Westinghouse vs Yamaha Portable Generator: What is Better

Westinghouse Vs. Yamaha is an interesting comparison. This is because Westinghouse is known for being the budget generator that everyone needs.

On the other hand, Yamaha is known for its build quality, reliability, and so much more.

If you want more power and a reliable generator at an affordable price, then the Westinghouse WGen3600v unit is what you get. For those who are willing to spend more, then the Yamaha EF2000iSV2 is still a great choice.

Before we can look at the comparison between the two models, let us first look at the buying tips for a portable generator.

What to Look For

The Price

The generators will always vary from one brand to another. It is easy to get one brand selling its generators at a cheaper price when others sell them at a higher price.

This does not mean that the affordable generators would not be good in terms of performance. You need to understand the features that the generator has before you can decide if it is worth the money.

Look at the power output, runtime, clean power, efficiency, and a lot more then compare them to the price. If the price matches the generator features, then you should end up with a great generator by spending less sometimes.

Generator Size

So, what is the purpose of the generator? If you have hopes of taking it on road trips with you for your RV, then the size is an important consideration.

Depending on the power output and other features, the generators are likely to vary in terms of size. There are those that might be large but the power is low. That is also something to keep in mind.

You can find most lightweight generators being loved by campers for powering their basic electronics. So, consider the rated weight of the generator before making up your mind. Look at the overall size too before choosing one.

Depending on the model, some can be bulky and thus making them less portable. Some will even have wheels to aid with transportation. These are some of the considerations to make when looking for portability and size.

Noise Levels

Another top consideration should be the noise level. We all know that generators will always have noise. Even if the manufacturer claims that it is a silent generator, it will still produce some noise.

We recommend that you always take the time to look at the noise level numbers to see what kind of generator you are about to buy.

The last thing you need is a generator that is too noisy for your environment.

Those who want a quiet generator should consider going for those that produce noise levels of less than 74dBA. Anything over 85dBA would be hurting your hearing. It is why you need to aim for generators with lower numbers.

The Power

The overall power capacity of the generator would be measured in terms of watts. This will determine on overall what you can power with the generator.

If the generator has a higher wattage, then it means that you can operate more electronics on the generator.

You are likely to come across two types of power figures when looking at the specs sheet of a generator. The first one would be the running wattage and then there is the peak wattage.

The running wattage is described as the power that the generator will produce continuously. Under the normal running conditions of the generator, this will be the power that you get. As a result, you always have to keep the electrical load lower than this figure.

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There is also the peak wattage. This is the maximum power that the generator can deliver. You are likely to get this power for a few seconds when it is starting up or when a large power draw happens.


Another thing to keep in mind is the durability. For most people, they want something that lasts them for at least a decade for a generator. That is possible considering most manufacturers are now making better generators.

Remember that durability goes in hand with the build quality and price. If you want to get a highly durable generator, then you must be willing to spend more to get the best generator.

Look at the materials used to make the generator. If the craftsmanship is also good, then the generator is going to last even longer.

Sometimes the manufacturer brand can be a good choice for those looking for the best generator. Go for the top brands because you are sure they will give you the best performance and durable generator for the money.

Fuel Use

The generators are likely to use the fuel differently. This is measured in terms of the runtime that the generator can manage on a single tank of fuel.

Most people would want a generator that can run for several hours without necessarily refueling. Look at the product description to learn more about its runtime.

There are models that can run for even 10 hours on a single tank of gas. However, this will also depend on the load capacity put on the generator. An increase in the load will reduce the generator runtime.

Most of the time, manufacturers would give the runtime based on the generator running at 25% capacity.

Maintenance Needs

Depending on the generator, some are likely to have more maintenance needs than others. For this reason, we recommend that you go for a model that does not need a lot of maintenance.

With less maintenance, then you can focus a lot more on enjoying the power from the generator rather than worrying it would break down easily.

Let’s Compare

Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator - 3600 Rated Watts & 4650 Peak Watts - Gas Powered - CARB Compliant

This is one of the best generators in the market for the money because of the many features it offers. It comes with all the important features such as being lightweight, compact, and more. With all these features, you are sure it is an ideal portable generator.

Here are more features that makes it a better choice for those in the market for a portable generator.

Quiet Operation

One thing that you will like about this generator should be that it has a quiet operation. The generator makes a noise level of 68dBA. It might not be the quietest generator, but it is still within the range we can say it is quiet.

Let us say you are using the generator at a campsite, then you would want it to be a quiet one. The last thing you need is a model that will make the other people feel like it is too loud.

Impressive Runtime

Just like any other generator, you also have to look at its runtime on a tank of gas. This is a top choice since it gives you an impressive runtime of 13.5 hours on a single tank of gas.

13.5 hours is quite a long time for someone who needs to run a few electronics while outdoors.

The same can be used for powering your home too. This for those who might need power for overnight applications without worrying about refueling the generator again.

RV and Camper Ready

To make it versatile, the manufacturer equips it with the 30A 120V outlet. This allows you to easily hook it up to your RV and power all the essential electronics with ease.

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Because of this outlet, you do not even need an electrician to set it up. You simply connect it to the camper or RV and then you have your power for several hours down the line.

Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator - 3600 Rated Watts & 4650 Peak Watts - Gas Powered - CARB Compliant

Ease of Maintenance

Another thing you can love about this generator should be the ease of maintenance. The robust 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine makes it even better for years of use. This is because the engine is built for performance and long-term use.

The unit also comes with the automatic low-oil shutoff feature to help protect the generator from any damage.

The built-in fuel gauge will make sure that the generator is always running at its optimum level. You will also know when it is time to fill up the gas for continued use of the generator.

Power Output

From the name WGen3600, it is easy to know that the rated power would be 3600 watts. This is what many people would want for powering most of their electronics in an RV or use as a home backup.

Do not get confused with the peak power which is 4650 watts. Each time you use the generator, keep your electrical load below 3600 watts.


For a model to be a portable generator, then you hope that it would be lightweight. That is not a problem with this generator as it weighs 99 lbs.

There is no doubt you are going to have an easy time carrying it around in your RV or camper.

Yamaha EF2000iSV2 Portable Generator

This Yamaha generator is great for quietly powering a wide range of electronics for several hours. The best part is that it comes with a retro-cool look that many love. There is no doubt you would want to see how it compares with the Westinghouse model above.

Below are some of its top features that makes it a worthy competitor.

Clean Power

Anyone who is looking for a generator wants one that can deliver on clean high-quality power. This is because people have sensitive electronics that might end up with short circuits or any other damage if the power is not stable.

Luckily, this generator comes with an advanced inverter technology that will give the user clean power all the time. With the best voltage stability, then you should end up with the clean power that you need for all your electronics.

The Power Output

This generator is good in terms of power output still. For its size, it is amazing that it can generate 1600 watts running power. This is the continuous power that the generator can deliver to the user.

The starting power is 2000 watts so do not confuse it with the running watts. Always keep the electrical load below 1600 watts to avoid overloading the generator.

The Generator Runtime

Looking at the generator runtime, we find that it can run up to 10.5 hours of operation when running at 25% capacity. This is something you will like about the generator, especially when using it at a campsite.

The model also comes with a smart throttle feature to make this runtime impressive. The throttle automatically adjusts depending on the load. This means the speed can increase or reduce depending on the user’s needs.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is impressive as expected for a Yamaha generator. Because of its impressive build quality, we expect it to last for a lot longer so that you do not have to buy another generator soon.

Looking at the engine, the manufacturer made it efficient, reliable, and powerful. It also comes with an excellent heat dissipation system. This on overall leaves you with a highly durable engine.

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Ease of Starting

The auto decompression system of the unit makes it easy to start the generator. This is better compared to some generators that lack such a system.

There is also the auto warm up feature too. This type of feature will increase the engine speed during the cold starts. The aim is to make it handle the power demands from the appliances right away.

Generator Safety

This generator also comes with the oil watch warning system. This is to prevent the generator engine from damage because of low oil levels. The last thing you need is to deal with the costly repairs.

It is always nice to have the best lubrication for your engine. Keep an eye on the oil level and top up if the need arises.


What is the difference between the EF2000is and the EF2000isV2?

The EF2000isV2 is a redesigned model of the older EF2000is model. This means that it comes with a better controller board to help it run better than before. Also, the newer model can run for 13 minutes on the overload circuit. This means that it has more protection.

Is it possible to parallel the EF2000isV2 with the older EF2000is generator?

Yes. Yamaha makes it possible for you to connect even the different models together. Just make sure that you use the high-quality paralleling cable from Yamaha to ensure the best performance.

When you parallel them, keep in mind that the controller board will work like that of the older model. This means that the maximum AC output will not be up to 13 minutes before the generators trip.

What is the Westinghouse customer support like?

Based on many reviews about the Westinghouse generators, many people find their customer support to be good also. You are likely to have a great time getting all the information you need from the support team.

Can you run a generator for 24 hours?

A vast majority of the generator cannot run for 24 hours straight because of their fuel tanks. There are some that can do 15 hours on a tank of gas, but also that is when it is running on 25% capacity. If you can keep topping up the fuel, then you get yourself a generator that can run for 24 hours.

Is it good to use a fuel stabilizer in a generator?

Not many manufacturers recommend using a stabilizer in a generator. This is because the new engines are designed to work well with fuel. The fuel stabilizer might not increase the performance just as you had expected.


The two models mentioned above are all about performance and giving your clean power for your electronics. With many other positive reviews about the two generators, you get the sense that the two will live up to your expectations.

We find the Westinghouse WGen3600v being the best choice for the money. It offers more power at a lower cost. Since it is also durable and reliable, it should appeal to most people.