Advantages of Using a Jigsaw Tool for Your DIY Projects

Of  The tools of a DIY enthusiast are no less than a weapon in the arsenal of a warrior. A DIY-guy is simply an artist who can make wonders happen using the useful tools he has. Among all the simple and complex tools, the jigsaw is one of the most common power tools to have in the pack. The reason is self-explanatory – it makes wood-crafting work extremely easier.

So, there are a lot of benefits of using a jigsaw tool for DIY projects. In this piece, we will have a look at 7 benefits you can enjoy if you have a jigsaw in your garage! So, without further ado, let’s get started!

7 Benefits of Having Jigsaw Tools for DIY Projects

It’s always better to invest in a tool that saves your time to yield better results. That’s what a jigsaw does. It improves the accuracy of your project, along with making it easier for you. Here’re some of the advantages you can get using a saw tool.

Safe and Comfortable

You can easily try using a manual saw to cut through a board to check if it feels comfortable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Using a jigsaw can make it a lot comfortable and handy. The only thing you need to be aware of is how exactly to use the model you have. The good news is, the learning curve is always straight.

It will take only a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the mechanism of a jigsaw, regardless of the model you are using. In addition, the saw comes with a guard that keeps your fingers safe from getting cut. Moreover, it’s really easy to change the blade in a pretty safe way.

Cut More ThanWood

The best part of a jigsaw is its unique versatility. It not only easily cuts through a wooden object but also pierces through different other materials, as well. For example, given that you are using a powerful blade, a jigsaw can even cut through fiberglass, metal object, and even aluminum. So, that’s quite a heavy-duty support you get from a jigsaw, just in case!

This means whether it’s woodcraft you are interested in or metal works, a jigsaw will always be there for you.

Efficient Cutting

You are going to be on the wrong side if you are comparing a jigsaw’s performance to your manual effort. A jigsaw can deliver way more than you can expect. Depending on the type of jigsaw blades, you can get bevel cut, 45-degree angle cut, and many more other complicated cuts.

To simply put, you can get any kind of complex shape on a wooden board or other types of material with a little help of a jigsaw. This makes it easy to create different shapes and figures on the project material with a jigsaw.


One of the most exciting parts of having a jigsaw in your arsenal is its portability. Be it a corded one or a cordless jigsaw; it will always weigh around one or a couple of pounds. So, it’s never going to add to your burden when you are moving with your backpack on your back. Plus, when it’s cordless, it offers maximum portability.

So, it’s always great to have one in your pack so that you can move without any additional weight. Not to mention, the design of a jigsaw is also impressively compact. It easily fits any regular backpack. Hence, you get to have the upper hand when it comes to carrying it with you conveniently.

Easy to Control

As we have discussed earlier, a jigsaw is one of the simplest power tools to operate. All you need to do is simply place the blade inside (the matching one, of course), plug it in (or put the batteries inside), place the blade tip on the precise area you are about to cut pull the trigger.

That’s how simple it is to use. However, if you are totally new to using a jigsaw, you can always take a bit of time to get to know and be familiar with it. Then again, the safety locks, blade cover, and guard, etc., are there to safeguard your hands to make them even easier to control.


You are dead wrong if you think a jigsaw costs a fortune. The reality is, considering the benefit it provides, the price of a jigsaw is quite within reach of an average user. If you can set a decent budget, you can get one from as low as $30 to as high as $150. Although it depends on your budget, you can also go for a luxurious piece of jigsaw too.

However, most users can restrict themselves to the range we have mentioned here. So, yes, it’s totally cost-efficient despite the invaluable service it delivers.

Variable Speed Options

Another vital support you get from a jigsaw is the variable speed option. This is something really useful that you can use for any project you take. The basics of this are that you can control and limit the speed of the blade. You can alter how fast the blade penetrates through the project material. This variable speed option works quite brilliantly in different project scenarios.

Not all the materials you use for a project can take the same speed when it comes to penetration. So, switching to a suitable speed will always ensure that due care has been offered to the material, which ensures that no harm is done.

Final Words

As we have said, having a jigsaw in the pack of a DIY enthusiast is like loading a gun with powerful bullets. You can always be ready for any cutting challenge you come across while you are crafting any project. No matter if it’s wooden or metal – a jigsaw will always make it easier for you to cut.

So, these are the 7 benefits you can get from a jigsaw tool. If you own one and have been using it lately, you can point out more benefits and advantages, too! Overall, this one is a versatile tool to have in every DIYer’s backpack!