Worx WG154 vs. WG155 Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

A lawnmower is a dependable machine when cleaning your yard.

However, it can only do so much, especially when it comes to corners and other hard-to-reach areas. This is when a string trimmer comes in.

This handy tool can efficiently trim tall grass and weeds that a lawnmower cannot do. A string trimmer can also make your walkway, garden, and flower bed edges perfectly spotless.

What to Consider

Before investing in a string trimmer, you need to determine how large your yard is and what garden cleaning works you require. Aside from this, it would help if you considered the following factors when choosing the best trimmer for your home.

Less Noise and Vibration

The first thing you will notice about cordless string trimmer is that it creates much less noise and vibrations than a gas-powered model.

Thus, gardeners and homeowners prefer the corded and cordless units over the gas-powered trimmers since they don’t hurt your ears and hands that much. Further, cordless trimmers are more comfortable to use.

Weight and Controllability

Since you will be using your hands and arms mostly when using a string trimmer, it is wise to get a lightweight tool that you can easily carry around the yard.

It is also ideal if your trimmer is compatible with various attachments to make your garden tool more versatile. You can attach an edger, blower, or mower with a string trimmer.

Additional Features

One of the most additional features to look for in a string trimmer is the protective shield. It will keep you safe from flying rocks, mulches, dirt, and debris. You will also want a device that has a cutting guard to keep your flower plants safe from accidental trimmings.

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Let’s Compare

One of the famous brands when it comes to garden tools is WORX. They offer a wide variety of equipment, including string trimmers.

Let’s find out two of the most efficient and user-friendly gardening devices of WORX that can help you in making your yard spotless in no time.

Worx WG154 Edger 20V 10-Inch Cordless String Trimmer

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

This easy to use 20V cordless two-in-one trimmer and edger helps you save time and effort when cleaning your garden. You don’t have to mix gas and oil or pull a string to get it started. You can quickly use this string trimmer with a simple push of a button.

Lightweight Design

This lightweight trimmer weighs only six pounds making it very comfortable to maneuver. This feature helps lessen hand and wrist fatigue even if you use the machine for hours.

Additionally, this lightweight design makes it an ideal tool for everyone.The rubberized wheels allow users to glide the trimmer-edger smoothly along garden edges for quicker cleaning.

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

Adjustable Cutting Width

This tool has an adjustable cutting width that you can choose between ten or 12 inches. It provides more versatility according to the cleaning requirement of your yard.

On the other hand, the auto-feed line saves you from doing the line feeding job yourself. It allows you to work continuously without stopping to change the trimmer line.

WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

Extended Use

The Lithium Power technology of this tool gives extended power to the machine. It does not self-discharge even if the string trimmer is not in use. Thus, this tool is ideal when you need to work on large yards for a more extended period.

Its 20V battery cell provides enough power for trimming and edging works. The device also comes with a charger saving you money from buying a separate charger.

Worx WG155 20V PowerShare 10” Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

One of the best features of WG155 is its adjustable handle. It allows you to adjust the tool according to your height. Hence, no matter how tall you are, you can comfortably use this tool with enough control.

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Safety Start Trigger

You can save time and energy from pulling a string with its safety start trigger.  Additionally, it is very portable that you can quickly get it from your tool shed and use it instantaneously without the annoying cord and gas smell.

Further, you can instantly convert it from a trimmer to an edger and vice-versa within a few seconds without using any additional tool.

Auto-Feed Trimmer Line

You will experience no bump when using its auto-feed trimmer to advance the line. One can safely clean your garden without damaging pots with its retractable flower guard. This feature keeps a safe distance between the trimmer line and your ornaments. Finally, the trimmer line is made of DNA-2 copolymer nylon resin that lasts long, even with frequent use.

Fast Charging

If you need to use the trimmer immediately, it will only take an hour to charge the battery fully. With LithiumPower Technology, you can be sure that the tool does not discharge any power when not in use.

This feature allows you to use the trimmer longer than other machines. Also, the 20V battery cell is lighter than different types of batteries making the tool lightweight and easy to control.


Below are more questions and answers that you can use as tips when choosing the best string trimmer for your yard.

How do you replace a WORX trimmer line?

To feed a new string, you can tap the trimmer head off the ground using the bump-feed system. You cannot use the machine if the spool is out of rope. Follow the simple steps below to replace your trimmer line.

  1. Press tabs on the side of the trimmer head at the end of the shaft to release the spool.
  2. Pull the spool off the trimmer head. Carefully remove all the leftover string from the reel.
  3. Feed the tip of one 25-foot string into the hole inside the edge of the spool. Follow the arrow when feeding the string around the spool.

Stop when there are only six inches left and press the remaining line into the tab on the edge of the spindle.

  1. Place another 25-foot string into the second hole and winding it the same way as the first one. Then slide the spool back onto the shaft. Place the cover on top of the reel.  Feed the strings through the holes found on the sides of the cover.
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Don’t forget to snap the lid in place before pulling hard the lines to release them from the sides of the spool.

How do you determine if you have a bad trimmer clutch?

You will know that you have a malfunctioning clutch if the trimmer head is not spinning, does not stop spinning, or turns erratically. There are several reasons why a trimmer clutch fails as follows:

  • The high temperatures due to friction
  • A metal fatigue after years of use.
  • The boots of the housing are broken or already smooth due to repeated use.

Is it okay to overcharge a Lithium-Ion battery?

Unlike lead-acid batteries, Li-ion cells do not need to be fully charged. It is even better not to fully charge them because high voltages put stress on the battery cells.

On the other hand, using a lower voltage threshold helps prolong the battery life but can reduce its runtime. It is best not to overcharge Lithium-ion cells since it can cause plating and may pose safety risks.


If you need a partner for your lawnmower to have an immaculate garden, then WORX string trimmer is the perfect tool. WORX products are known to be reliable and durable without hurting your wallet.

Users also love the warranty that WORX offers in case their devices break down in the future.