree pruning, and tiling. It is easy to see why more people would want it.

Poulan Pro PR28SD, 17 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Cutting Path

The best part about this model is that it comes with a 17” cut path. This type of cutting path is great to ensure you never have to worry about finishing your job late. Having the 17 inches of cutting capacity can help you clear more work in a short time.

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Even for those who might have to use the model for commercial application, just know that you have the best cutting capacity with this unit.

Craftsman WC205 2-Cycle Weedwacker

The Craftsman WC205 Weedwacker model is one of the top choices also to get as a string trimmer. It is designed to handle the various applications you might have for a string trimmer even if it is for commercial use. Below are more features about the unit.

Powerful and Lightweight

The model comes with a 25cc engine. This type of engine is good for more power output that you need for handling all your cutting needs. It might be the reason you get more people going for the unit as they know it will cut more just as they need.

Talking of cutting, it also features a cutting path of 17 inches. This is great for those who might want to clear a large area quickly.

It also feels lightweight in the hand even if it weighs 14 lbs. This is because the weight is correctly balanced to give you a great time using it more often.

Adjustable for Control

The unit allows for multiple adjustments of the handle so that the operator can have a better control of the unit. Depending on your height and other preferences, it is now easier to tailor the model to fit you appropriately.

Curved Shaft

The curved shaft is what you need when you hope to achieve the best visibility while working on a project. You can always point the trimmer head where you want.

Also, the curved shaft is good for offering more balance of the unit’s weight and increasing the overall cutting comfort. As such, you would always have a better user experience with the model.

Attachment Capable

To make it even more worth the money you get to spend on it, we find that the unit can work with other attachments. Keep in mind that the attachments are sold separately so you can have them as addons when purchasing the unit.

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It will be now easy to convert the unit into an edger or any other device depending on the attachment that you get to use.


Is it easy to operate the Craftsman WC205 string trimmer?

Yes. The manufacturer made it to have simple and intuitive controls to make your job easier when using the string trimmer.

Where can you use the Poulan Pro PR28SD unit?

For its features, the string trimmer can be used for both residential and commercial use.

Can you adjust the handle and shaft of the WC205 model?

Yes. The model allows the adjustment of these elements so that you can find the right comfortable position to operate it.


The two models mentioned above are all budget string trimmers. Even if they are both affordable, the overall features make them ideal for handling any cutting needs you might have in mind. It is why more people would go for them.

Check out the features in detail of both units to see which one would be perfect for your applications.