How a Student Chooses the Right Combo Kits for Repairs if They Have a Small Budget

Living on a small budget as a student can be challenging. Even if you are doing a part-time job, you may find yourself overwhelmed as you spend on food, studies, clothing, accommodation, and other needs.

Some repair works may be needed for your accommodation, meaning that you need to have a good provision for them in your budget. Here are some tips on how to choose the right combo repair kits for repairs.

Consider DIY with Family and Friends On the Go

Repairing student accommodation can be cost-effective if you involve family and friends to fix some simple things instead of hiring a contractor. Some of them may know how to do quality fixes and they can give you tips that can be helpful in the future.

Fixing small issues as you notice them is also a great way to save money because you will not need to do a bulk repair. For instance, fixing a leaking roof immediately after the problem occurs can help to prevent damage to the ceiling.

Some repairs don’t need professional intervention. For instance, your family and friends can help you to reset an old toilet or install a better-flushing one. Refinishing the hardwood floors is also a possibility because, in some cases, there is no need for sanding.

Choose general repair tools

If you want to do minimal repairs, a general budget-friendly toolset is a good option. A toolset is not only pocket-friendly but also comes in a convenient and compact storage case. Choose a repair kit with tools such as slip joint pliers, claw hammer, utility knife, tape measure, precision screwdriver, among other basic tools.

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Plan carefully

After moving into a new house or student accommodation, you may want to make the place feel like home by changing some things are making adjustments. Doing some paintings may be a good idea but you need to plan for it well. Waiting for problems to occur may be inefficient and expensive – remember, you are facing budget constraints.

When relaxed, you can look for small things that may need to be fixed. Identify the items needed for repair and buy them in advance. Even if you are not saving money directly, you will not incur a massive expense at once.

Use royalty programs

Some manufacturers have loyalty programs to reward loyal programs. Buyers earn points whether they buy products from the physical store or online. Some programs are designed in a way that buyers are required to prove a transaction via an app. The buyers redeem points towards specific branded items.

As a student, it is good to identify with a seller who allows buyers to sign up as members to enjoy exclusive promotions, special offers, or win repair tools. If you don’t need a tool immediately or you don’t have enough money, plan to buy it later when there are promotions and discounts. Ensure that you only buy the kits needed for repair to avoid wastage.

Use cordless combo kit

If you need tougher repair works done, power tools are a must-have. The cordless combo kit can help to fix a wide range of issues and is suitable for light and medium-duty. For instance, a combo kit constituting batteries, a charger, and other accessories is good because it can help you fix lots of things that may not necessarily require intervention from a pro.

Some kits come with impact drivers, electric drills, circular saws, reciprocating saw, work lights, and multi-tools. Choose repair tools with a warranty so that you are guaranteed their functionalities and you can save money in case of any problem. When you shop carefully, you may be able to buy most of the basic tools, while focusing on their quality and durability.


Choosing the right combo kits for repairs requires you to find general repair tools and so some fixes without relying on experts. The above tips and combo kids can help you because you may not have a lot of money to meet the basics and do the repairs.

Proper planning, taking advantage of loyalty programs, and using a cordless kit may help you save money in the long run.