WEN 6524 vs JET 708404 JBOS-5 vs Grizzly G0739 Oscillating Spindle Sander

At some point in your woodworking journey, you’ll want an oscillating spindle sander that’ll go longer, perform harder, finish better, and work tougher sanding jobs than your handheld favorite.

If you’ve become a journeyman in your craft, it’s time to look at the 571 WEN 6524, JET 708404 JBOS-5, and the Grizzly Industrial G0739 oscillating spindle sanders and see which among them will help you accomplish more masterful results.

Demanding craftsmen have come to trust in JET, WEN, and Grizzly for their woodworking. 

JET, a Seattle-based brand has been producing a wide array of products from snowmobiles to stockings but they’ve found their comfort zone in power tools and metalworking. They source their sanders out of their Taiwan factory.

WEN’s tacky brand slogan “Remember WEN?” rings like a dad joke but this Illinois-based brand has already produced around 50 million units in their 69 years of operation. Many of their power tools, have no doubt, become heirloom pieces in older craftsmen’s workshops. It’s a towering achievement for a company to accomplish.

Grizzly Industrial is the youngest brand of the three since they only started operations in 1983. The company, however, boasts of production capacities in Taiwan and China plus an 87,000-strong inventory of replacement parts and products to serve its customers. It also keeps its prices low by removing middle men out of the equation so its buyers only get the quality they’re paying for without putting anything on top.

In this review, we set our sights on each product’s performance, features, finish quality, and value for money. Read our blow-by-blow review below.

Quick Summary

The WEN 6524 actually does the job of two machines in one by enabling users to alternate between a belt sanding pad and a spindle. This makes the product a great buy for space-conscious home woodworkers who’d want to avoid cramming their workshops with a separate belt or spindle sander.

From its cast iron work table to its casing and its base, you can tell the JET 708404 will work well for the bigger and more professional woodworking shops. The sander’s heavy industrial form factor is not just on the surface since the sander performs as well as it looks, revving up to 1425 revolutions per minute and giving class A grade contours and finishes.

The Grizzly Industrial G0739 will appeal to serious woodworkers and craftsmen who want a workhorse in their workshop. Its ½ horsepower motor automatically revs up to 2000 revolutions per minute to take on tough sanding jobs and whittle them down fast.

WEN 6524 vs JET 708404 JBOS-5 vs Grizzly Industrial G0739: What is the Best Oscillating Spindle Sander?

WEN 6524

WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle SanderFlexibility

The WEN 6524 offers good value for the budget and space conscious home woodworkers since it combines the functionalities of a spindle oscillating sander and spindle sander. Buyers can change between the sanding belt pad and five differently sized spindle drums for greater diversity in sanding capability.


The WEN 6524 weighs in at just 27 lbs – 3 lbs lighter than even another WEN spindle sander, the WEN 6510T. This lighter frame makes it easy for users to move the sander around from one workbench or work surface to another. It’s also an added convenience for woodworkers who don’t relish the idea of bolting down their sanders at all.


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WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander

Dust Collection

The sawdust feeds into the channels below the base of the spindle leaving no chance for sawdust to go airborne. Users can utilize the 1 ½-inch dust port at the back to hook up their shop vac adapters for better dust absorption.


You’d think the engineers at WEN would sacrifice power to make the WEN 6524 as light as it is but the spindle works a max speed of 2000 RPMs while the belt rotates around 1575 per minute. Users will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of the spindle and the belt sander once they set their project surfaces on the grits.

What We Like

  • The WEN 6524 provides an easy no-frills setup; users just need to take it out of the box and plug it in to begin sanding. Please take note that when you put the belt in, you don’t need to put the cover plate first.
  • Replacing a belt is easy. Users just need to release a tension lever at the top of the belt sanding pad and the sandpaper belt can come right off.
  • Users can tilt the table from 15 degrees to 45 degrees down to better accommodate bigger objects for sanding.

What We Don’t Like

  • Preventing your belt from tracking upwards or downwards is not intuitive. Over tightening the screws at the top of the belt sanding pad may lead the sandpaper to track or walk up.

The Solution

Users will need a little practice with this one so we suggest running the sander first without a project and learning how to manage tracking first by manipulating the screws at the top.

JET 708404 JBOS-5

JET 708404 JBOS-5 5-1/2 Inch 1/2 Horsepower Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander with Spindle Assortment, 110-Volt 1 PhaseConsistent Sanding

Some sanders will oscillate too fast, build up friction that induces heat and raises the likelihood of burning the project surface. This is unlikely with the JET 708404 JBOS-5 since it is driven by a worm gear mechanism that limits its oscillations to 58 per minute on a 1-inch band on the spindle. What results is a more consistent and beautiful finish without the heat or the possibility of burn marks on the surface of the project.


The JET 708404 JBOS-5’s on/off switch separately keeps from the sander casing itself so users can prevent any unauthorized users, like children, from powering the machine. The base of the oscillating spindle sander also sports four slip-proof feet to keep the sander sitting tight while users work and move their projects on its worktable.

Bench Oscillating Sander, 7.5 A

Quiet Power

The unit’s ½ horsepower induction motor allows the spindle sander to go on 1425 revolutions per minute. It may not be as powerful as other oscillating sanders that max above 1500 RPMs, but the JET 708404 JBOS-5 delivers a silky smooth finish and nice curves without leaving ringing in your ears.

Easy Spindle Changes

JET outfitted the spindles with threaded ends so users can easily get them released from the work table and get a spindle of another size in quickly. All users need to do is to use the wrench JET packages with the 708404 JBOS-5.

What We Like

  • The form factor appears tough and durable as JET used cast iron for the sander’s parts.
  • The JET 708404 JBOS-5 features a large 2-inch dust port for better dust extraction of chips or sawdust. Its dust port is located at the table so it immediately absorbs sawdust before they fly off into the air thereby keeping the workplace clean and safe.
  • Users can adjust the beveling table up to a full range within 90 degrees by adjust the two knobs at the sides of the table. This allows users to keep the table slanted in just the right degree they’re comfortable with instead of settling for fixed points like 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 45, degrees, etc.

What We Don’t Like

  • The spindle sander’s oscillations are so tight that it only maximizes the bottom part of the sandpaper sleeve.

The Solution

  • Users will need to remove the slip and flip it over to use the top part in order to maximize the unused grit on the sleeve.

Grizzly Industrial G0739


Users will be glad to know the Grizzly Industrial G0739 also comes with the safety paddle switch feature found in their other countertop sanders. The removable key allows woodworkers to leave their workshop in peace, knowing no one will be able to accidentally switch on the sander in their absence.

Powerful Performance

The Grizzly Industrial G0739 oscillates around 58 times a minute but rotates around 2000 times in 60 seconds – a mean feat considering other countertop sanders manage 400 – 500 RPMs less than this machine. This performance makes it an ideal partner for those who want to get down to the nitty-gritty in a jiffy.

Built Tough

Long-time Grizzly users won’t be disappointed by the durability of the Grizzly Industrial G0739 as the casing is as enduring as those other turquoise green mean machines from the company. Grizzly has equipped this oscillating spindle sander with a cast iron top so it can take the punishments your projects will heave on it.

No Assembly Needed

Users can use the Grizzly Industrial G0739 right out of the box. They just need to plug the oscillating spindle sander into a 110v outlet, put in a spindle on the slot found at the work table, wrench it in, and switch it on – it’s that easy.

What We Like

  • The 1 ½-inch dust port will accept most universal shop vac adapters in the market in case users want a boost to the unit’s dust collection.
  • The base of the Grizzly Industrial G0739 comes with disc slots and spindle pegs for users to store the washers, inserts, and spindle drums and sleeves at. This organizational system keeps these components where users can easily get to them and find them.
  • This oscillating spindle sander can take on a variety of sanding jobs from working on medium furniture to polishing up dainty projects like wooden bracelets. It’s also very stable and will be able to take on bulky projects without flinching.

What We Don’t Like

As expected of a powerful motor, the Grizzly Industrial G0739 can be very noisy.

The Solution

Users should wear protective hearing gear like noise cancellation headphones to avoid the negative impact from the roar the sander generates.

Which is Better?

Basing our judgment on performance, value for money, finish quality, and durability, we’ll opt for the WEN 6524 for this round. The WEN 6524’s ability to change from belt sanding to spindle sanding is a game changer for home users since they don’t have to think about buying another sander just to finish flat surfaces. Imagine doing contouring jobs, polishing up inside corners of a project, and then switching to a belt sander and polishing the project’s flat sides as well.

The WEN 6524 is also more compact and lighter than the two other sanders, allowing users to bring it to one corner of the workshop to another and then easily storing it in a cabinet. Both the  JET 708404 JBOS-5 vs Grizzly Industrial G0739 are simply too bulky and a little too heavy to allow this kind of flexibility in positioning – users really have to dedicate a corner of the shop to keep these hulks.

The Grizzly Industrial G0739 and JET 708404 JBOS-5 are good investments but if you look at the WEN 6524, it’s current SRP, and the fact that it’s also a belt sander, we might able to argue that you’ll be saving three times as much if you bought this unit. It’s simply that cost-effective.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the three sanders we’ve reviewed offer buyers good ROI should they sink their hard-earned dollars on any of these units. The WEN 6524 will adapt to different sanding requirements at a price point budget-minded woodworkers will love.

Craftsmen who want smooth finishes would probably want to get their hands on the JET 708404 JBOS-5 while the hardcore, no non-sense types will opt for the  Grizzly Industrial G0739 for its speed and durability. All three sanders win out and it’s just a matter getting the right one that fits your work style in the shop.