DEWALT DCF890B 20V Max XR 3/8″ Compact Impact Wrench

Are you tired on working on your bolts and nuts using a hand socket set? Did you know that there are ways on how you can work on both bolts and nuts without having to bring with you a heavy equipment?

If not, then you have come to the right place because we will be discussing about compact impact wrench by DeWalt.


DeWalt was established in the year 1923 by Raymond E. DeWalt, who is known as the radial arm saw inventor. Today, it is a known worldwide American brand when it comes to hand tools and as well as power tools. Their tools are commonly used in the industries of woodworking, manufacturing, and construction. It is a subsidiary of the US company Stanley Black & Decker.

DeWalt is known to manufacture power tools that are light weight to provide efficiency and as well as comfort to the user. In the year 2013 s where they started introducing DeWalt produces that are under their 20V Max line. Products under this line are equipped with high capacity lithium ion batteries and brushless motors.

In the year 2018, they have officially celebrated their 100th anniversary. Over the years, DeWalt is known to provide accessories, parts, repairs, and such across America and even all over the world. They are also offering online ordering and as well as tracking 24 hours everyday and 7 days a week.

Review on DeWalt DCF890B 20V Max XR 3/8” Compact Impact Wrench

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench, 3/8-Inch, Tool Only (DCF890B)The DeWalt DCF890B 20V Max is here not only to make things easier for you, but as well as securing and tightening any machine repairs that you have in a short span of time. This compact impact wrench has the power to provide a powerful motor with a maximum of 150 foot pounds of torque, which will make things easier for you when working on repairs.

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One of the best things about DeWalt DCF890B is that it is equipped with different speed triggers which means that it can work with the right pace according to the task that you’re working on. Its motor is also brushless which will help lessen the regular maintenance needed in an impact wrench, which also provide an efficient power.

DeWalt DCF890 is very compact, wherein it only measures 5 inches and a half from back to front. This compact impact wrench has the ability to fit into spaces that are tight. Of course, this simply means that you can work on any of your heavy equipment using this compact impact wrench from DeWalt. Another good thing about this wrench is that it has a LED work light, which will let you see whatever it is that you need to repair in places that are dim.

Also, to make things easier for you, DeWalt made sure to include a belt clip on the DCF890B compact impact wrench tool. This is for you to attach on your belt when needed while your hands are working on something. You no longer have to worry about carrying this tool with your hand, because of the belt clip.

Features Of DeWalt DCF890B 20V Max XR 3/8” Compact Impact Wrench

  • Built-in LED to let you work in the dark
  • Compact body to fit in every heavy machinery
  • Brushless motors, which means more efficiency and less maintenance
  • Variable trigger speed
  • Delivers 150 foot pound of torque


  • 3/8” – Anvil size
  • 0-3200 IPM – Impact per minute
  • 150 Foot Lbs. – Maximum Torque
  • 0-2800 RPM – No Load Speed
  • Cordless – Power Tool Type
  • 5 Inches – Tool Length
  • 2 Lbs. – Tool Weight
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  • High quality compact wrench which will last for long period of time
  • Durable which can work with heavy equipment
  • Performs well in dealing with repair and when removing bolts and nuts
  • Low maintenance


  • Trigger can easily be activated so make sure to take extra precaution

Top Reasons Why You Need A Compact Impact Wrench

Traditional Impact Wrench Is Tiresome

People are used to using traditional wrench and admit it or not, using this kind of wrench is tiresome at some point. Using a compact impact wrench will provide you with a lot of torque amount of up to 150 lbs. or even more because this is a powerful tool. In fact, this kind of tool can help you tighten or loosen the bolt in just a matter of minutes.

Your Traditional Impact Is No Longer Working

If you are working on an impact wrench that is no longer efficient, then it will affect your overall work and even the thing that you are trying to repair. Using a compact impact wrench will always do the trick because they are not only light but they offer a maximum versatility wherein they have the power to tighten and loosen more compared to your traditional impact wrenches.

Securing Heavier Things

There will also come a time where you will need to secure things that are heavier than usual. This means that you need to fasten them using nuts and bolts. Compared to the traditional impact wrench and your hands, using a power tool like the compact impact wrench will help make the task easier than usual. Of course, just make sure that you are mounting in a space where it can bear the load to make sure that no problems will arise.

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Compact Impact Wrench Can Remove Anything

When a bolt is tightly secured in its place, your chances of using a compact impact wrench is high. The reason behind this is because you no longer have to worry about your hands sustaining any injuries. With a compact impact wrench, will help you remove the bolt in just a few minutes, saving you more time and effort.

Ideal For Bigger Projects

Another good reason why you need to use compact impact wrench is because if you plan on working on a bigger project, you shouldn’t worry at all. It would be hard to work on a bigger project using a traditional wrench. But with a compact wrench, you won’t have any issues at all. Damaging the threads is possible if you’re going to use a traditional compact wrench.


With all the information above and the DeWalt DCF890B 20V Max XR 3/8” Compact Impact Wrench review, you surely know now what to get for your maintenance and repairing need. Follow the tips on how you can take good care of it for your tool to last long.