SKIL RAS900 vs Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

Router tables are important for anyone who needs to work on various wood projects. Depending on the size and design of the router table, it can be easy or hard to achieve precision cuts.

Talking about precision cuts, we found that the SKIL RAS900 and Bosch RA1141 models being a nice option for those looking for high-precision router tables.

These two are the best value for money for anyone who needs a router table. However, which is better? We will make that decision after checking out their features first below.

Quick Summary

The SKIL RAS900 router can be a nice table for a professional woodworker who has to deal with various projects. This is because it has been designed to work with different types of routers. It is easy to swap the routers and get down to working on a project.

The Bosch RA1141 model is still an amazing table for professionals. Even newbies would find it being a great table to use. Still, it boasts of having a larger work area. This means that you can route larger pieces better and precisely.

The Comparison

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

Skil RAS900 Router Table

The SKIL RAS900 router table has quite the many perks that many people would want in a router table. It is why we have to look at why it might be an ideal option for you to consider today. Let us look at its top features below.

Good accessory storage

Whenever you have to store your router accessories, it is only best if you have the accessories close to the workstation. Luckily, this model will make that possible.

This is because it has enough storage space to store the accessories. The storage includes having a storage bag and multiple storage compartments between the legs of the table. It can be easy to retrieve the different accessories while working on a piece.

The legs are foldable

Another feature that makes this router table admirable should be its portability. This is because you get a model that will be easy to simply fold and take it to different work sites.

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Once you get there, you just unfold the legs and you are done with the set up. Compared to other models, this is going to be a great unit for portability.

Skil RAS900 Router Table


Good for accurate routing and precision cuts

The next thing that stands out for this unit is that it helps with accurate routing and precision cuts. Since it has up to two feather boards, you can always have a better guide while working on the workpieces.

It also has the bit height adjuster and the starter pin. These two are also important to boost the overall accuracy of making the cuts.

Setup and usability are easy to achieve

If you look at some competitor models, they need almost a few hours just to set them up. This one is different. You need a maximum of thirty minutes to get this up and running.

Even a beginner might not have much trouble setting it up. You will also find that using it simple. Most of the users find it easy to set up the router and get down to working on their workpieces.

What We Like

  • It comes with multiple accessory storage space
  • The model has foldable legs
  • It is easy to use and set up

What We Don’t Like

  • It comes with a couple of plastic parts

The Solution: As much as plastic on a router table might not be ideal, the ones on this model are reinforced. This means they can stand up to abuse. Just make sure you take good care of the unit to avoid breaking these plastic parts.

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

Bosch is not new to making router tables. It is why it can be interesting comparing it to the SKIL RAS900 model. They are both within the same price range, so let us see how they differ from each other.


Like any other router table, the portability of such a piece of equipment is important. Sometimes you would want to have it at different work sites.

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Luckily, the manufacturer understands the importance of portability. It is why this one comes with an ultra-portable design. Such a design involves having the folding legs that help with fast setup and ease of storage too.

It can be folded into a small factor form to fit in your vehicle for transportation.

Mounting process

Now that you have a router table with good portability, how you mount a router is also important. This one features an easy click router mounting system.

Such a design is good for you to easily set up the router and get down to working on a piece. Also, changing the bits just got easier. The best part is that there is no leveling required.

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

The top is laminated MDF

Having such a top is important for making smooth and precise cuts. The last thing you need is to make errors while using a router. With precision cuts, it can be a nice table for you to handle the different cutting needs you might have to accomplish.

Assembly process

For this model, not much assembly is required. This is because it came with most of its parts already preassembled. You might have to attach a few things, but that is it. Within thirty minutes, you will be good to start working on various projects.

A tall fence and adjustable feather boards

Having control of your workpiece is important for precision cuts and accuracy too. That is all possible thanks to having a tall fence and two adjustable feather boards. Having the bistro-height gauge is another top feature to help achieve precision cuts.


Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

What We Like

  • It has an ultra-portable design
  • The router mounting system is easy
  • It comes preassembled

What We Don’t Like

  • The MDF top can warp after some time

The Solution: The top warping is common for those people who do not take good care of their router table. If you can care for it as suggested by the manufacturer, it will last for long without warping.

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Which is Better?

One thing is for sure with these two router tables. You will find them being easy to setup. They are shipped preassembled. As such, you will only have to attach a few of the components and the tables are good for use.

Also, they feature large storage containers for your accessories. You can now have the accessories in close range for use whenever necessary.

If we must pick one as the best between the two, then the Bosch RA1141 unit ends up with the title. This is because it is good on overall in terms of quality.

Even the table feels sturdier in comparison to the SKIL RAS900 unit. Also, it does come with a larger workspace. This means you can work on larger workpieces with ease.


Both the SKIL RAS900 and Bosch RA1141 models are good as router tables. It does not matter where you need to use them as portability is not an issue.

They are also easy to set up once you get to the job site. The best part is that they can work with various router machines. Attaching the routers is also easy with the one-click mounting system. Look at the features in detail to always find the one that works for you better. Whichever you pick, you can be sure it will be a good value for money.