Best Student Room Decoration: Ideas and Tips

When you come home after a tough day in classes and a part-time job, you wish to have a cozy time in your student’s room or flat. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds on room designers and decorative materials.

There are plenty of ideas on how to add some decorative touches here and there to make your own space look stunning so that you can call it home with admiration. Explore the top tips and tricks to save your time and money and turn your dorm room or rented flat into a place to live and love.

Make Your Bed

If you don’t know where to start your room decorations, giving some colors to your bed will be a perfect option. Here are some ideas on it:

  • Matching pillow and beddings – bright pillow and beddings will make a difference and give a taste to your room since your bed is obviously the biggest furniture piece in your room. So opt for bright colors or interesting patterns. Remember to choose soft and natural materials as well to make your bed not only look but feel great.
  • Slogan cushions – cushions with jokes, inspiration phrases, favorite books, or movie quotes will make interesting bed and room decorations. You can buy them for peanuts, order customized ones, or make your own ones with fabric paints.
  • Warm blanket – every student has homesick or and rainy-stay-at-home days. This is why you definitely need a warm blanket to get engulfed with to drink hot cocoa and watch your favorite movie. For sunny days it will turn into another soft and fluffy decoration for your bed.
  • Health over decorations – mind, that decorations for your bed are not only about a cool look but healthy sleep as the primary issue. So, take care to select a suitable pillow, opt for natural fabrics, and keep your bedsheets clean. This will help you to get sound sleep during the night and stay focused and energized in the daytime.

Although you may treat your bed as a central part of your student’s bedroom, the walls surrounding it are not less important.

Decorate the Walls

You may start with the color psychology of your room, repainting the walls to bring in more light, positive energy, and inspiration. Still, commonly students are not allowed to do anything to the walls of their dorm rooms and rented flats that may ruin or somehow change the surface.

So, here you should be inventive to decorate the walls the way you want and stick to the rules at the same time. Some of these ideas may be your saviors:

  • Washi tapes – these are colorful or mono-color tapes that will help you create interesting decorative patterns or outlines on your walls. The pleasant thing is that they are easily removed and can be reused. This way you can redecorate your wall as often as possible without much waste.
  • Wall tapestry – if you have a bigger budget and aim at a ready pattern, wall tapestry will be your primary choice. It is simple to apply and scrape off later without ruining the wall surface. Wall tapestry comes with all kinds of patterns and pictures to match your needs and preferences.
  • Wall decals – wall decals give you a place for creativity or minimalism as much as you need. You can cut off any patterns you wish or opt for chalkboard decals. With the latter option, you can change your wall design with chalk every single day, use the walls for to-do lists, notes, or timetables.

Remember that your task is to decorate the walls in a way that will help you to perform well academically and socially but not distract and irritate you.

Organize Your Workspace

In between your creative-decorative sessions, it is still important to remember that you are a student and have to care about your academic results. This means that you need to get your workspace in order too.

It’s obvious that you already have a corner to do your homework and get ready for tests. Still, you can reorganize it to boost your productivity and change the study process into a more pleasant one. Consider some of the following points to help you:

  • Make your study corner comfortable with appropriate chair and desk;
  • A corkboard and different kinds of organizers will help you to keep your worktop in order;
  • Add some details for inspiration, such as favorite quotes, photos, and fancy lights;
  • Separate workspace from the rest of the room so that you can switch in the work mode easier.

There are plenty more ideas devoted to productivity-nurturing experience. You should put in some effort and find the best solutions for your preferences.

Susy Green, the college professor assistant, shares her experience, ‘I remember struggling with my academic processes during my internship in college. I was searching to pay someone to write my dissertation when I happened to visit several student’s flats. I realized then that redecorating my own place could change my lifestyle and overall performance for the better. And what’s more, I even didn’t need much money but good ideas to implement my interior desires’.

Add Some Light

What matters for your study space and room decorations in general are lights. Ceiling lights are often not enough to make you feel ready-to-work or cozy-at-home. So there are some lighting options for you to consider when redecorating your student’s place:

  • Study lamp – if you need to study late in the evening or at night, a dim ceiling lamp will not make a big difference. So, you’d better get a table lamp with a flexible stand, so that you can change the light position due to your needs. Try out warm and cold lights to find out which suits you better.
  • Bedside lamp – a bedside lamp with an interesting design and pattern will make you feel comfortable and relax over a book or daily planner before you go to bed.
  • Fairy lights – nothing will add a warm and festive feeling to your interior more than fairy lights. You can hang them on the window, decorate bare walls, or turn a plant into a whole-year Christmas tree. Photos attached to the lights string will also make a great decoration for your room.

Take care when selecting the room lighting. It will affect your productivity, mood, eyesight, and more, so spend time making the best suitable choice.

Go Green

Another detail that will add to your student’s interior is the green decor. Better natural than artificial, plants will make your room and flat look more alive and bright. They will freshen your air and nurture your sense of responsibility. And if you select some liana or vine-like plants, they will make a great decoration for your walls.

In case, you are not ready to look after some baby plants, you can always opt for artificial flower pots and cacti. But you will lose the perks of having a little indoor garden and extra fresh air instead.

Store Things Properly

Room redecoration doesn’t only mean enhancing your place with design features, but also organizing the existing staff properly. A messy room doesn’t show that you are a creative person but reveals your unordered side.

It will be a good idea to add storage boxes, drawers, and hangers to your room. You can opt for wooden or fabric ones, movable pieces, or a steady piece of furniture; the main point is not to jam your room but make it more spacious with your additions.

Place drawers and boxes under the bed, stairs, or chairs, on the cupboard, or on the window sill. Use the space wisely so that your home looks well-organized and roomy.

Get Small Things that Matter

Small details with meaning will turn your room from a template design place into a personalized place with an exciting interior. Add photos and pictures you like to the walls and horizontal surfaces. Get candles, statues, crafted, and any other decorative elements that match your interior.

The main point of your student room decoration is not to follow the trends and online interior tricks blindly. But better combine the best suitable tips with your own ideas and visions. So that, in the end, you will have a well-organized, functional, and pleasant place to live happily in.