Black and Decker LST140c vs LST136 String Trimmer Edger

String trimmers, also known as string trimmers, whipper snippers, edge, or lawn trimmers, are famous for giving you precise garden and lawn borders.

On top of that, you can use this versatile gardening tool to trim along fences and walls, cut long grass, or even mow small-sized lawns.

What to Consider

More than just the price, there are things you need to consider before purchasing a string trimmer. Since you will be using it more than once each year, it is best to choose something that you are comfortable in using and will serve its anticipated purpose.

Petrol, Electric, or Battery-Powered

If you have a big lawn, then petrol-powered models are ideal, since you can quickly refuel and continue using even for hours. Corded electric and battery-powered trimmers may not be as powerful as gas-powered ones, but they are more convenient to use.

However, corded electric trimmers require a long extension cord, which may be dangerous to users. Cordless string trimmers are gaining popularity since these tools have greatly improved when it comes to performance over the years.

Straight or Curved Shaft

Trimmers with straight shafts are typically heavy-duty; hence, more powerful. It is long-reach and ideal for commercial use. On the other hand, trimmers with curves are commonly used for the domestic trimmer range.

Other Factors

Other things you need to consider are the size and shape of your garden. You also want to take into account the type of your garden grass, and other things in your yard like trees, garden beds, and walls. Some other factors to think about to make trimming activities less of a burden include the following;

  • Clutch – it stops the cutting head from spinning when the motor is not in use.
  • Safety Guard – helps reduce the amount of dirt, grass, and debris that fly around while cutting.
  • Handle – adjustable ones to suit small to tall users.
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Let’s Compare

The Black and Decker company is known to be focused on finding holistic solutions to the needs of customers. Their products are known for quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Let us look deeper into their two garden tools and find out how they provide users with dependable and versatile devices.

Black and Decker LST140C 40V MAX String Trimmer Edger

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch (LST140C)

The LST140C 40V MAX is one of the decent string trimmers from Black and Decker. At its price, you can get a maximum of 6,500 RPM no-load speed. It also gives you both a trimmer and an edger in one tool.

Ergonomic Design

This relatively light string trimmer only weighs 6.4 pounds and measures 9.625 x 40.75 x 4.625 inches. These measurements make this tool relatively well-balanced. The adjustable and shaft are adjustable, making the trimmer ideal for users with short to average height.

Edging Feature

It is effortless to turn this trimmer into an edger by merely flipping its metal bracket guide. Hence you won’t need to buy a separate tool to be able to do both edging and trimming. With just this single tool, you can easily trim your yard and perform edging for your lawn and garden bed without changing devices.

Additionally, the tool gives high-torque transmission that provides fast and for clean cuts. It also has an automatic feed spool that requires no bumping, letting you work continuously without any interruption.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer / Edger, 13-Inch (LST140C)

High-Performance Battery

The 40V Max Lithium-ion battery of this string trimmer can last around 25 to 40 minutes on a single-use. The tool also has a battery indicator to let the user know how much power is left, and when the battery needs recharging and can be fully charged in less than three hours.

Black and Decker LST136 40V MAX String Trimmer Edger

With the Power Drive transmission of the LST136, you can have more power to finish each job a lot faster and easier. Its Li-ion battery runs longer than other cell types, which give you longer running time than other tools.

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It is a superb cordless trimming with a 13-inch cutting path that will allow you to cover a fuller garden area.

Variable Power Level

This string trimmer is the ideal tool if your yard has a variety of grass and weeds since you can easily adjust its power level. You can quickly do this by simply turning the Power Command dial.

This feature also makes you conserve energy by reducing the power level for simple jobs and getting energy boost only for much thicker weeds and grass.

The lithium-ion battery of this tool is also lightweight and quickly gets a full recharge for around one hour. Its battery cell is also interchangeable with other 40V MAX tools, so you will not have to buy another battery pack if you want extra power.

Adjustable Shaft Height

The LST136 can be adjusted for up to 52 inches; hence it is perfect for both short and tall users. It only weighs 7.8 pounds with the battery installed. This weight is much lighter than other trimmers that generally come at nearly 10 pounds.

These features prevent users from experiencing arm and back pain. Its trimmer head can also be rotated to convert it from a trimmer to an edger in a few seconds. It has a built-in guide to keep edging straight and spotless.

Automatic Feed Spool

The spool is very convenient to replace since it uses an automatic line feed with a single line. It ensures that you work continuously without bumping.

The good thing about this tool is that the line advances when there is resistance while trimming the grass.

You can also easily replace and rewind the spool with the help of the detailed instruction manual with illustrations. Winding the line while avoiding too much overlapping can help eliminate tangles. You need to use a string measuring 0.065 inches in diameter for string replacement.


You will find below some helpful guides in making that important decision when buying the perfect cordless string trimmer.

How do I resolve line malfunctions?

When the trimmer line does not advance at all, there is something wrong with it or in the way it was loaded. Remember that every head trimmer has a limit when it comes to the diameter line.

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Therefore, you must use the right size for each specific head. Always check the user manual of your trimmer to ensure that you use the proper line diameter for your tool.

How often should I change my string trimmer’s spark plug?

There are times when the string trimmer won’t start or run at its full RPM. These instances can get frustrating. The best part is that these circumstances are avoidable by doing regular maintenance checkups. One of which is changing the spark plugs.

Generally, you should change the spark plug at approximately every 100 hours. However, this may vary depending on the model and brand of your trimmer.

Hence, it is wise to keep the instruction manual for proper guidance when it comes to tool maintenance.

Which is better, a trimmer or an edger?

It is always best to use the proper tool for the right job. For cutting grass in your yard, you must use a string trimmer. On the other hand, an edger is best used for careful, clean lawn and garden edges. These days, there are garden tools that serve as both a trimmer and an edger. Getting this type of device can save you money and storage space.


Users typically find switching from a noisy gasoline-powered trimmer to a cordless one more advantageous. One of the best famous devices when it comes to string trimmers is Black and Decker.

The company is known for its best after sales services, including the provision of sufficient repair and spare parts. They have them available through their website and authorized repair centers worldwide.